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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

To Aru Majutsu no Index 41

A New Target

+ posted by js06 as translation on Dec 23, 2010 22:10 | Go to To Aru Majutsu no Index

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Chapter 41


Sherry: This city should just be erased from the face of the earth.
Sherry: Isn't that right, "Ellis"!?
Top: These color pages are in response to the manga's popularity.
Left: The magician bares the fangs of her madness!!


Right: There are those I want to protect...
Left: so I stretch out my hand!!
Top: The anime To Aru Majutsu no Index II is currently airing on Tokyo-MX and other stations! Volume 7 is on sale now!!
Title: #41 "A New Target"
Original Novel / Kamachi Kazuma
Art / Kogino Chuuya
Original Character Designs / Haimura Kiyotaka


SFX: Crash


Touma: ...Gh!!

Hyouka: Watch out!

SFX: Reach out


Touma: No.
Touma: If use Imagine Breaker like this...
Touma: I'll be crushed by the golem's remains.

Touma: Shit...!!
Touma: What am I supposed to do!?


SFX: Crush


SFX: Slide


Sherry: ...Tch!

Touma: Okay...

Touma: Try to move your golem now.
Touma: Without a shield, Anti-Skill will have a much easier time aiming.
SFX: Machine gun fire
Anti-Skill: Fire, fire!
Anti-Skill: Cover the boy!

Sherry: Ha
Sherry: Ha ha
Sherry: So what!? Now you can't run away either!


Touma: I don't need to run away.

Sherry: I won't hold back.
Touma: Just shut the fuck up...

Touma: and go to sleep!

SFX: Slam



Touma: Okay.
Touma: Your turn.

Sherry: Heh.
Sherry: Heh heh heh.

SFX: Vwohn


Touma: You're making a second one!?

Sherry: Heh heh heh.
Sherry: Eh heh eh heh eh heh heh.
Sherry: I can't do that.
Sherry: I can't create and control two at the same time.
Sherry: And if I try, it collapses into a bunch of rotten dirt.

Sherry: But!
Sherry: If you take advantage of that...
Sherry: you can do this!!!

SFX: Collapse
Touma: What...!!?


SFX: Crumble crumble

Touma: Damn it!!
Touma: She got away!

Touma: There's a subway line going under here.

SFX: Crack


SFX: Boom
Touma: Wah!

SFX: Relief
Yomikawa: It looks like he kept his promise.
Yomikawa: Way to go, boy.


Touma: This is weird.

Touma: That magician, Sherry or whatever,
Touma: abandoned her target too easily.

Touma: Her target was Kazakiri, but she just let her go.

Small text in Touma's bubble: Oh, wait...
Touma: I was a target too, wasn't I?

Sherry: I want to start a war.
Sherry: So I need as many people as possible to know I am under the command of the English Puritan Church!

Sherry: Well, that doesn't matter.
Sherry: It doesn't have to be her that I kill.


Sherry: Index Librorum Prohibitorum, Imagine Breaker, and the key to the Imaginary Number District.
Sherry: There are so many choices I just don't know which one to choose.

Touma: She didn't run away.
Touma: She was just changing her target to one she could get to more easily.

Touma: Index!!!


SFX: Thoom thoom

SFX: Thoom

SFX: Throb


Sherry: These damn espers...
Sherry: are so annoying!

Sherry: It's all because this city exists.

Sherry: So I'll get rid of it!!


Sherry: "Ellis"...


SFX: Blazing hot

Mikoto: By the way,
Mikoto: What's with your clothes?
Mikoto: How can you wear long sleeves when it's so hot out?

Index: I don't really mind.
Index: These clothes are nice and breezy.
Mikoto: Ahn?


Mikoto: Ah! This thing's being held together by safety pins!
Mikoto: Why are your clothes all destroyed!?

Index: Uuh...
Index: There are a lot of old wounds there, so I'd rather not go into it...

Mikoto: Anyway, he's really taking his time, isn't he?

Index: ...Yeah.

Index: It sounded like that magician was after Hyouka.
Index: So I hope nothing happened...


Mikoto: ...? Magic?
Mikoto: I think that idiot said something about that before, too...
Mikoto: Is Hyouka the girl that was with you?

Index: Yeah.
Index: Oh.
Index: And this time Touma wasn't the one that brought her into the group.
Index: I was her friend first!
Mikoto: Hohohh.

Mikoto: ...This time, huh?

Index: Uhh...
Index: I'm worried. I'm so worried.
SFX: Pace pace pace
Index: I'm worried about leaving Hyouka there...
Index: but I'm also worried about having left Touma alone with a girl in the dark.

Mikoto: It doesn't really matter...
Mikoto: but you're not worried about his safety?
Index: Hm? Touma's? No.


Index: No matter what happens, Touma always comes back.

Mikoto: Hmm...

Mikoto: So he'll come back...
Mikoto: but "to who"?
Mikoto: Just kidding.


Mikoto: Eh?
Mikoto: What was that?
Mikoto: By any chance was I...
Mikoto: shocked by that?

Mikoto: Of course not!!
SFX: Stomp

Sphinx: Fgyah!

Index: Ahhh!
Mikoto: Oh, crap...

Mikoto: It's fine. I'll stay here.
Mikoto: You go on and catch your cat.
Mikoto: Cats don't really like me, so it would pointless for me to chase after it.


Index: Sorry.
Index: Thanks for staying there.

Text: Hey, Sphinx!

Mikoto: Sphinx?
Text: What kind of name is that?

SFX: Clatter clatter

SFX: Clatter clatter clatter


Touma: I'm asking...
Touma: why you won't remove the lockdown on the underground mall!

Touma: She left, didn't she!?

Yomikawa: Control of the underground mall is outside of our jurisdiction.
Yomikawa: Removing the lockdown will take a bit more time.

Touma: Damn it!


Hyouka: U-um...
Hyouka: Thank you...
Hyouka: for what you did before.

Touma: Oh.
Touma: You don't have to thank me for that.
Touma: Are you okay?

Hyouka: Oh, yes.
Hyouka: ...I think so.

Hyouka: Um...that golem isn't going to attack again, is it?

Touma: That sooty goth woman ran off.
Touma: Her goal wasn't to kill you or me specifically; she just needs to kill someone that fulfills her requirements.


Touma: Her next target is Index!

Hyouka: No...

Hyouka: But can't you ask them to protect her?

Touma: Index isn't a resident of this city.
Touma: If I asked Anti-Skill for help, it could end up with her getting arrested.

Touma: It looks like this is the only way to go.
Touma: If they would only open the barriers, I could easily get there ahead of her.

Touma: It's about as high as the 4th floor of my dorm building.
Touma: How am I supposed to get down?


SFX: Clench

Hyouka: It's...
Hyouka: fine.
Hyouka: There's a way to save her...
Hyouka: without you going.

Touma: What!?

Hyouka: To fight a monster...
Hyouka: you just need another monster.


Hyouka: I don't know if I can defeat that golem...
Hyouka: but I can at least draw it away from her.
Hyouka: That way she can escape while it's attacking me.

Touma: Idiot!
Touma: Are you still saying that kind of thing!?

Touma: Listen up! You're no monster!!
Touma: What do you think...Who do you think we've been doing this all for!?

Hyouka: I'm fine...!


Hyouka: I'm fine...
Hyouka: with what I am.
Hyouka: No matter how many times that Golem hits me, I won't die.

Hyouka: It's because I'm a monster...
Hyouka: that I can stand up to that golem.

Hyouka: I will protect those important to me...
Hyouka: with my own power.


Hyouka: So...
Hyouka: I'm glad that...
Hyouka: I'm a monster.

Touma: ! Shit, that's my right hand...!


Touma: Kazakiri!!


SFX: Pant pant

Index: Sphiiiiinx!

Index: Got you!
SFX: Grab

Index: Really now.
Index: If you keep being this naughty I'm really gonna have to punish you!
SFX: Hoo
SFX: Twitch twitch
Sphinx: Mgyaaah!


Index: C'mon, let's go back to where short hair is.

SFX: Clatter clatter

Index: It's shaking...?

SFX: Clatter clatter

Index: Hyawah!

SFX: Grind grind


Text: Its target is Index!! The giant golem approaches!!!
Box: To be continued in the February Issue which will be released on Wednesday January 12th.

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