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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Zettai Karen Children 257

Little Princess (1)

+ posted by js06 as translation on May 5, 2011 20:34 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 257


Mio: Eh?
Mio: You've never eaten instant noodles!?
Yuuri: No.

Yuuri: I've bought them a few times, but...
Yuuri: Ah.
SFX: Spill out

Yuuri: Ah.
SFX: Vvvv
SFX: Bubble bubble
Yuuri: I don't have enough hot water!?

Yuuri: And one time the cat spilled it...
Yuuri: and another time I got a delivery and forgot about it until it was cold...
SFX: Pat
Mio: In a way, you have tasted them.
Mio: You've tasted the sorrow of instant noodles.

Magi: Damn!
Magi: I've been so busy lately!
Magi: I have so much work piled up!!

Yo: I haven't seen Magi-san much lately.
Momiji: He's been holed up working.
Momiji: He's probably really worn out by now.

Magi: When managing an organization...
Magi: sloppy accounting won't cut it!
Magi: If I could just get the major to do some of the paperwork...

Magi: And thanks to this...
Magi: I've been skipping out on my carbon fiber training.
SFX: Short
Momiji: Who is...
Momiji: this fresh young man!?

Margin: Magi's hairstyle is in trouble! Anyone who likes this hairstyle should send in more paperwork (fan letters) for Magi!

Bottom: The anime's official site, http://www.z-child.com, you can see the first episode for free!!


Title: 257th sense. Little Princess (1)
Credit: Shiina Takashi
Text: A mysterious man named Gilliam. He possesses unparalleled evil.
Right text: The story of the special esper team The Children's battles and growth is in Volumes 1-25 which are on sale now!!!


SFX: Kyuh...

SFX: uuhhnnn!!


Margin: Previously: Black Phantom's brainwashing returned in Tim and he lost control! Aoi and Bullet risked their lives in an attack and succeeded in stopping him, but Aoi shed tears of relief when Kaoru and the others arrived. Meanwhile, a mysterious man named Gilliam was the one behind the return of Tim's brainwashing. Who is he...?

Bullet: How is Tim doing!?
Shiho: This is...

Tim: Uuh...

Tim: Ah!?
Tim: H-huh!?


Tim: Why is everyone here?
Tim: And why was I asleep!?

Kaoru: Tim!!
Kaoru: Thank goodness!!
Aoi: You're back to normal, right!?
Shiho: The effects of the brainwashing have completely disappeared.

Shiho: But...
Minamoto: Did you sense something?

Shiho: I'm not quite sure...
SFX: Touch
Shiho: but the feeling is a bit different from before.


Shiho: It was hardly a good feeling the first time...
Shiho: but this time it's more...
Shiho: How should I put it...?

Gilliam: You're looking, aren't you?


Gilliam: Heh heh. You need to realize...
Gilliam: that when you stare into the darkness...
SFX: Roar
Gilliam: the darkness stares back at you.

SFX: Vwah

Shiho: Oh, no!!
Shiho: He was waiting for me to make contact!!

SFX: Flash


SFX: Crash


Angel: Stay away from...
Angel: these children!!

SFX: Boom
SFX: Crack crack

Shiho: Ah!!
Kaoru: Shiho!?

Kaoru: Are you all right!?


Shiho: Thanks, Kaoru-chan.
Shiho: You saved me.
Kaoru: Eh?

Shiho: Traces of the Boost from back then remain within Tim.
Shiho: Our power and Kaoru-chan's will...
Shiho: are even now protecting him.

SFX: Bah bah bah bah bah bah
Sakaki: Is everyone all right!?


Minamoto: Sakaki!
SFX: Bah bah bah
Aoi: Doctor!!

Sakaki: We can take you to the medical research facility!
SFX: Bah bah
Sakaki: Get onboard!

Kaoru: We'll do it.
Kaoru: You need to rest.
Aoi: I'm fine. I can do this much.
Kaoru: No!

SFX: Hee hee


SFX: Roar

SFX: Rrrrrr

Gilliam: Heh heh...

SFX: Vvvvhhh


Theodore: Gilliam-sama?
Gilliam: I did get a slight result.

SFX: Spark

Gilliam: I couldn't experience the Boost directly...
SFX: Heartbeat!!
Gilliam: but I did get to see vestiges of it.
SFX: Spread spread


Gilliam: Ah ha ha!!
Gilliam: What wonderful children!
SFX: Vhhhnn!
Gilliam: It looks like we're in for some fun times!!


On building: Medical Research Building

SFX: Rumble rumble
SFX: Vvvv...

Tim: Sorry, Bullet.
Tim: I...
Bullet: Don't worry about it.
Bullet: You don't even remember it, right?


Tim: They said this was an attack by an esper targeting the Children...
Tim: but why did they use me?

Bullet: That's still classified.
Bullet: I wasn't even told the details.
Bullet: And we're not allowed to discuss it.

Bullet: But don't worry.
Bullet: The time will come when the two of us can pool our information.
Bullet: Until then, let me keep your share of the doubts.

Sakaki: You've become a man,
Sakaki: Bullet.
SFX: Pat
Bullet: No...
Bullet: All this made me realize how much of a kid I am.

Sakaki: That's good enough.
Sakaki: No one is born a man.
Sakaki: Men are those who become men.


Tim & Bullet: Doctor Sakaki actually gave excellent human advice!?
Sakaki: I always give good advice!!

Kaoru: Eh?
Kaoru: Minamoto, you and Aoi are staying here?
Minamoto: Yes.
Minamoto: The health of our Level 7's takes top priority.
Minamoto: And a Teleporter like Aoi needs an especially thorough checking over.

Minamoto: The examination will take 2 or 3 days.
Minamoto: We won't be having any missions or training in that time...
Minamoto: so you can go see your parents if you wan-

Kaoru: Not a chance.
SFX: Hug
Shiho: Yeah.
Minamoto: I thought you'd say that.


Minamoto: But the guest facility here is being remodeled...
Minamoto: so this is the only room all 3 of you can stay in together.
SFX: Beep
Minamoto: ...Do you mind?

SFX: Slide

Shiho: This room...!
Box: To be continued in Issue 24

Margin: There is still some uneasiness, but the incident is over! What is this room that lies before them in the medical facility?

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#1. by lightl ()
Posted on May 5, 2011
glad your safe and all, and doing over 600 translation
#2. by Spikey2713 ()
Posted on May 5, 2011
Thank You Very Much!!! Congratulation for over 600 translations!!
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