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Translations: Gintama 691 by kewl0210 , One Piece 910 by cnet128

To Aru Majutsu no Index 43


+ posted by js06 as translation on Feb 11, 2011 18:35 | Go to To Aru Majutsu no Index

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Chapter 43


Sherry: About 20 years ago...
Text: The magician reveals her past!!

Sherry: The English Puritan Church and Academy City attempted to work together by creating the group I was part of.
Sherry: The techniques and knowledge of both sides were gathered in a single institution and they tried to create someone who could use both psychic powers and magic.


Top: The anime "A Certain Magical Index II" is airing now on Tokyo MX, MBS, and other stations!!
Below that: Gan Gan Comics A Certain Magical Index Volumes 1-7 are available now at bookstores across the nation!!
Title: #43 "Ellis"
Original Novel / Kamachi Kazuma
Art / Kogino Chuuya
Original Character Designs / Haimura Kiyotaka

Red text: This meeting connects to the future...!!
Bottom: A Certain Magical Index


Sherry: Ellis was my friend.

Sherry: Ellis...
Sherry: was an esper brought over by part of Academy City.


Sherry: I taught Ellis magic spells just like the adults told me to.
Sherry: And as a result...


Sherry: An esper cannot use magic.

Sherry: They are both supernatural powers, but the inner workings are completely different.
Sherry: If an esper forces himself to use it, his brain, his nerves, and his blood vessel-centric tissues will be destroyed.

Sherry: Ellis collapsed at a very unfortunate time.
Sherry: It was when the people who weren't confortable with the contact with science had come to destroy the institution.


Sherry: Ellis was still covered in blood when he was hit and killed by maces...
Sherry: in order to let me escape the "knights".

Touma: So that institution...

Sherry: It was destroyed.
Sherry: By another part of the English Puritan Church.
Sherry: They did it on the pretext of preventing our techniques and knowledge from being leaked out.


Sherry: We should live in isolation from each other.
Sherry: Magicians with magicians!
Sherry: Scientists with scientists!
Sherry: If we don't have established territories for each other, this will just happen again and again!

Sherry: That's what the war is for!!

Touma: Damn it. That just doesn't make sense.
Touma: You're trying to protect both sides, right!? Then what good will a war do?

Touma: ...No.


Touma: You don't actually want to start a war.
Touma: To get what you want, you just have to make it look like a war COULD break out!

Sherry: You're reading too much into this, you damn kid.

Sherry: Don't look at me with those eyes full of pity!

SFX: Vhhn.

Sherry: The earth is my ally.
Sherry: Down here in the darkness surrounded by earth, we're in my territory.

SFX: Crack crack
Sherry: Collapse!
Sherry: Like a doll made of dirt!


Touma: She's going to bring down the tunnel!?

Sherry: Swallow up the fool and mix in with him!
Sherry: Maybe then you won't be so scrawny!

Touma: I can't negate each and every one of these magic circles with my right hand.
Touma: What do I do!?

Index: Then do you know this, Touma?

Index: Do you know the direction of the spell and where the magician stands in the idol-making spells that involve putting Telesma in the British crosses?
Index: If the location of magic circles for protective spells are off by just a bit, they won't work very well!

Index: Do you know about the golden ratio for that kind of thing?


Touma: So that's it!
Touma: Thanks, Index.

Touma: The magic circles drawn on the walls and ceiling are there to bury me alive.


Touma: So that one on the floor is unnecessary!
Touma: It's there to protect her!

SFX: Impact


SFX: Disappear

Sherry: What...!?
Sherry: He saw through my protective circle that quickly!?

Sherry: ...Kh!!

SFX: Creak

Sherry: Did it stop...?


Sherry: Gh...
Sherry: Gah!

SFX: Slide down...

Sherry: ...Don't...stop me.


Sherry: I have to...
Sherry: create the "spark" that starts the war...

Sherry: Academy City's guard is down right now.
Sherry: And the English Puritan Church...

Sherry: was foolish to let the Index Librorum Prohibitorum go elsewhere!
Sherry: It's the same as with Ellis.

Sherry: It turned into such a tragedy with us...
Sherry: so if it happened on a larger scale encompassing this entire city and the entire church...

Touma: Ridiculous.


Touma: You can get mad.
Touma: You can mourn.

Touma: But...
Touma: what did Kazakiri do?
Touma: Did Index ever do anything to you!?

Touma: It's because people get attacked like this that conflicts begin!!!

Sherry: You don't understand.


Sherry: I hate you peopllllleeee!
Sherry: I just want to kill all the magicians and scientists who killed Ellis!!!

Sherry: But that's not all...

Sherry: I don't actually want to cause a conflict between magicians and scientists!

Sherry: Things have been...
Sherry: all mixed up in my head from the beginning.

Sherry: There isn't just one thing I believe. I have as many beliefs as there are stars in the sky!
Sherry: I can't just be bound by a single rule and live the life of a clockwork doll.


Touma: It's true what you're saying is all over the place.
Touma: And you'll say the opposite of what you said before.
Touma: But...

Touma: why don't you realize it?
Touma: There has only been a single belief inside of you from the beginning.

Touma: You simply didn't want to lose your precious friend, right?

Touma: When you watched us through those dirt "eyes"...
Touma: how did we look to you?
Touma: Did it look like I didn't like hanging out with Index?

Touma: Did it look like a conflict was going to break out if we didn't start living isolated in our own territories!?
Touma: We haven't done that and we've been together this whole time!!


Sherry: So...
Sherry: please don't take someone important to me away from me!!

Sherry: Intimus115!!!



Sherry: Die, esper!!!

Touma: Oh...
Touma: I see.

Touma: This attack is most likely Sherry Cromwell's trump card.

Touma: She has as many beliefs as there are stars in the sky.
Touma: If all of her contradictory claims are her true feelings...
Touma: then...
Touma: it must be inside you.


Touma: You must understand that you also feel that...
Touma: you want to be stopped.


Sherry: E...
Sherry: lli...
Sherry: s.

Index: Oh, no.
Index: It's gone from remote control to automatic control!!


SFX: Smash


SFX: Boooom


Index: Hyou...
Index: ka...?

Index: Your leg...

SFX: Hyuban

Hyouka: Run away.


SFX: Grind grind
Hyouka: It's still...
Hyouka: dangerous here.

SFX: Grind

SFX: Roaring wind

SFX: Clatter clatter


SFX: Roaring wind

Index: Wah.
Index: Wah.

Index: That attack sent the golem's regeneration out of control!


Index: Hyouka.
Index: You need to run away, too!

Hyouka: I...
Hyouka: have to stop that monster.
Index: You can't.

Index: There's no saving you if you take that monster on!
Index: There's no reason you have to fight it.

Hyouka: Don't worry.

Hyouka: I'm a monster, too.


Hyouka: ...I'm sorry.

Hyouka: I'm sorry...
Hyouka: that I deceived you.

Index: Hyou-


SFX: Smash


SFX: Creak creak
Text: Next Issue: The climax of the Kazakiri Arc!!!

Hyouka: Waaaaaahhhh!!
Box: To be continued in the April Issue which will be released on March 12th.

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#1. by SuppaiNoRingo ()
Posted on Feb 11, 2011
You're awesome.
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