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To Aru Majutsu no Index 38

Battle in the Underground Mall

+ posted by js06 as translation on Dec 11, 2010 03:25 | Go to To Aru Majutsu no Index

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Chapter 38


Sphinx: Nmyaah

Kuroko: I hear a cat mewing.
Text: These two have come to check out something odd going on in Academy City...

Mikoto: Kuroko.
Mikoto: I thought you didn't care about animals.
Kuroko: But you do, onee-sama.


Mikoto: N-no, I don't...
Kuroko: Oh, I know all about it.
Kuroko: You go out behind the dorm where the cats gather to try and feed them every day.

Kuroko: But because of your electromagnetism they always all run away.
SFX: All alone
Kuroko: You end up standing there all alone holding a can of cat food!

Mikoto: How do you know about-!?
Mikoto: Wait, Kuroko! Have you been stalking me again!?

Kuroko: It looks like something interesting has fallen in our path.


Top Right Credits:
Original Novel / Kamachi Kazuma
Art / Kogino Chuuya
Original Character Designs / Haimura Kiyotaka

Text: An explosive situation?
Title: #38 "Battle in the Underground Mall"
Bottom: Volume 1-6 of "To Aru Majutsu no Index" are on sale now!!

Margin: The anime "To Aru Majutsu no Index II" begins airing in October!!


SFX: Spark

Index: Ah?

Kuroko: Oh, my?

Kuroko: That's quite bold for this time of day.

Touma: What? Trying to brace for impact made things worse?
Text: Mh?


Mikoto: Hey...
Mikoto: Why are you here getting pushed over by girls?

SFX: Poke up

Index: Touma, who are these girls with no class?

Index: That short-haired one looks like that cool beauty from before, but it isn't her, right!?
Touma: Ah? Right!
Touma: Oh, yeah. She met the sister Misaka.

Text: Ngh... No class...


Index: So you know Touma?
Index: What's your relationship with him?

Mikoto: R-relationship...?
Mikoto: ...I could ask you the same thing.

Index: Um...
Index: He saved my life.
Mikoto: Eh?

Mikoto: So...


Mikoto: By any chance, did he save you even though you didn't ask?
Small text in Mikoto's bubble: That's what it was for me.
Index: ...Yes.

SFX: Sigh...

Mikoto: Hey.
Index: Touma.
Touma: Yes!?

Both: Explain what...
Index: this is all about!
Mikoto: is going on here!


SFX: Yelling
SFX: Nervous...
Touma: Dahhh! This is hardly the time for this!

Kuroko: Heh...I see. So he saved her life.

Kuroko: So there really is something between onee-sama and that bastard.
Kuroko: She never told anything to me and confessed it all to him...
Text: Heh heh heh heh
Text: Ehh heh heh heh heh
Kuroko: My, how very odd.

Mikoto: So that terrorist...

Mikoto: is after you three.
Mikoto: Kuroko, do you think there's some connection with that goth woman from before?
Kuroko: I do.


Kuroko: But it's very odd for an esper to attack from outside Academy City.

Mikoto: Are there even any psychic power development institutions other than Academy City?

Index: No, that wasn't psychic powers, it was mag-
Touma: Ahhh, ahhh.
Small text in Touma's bubble: Let it go!

Above Kuroko: What is it?
Above Mikoto: You're acting suspicious.

Kuroko: It looks like I need to get to work, too.
Kuroko: I heard that there were two separate intruders this morning.

Touma: Hm...?


Mikoto: Wait, Kuroko?
Mikoto: So there could be even more trouble?

Kuroko: Yes.
Kuroko: There is someone other than that terrorist who got through the gate without going through the proper procedures.
SFX: Guilt
Kuroko: Although it seems it was an Academy City student, so it may not be too much of an issue.

SFX: Inhale

Touma: Sorry.
Touma: That other intruder...
Touma: was probably me.
Small text in Touma's bubble: I think.
Both: Hah!!?

Touma: I needed to get to an "outside" hospital last night...

Kuroko: Well...
Kuroko: There isn't another problem then.
Text: I'll let you off just this once.


SFX: Bang

Crowd: Th-that was a gunshot, wasn't it?
SFX: Chatter
Crowd: That sounded close.

Kuroko: It seems we don't have time to hang around.

Kuroko: Before this place becomes a battlefield...
Kuroko: I need to teleport out the people who didn't get out in time!

Touma: Okay.
Touma: I'll try to buy you some time somehow or other.


Mikoto: Are you an idiot!? You need to get out of here!
Kuroko: You're one of the ones being targeted.
Index: If Touma's going, I'm going.
Kazakiri: Um...

Touma: But I doubt your teleportation will work...
Touma: in my case.

Kuroko: That's right, it didn't work before...
Kuroko: back at our dorm.

Mikoto: What were you doing at our dorm?
Kuroko: That's a problem.
Kuroko: And I can only carry two people at a time with my power.

Touma: Then take Index and Kazakiri.
Touma: Drop them off first.


Index: Touma.
Index: Are you saying you want to stay here with that short-haired one?

Touma: Then take Misaka and Kazakiri.
Mikoto: Oh.

Mikoto: So you want to say with that small girl?
Mikoto: Ho hohh.

Touma: Ah! Fine, then take Index and Misaka!!
SFX: Spark spark
Above Index: Boo boo


Kuroko: Here we go.

Mikoto: Wai-

SFX: Disappear
Mikoto: Waiiiit!

SFX: Hoo


Touma: Sorry you had to stay behind.
Kazakiri: ...It's fine.
Kazakiri: I don't mind.

Kazakiri: But what about yo-
SFX: Boom

Touma: Here already!?
SFX: Rumble

Touma: Kazakiri.
Touma: You stay here and wait for Shirai.
Kazakiri: Eh? What about you?
Touma: I'm going to stop that.


Touma: Don't worry.

SFX: Gunfire

SFX: Bullets hitting
Anti-Skill: Kh.


Yomikawa: With that thick shield, we're not even a threat.

SFX: Pull

Sherry: Ellis.


SFX: Wham

SFX: Bounce

SFX: Boom


Touma: Holy crap.
Touma: A single magician did this to Anti-Skill?

Yomikawa: Boy...

Yomikawa: What are you...doing here?


Yomikawa: You're that problem child from Tsukuyomi-sensei's class.

Yomikawa: What happened?
Yomikawa: Did you get trapped inside when the barriers closed?
Yomikawa: The way out is the other way.
Yomikawa: Fall back to Gate A-03!

Yomikawa: Boy!
Yomikawa: Where are you going!?


SFX: Grind grind

Sherry: Hee hee.

Sherry: Hee hee hee.
Sherry: Hello.

SFX: Grind


Sherry: Oh.
Sherry: You're the Imagine Breaker.


Sherry: But the kid from the Imaginary Number District isn't with you.
Sherry: What was her name again...?
Sherry: Kaze...?

Sherry: Damn, Japanese names are too complicated.
Sherry: Well, that doesn't matter.
Sherry: It doesn't have to be her that I kill.

Touma: What?

Sherry: I'm saying...
Sherry: that killing you wouldn't be...
Sherry: a problem!!

Sherry: Ellis.


SFX: Wham

Sherry: My power is earth.

Sherry: No one can stand on the ground before Ellis.
Sherry: Now, down on your hands and knees like the unsightly person you are.


Touma: Y-
Touma: You...

Sherry: I have a name. It's Sherry Cromwell.
Sherry: I am a magician of the English Puritan Church's Necessarius.

Sherry: Although naming myself is pointless...
Sherry: as you are going to die here.

Touma: The English Puritan Church!?
Touma: You're from the same organization as Index? Then why!?


Sherry: I want to start a war.
Sherry: And I need a spark to start the flames of war.

Sherry: So I need as many people as possible...
Sherry: to know I am under the command of the English Puritan Church!

Touma: Damn it...
Touma: If only I could touch it even slightly with my right hand.


Touma: Kazakiri!!?

Touma: You idiot!! Why did you come here!!?
Kazakiri: Ah...but...

Sherry: Oh?


Sherry: Ellis!!

Touma: Get down, Kazakiri!

SFX: Crash


SFX: Smash


Touma: K-

Touma: Kazakiriiii!!


Touma: Wh-
Touma: What is this...?

SFX: Hummm

SFX: Twitch

Kazakiri: Huh...?

Kazakiri: My glasses.

Kazakiri: Where are...
Kazakiri: my glasses?


Text: A shock!!! What is this form!!?
Kazakiri: ...Eh?
Box: To be continued in the November Issue to be released on Tuesday October 12th.

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