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To Aru Majutsu no Index 40

An Illusion Not To Be Destroyed

+ posted by js06 as translation on Dec 21, 2010 21:12 | Go to To Aru Majutsu no Index

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Chapter 40


Top: The anime is airing on Tokyo-MX and other stations now!!
Title: #40 "An Illusion Not To Be Destroyed"
Middle Text: We'll always be together even when the season changes...
Original Novel / Kamachi Kazuma
Art / Kogino Chuuya
Original Character Designs / Haimura Kiyotaka

Left: Volume 7 is on sale now!!
Top box on left: Normal Version
Bottom box on left: Special Limited Edition
Bottom left: The special limited edition comes with Misaka Mikoto and Shirai Kuroko keychains!!


Sherry: We should embrace things like you and take care of them?

Sherry: Ah ha ha!
Sherry: The science side really is twisted!!!


Sherry: Heh heh heh
Sherry: But it looks like it would be a pain to kill you.

Sherry: So I guess I'll see...
Sherry: if you can go back to normal after I smash you to pieces.
Hyouka: Ee!

Sherry: What's with that pale face?
SFX: Tremble tremble
Sherry: Are you trying to get someone to feel sorry for you and help you?

Sherry: No one's going to feel any sympathy for a monster!!


Hyouka: Waah!

SFX: Land

Hyouka: Hh...

SFX: Pant


Sherry: Really? You're still trying to run away?

Sherry: Where do you think you're going to go?

Sherry: What kind of place would accept someone like you?
SFX: Shock

Sherry: You don't understand, do you?
Sherry: Just figure it out already!


Sherry: There's no place in this world for a monster like you!

Hyouka: Today was the first time...
Hyouka: I went to school.


Hyouka: So I assumed I was a transfer student.

Hyouka: Today was also the first time I talked to a boy.

Hyouka: So I assumed that was I why I felt uncomfortable around him.

Hyouka: It was the first time I went out to have fun.

Hyouka: It was the first time...
Hyouka: I ate a school lunch or bought drinks from a vending machine.

Hyouka: first time first time first time first time first time first ti

Hyouka: Why didn't I realize it?
Hyouka: Why didn't I realize that I had no past?

Index: Here, Hyouka.
Index: You can have half.


Index: I don't really know all the details, but Hyouka's my friend.

Hyouka: That girl...
Hyouka: who was the first to call me her friend...

Hyouka: wouldn't be smiling if she knew what I really was beneath this outer shell.

Hyouka: Uuh.


Sherry: Don't cry,
Sherry: you monster.

Sherry: Seeing you cry just disgusts me.


Ellis: Roooooar

Hyouka: I don't want to die.

Hyouka: But no one needs a hideous monster like me.
Hyouka: There's no place for me...

Hyouka: as long as I'm like this...


SFX: Smash

Touma: It looks like I kept you waiting.



Hyouka: A-ah...

Touma: C'mon, that's just pathetic.
Touma: You don't have to cry over every little thing.

SFX: Crack

SFX: Crumble

Sherry: Ellis!?

Sherry: Ellis!
Sherry: Pull yourself together, Ellis!!


Hyouka: ...Tch.

SFX: Swing

SFX: Write
Hyouka: When you destroy it...
Hyouka: I can just remake it!!!

SFX: Rumble


SFX: Thoom

Sherry: Heh


Sherry: Ha ha.
Sherry: Ah ha ha ha!
Sherry: What are you? A hero protecting the damsel in distress?

Sherry: What do you feed someone to bring them up so horribly!?

Sherry: Rejoice, monster!!!
Sherry: The world hasn't abandoned you!
Sherry: There's still one fool willing to stand up for you!

Touma: It's not just one.

Sherry: Hah?

SFX: Shine


Sherry: They're...!

Hyouka: ...Why?
Touma: This is nothing special.
Touma: I just asked them...

Touma: to save my friend.

Touma: Now I'll show you...
Touma: that there's plenty of help for you in this world.


Touma: And I'll let you know...
Touma: that the illusion of your place in this world won't be destroyed so easily!!!


Sherry: Ellis.

Sherry: Kill every single one of them!!
Sherry: I'll gather their flesh together to create your body!!!

Anti-Skill: Deployment B!
Anti-Skill: Protecting the civilians takes top priority!!

SFX: Spread out

Yomikawa: You two take cover behind here.


SFX: Machine gun fire

SFX: Machine gun fire

SFX: Bullets hitting

Sherry: Tchh.
Sherry: Damn fussy dogs of science!!


Sherry: Michael
Sherry: Uriel
Sherry: Raphael
Sherry: Gabriel

Sherry: Symbols of the four angels representing the four worlds.
Sherry: Send the proper power in the proper direction...
Sherry: and guide it into the proper arrangement!!


SFX: Thoom

SFX: Thoothoom

Touma: Looks like you're not going to stop it for long.
Touma: But that's as expected.


Yomikawa: Boy,
Yomikawa: you're really going to do this?
Yomikawa: No one will blame you if you say lost your nerve.

Touma: I truly have to do this.
Touma: And you already saw what my right hand can do.

SFX: Machine gun fire
Touma: But unfortunately my ability only works if I touch it directly.

Hyouka: W-
Hyouka: Wait! Wait a second!
Hyouka: You're not going to try to stop her yourself, are you?

Hyouka: You can't do that!
Hyouka: It's too dangerous...


Touma: Don't stop me, Kazakiri.

Touma: And, um...
Touma: The reason you were avoiding me...

Touma: is probably because of my right hand.
Touma: It negates any unnatural power whether that power is good or evil.
Touma: And you're no exception.


Touma: But don't worry about it.
Touma: Just because we can't touch each other doesn't mean we aren't friends, right?

Touma: C'mon, raise your head up.
Touma: I WILL come back.

Hyouka: You'll...come back?

Touma: Yeah.
Touma: And we can go with Index and have some fun again.


Yomikawa: Komoe-sensei really is blessed with some great students.
Yomikawa: You don't have to go this far.

Yomikawa: It's preparation time!
Yomikawa: Count 3

Yomikawa: Count 2

Yomikawa: Count 1

Yomikawa: Count 0


SFX: Raise

SFX: Raise

SFX: Wobble


Sherry: Elllllliiiiiissss!!

Text: His right hand roars!!!
Box: To be continued in the January Issue which will be released on Saturday December 11th.

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#1. by Audam ()
Posted on Dec 22, 2010
Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
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