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Detective Conan 771

Let Me Hear Your Brilliant Deductions!

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jun 25, 2011 20:00 | Go to Detective Conan

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For Endless Youth and Co. only

It only took me...what? 3 months to get this chapter done?

Chapter 771


Title: File 771 Let Me Hear Your Brilliant Deductions!
Text: Did you know? This is the Kamen Yaiba Sea Cucumber Man strap!!


Students: Hey, hey...

Students: Where do you live, Sera-san?
Sera: I guess you'd say I'm living in a hotel right now.
Students: Where did you live before?

Sera: I've been living in America with my parents for the last three years...
Sera: but I wanted to live here in Japan where I was born and raised, so I selfishly asked to return to Tokyo!
Sera: It's easier to be a detective this way, too!

Margin: The high school girl detective is the center of attention!
Students: Hehh... You're a detective, Sera-san?
Students: You're a female Kudou!
Sera: Kudou?
Students: He's the famous detective of Teitan High!

Students: He's away from school right now, though!
Sera: Hmm...


Ran: Sera-san sure was popular!
Sonoko: Yeah...She's bright, sociable, boyish, and cute.
Sonoko: And she's a female detective who uses Jeet Kune Do!

Ran: She's kind of like a tomboy.
Sonoko: Well, her small breasts are the one flaw...

Sera: Sorry about...
SFX: Grab
Sera: the flat chest!
Sonoko: Wah!

Sera: But my mom's are pretty big, so I should have some nice ones before long!
Sonoko: O-oh...
Ran: I-I see...

Sera: By the way, is it true that Conan-kun lives at Mouri-san's place?
Ran: Y-yes, he does...

Sera: Then can I come over?
Ran: Sure...
Ran: but today I think Conan-kun is...


Sera: Ehh!?
Sera: He just left!?

Sera: He's going to some professor's place?
Mouri: Y-yes...
Mouri: They're heading out camping early tomorrow morning, so all the kids are spending the night there.

Sera: Damn. I just missed him!?
Mouri: Who is she?
Ran: Sera-san, a transfer student!
Ran: She's a detective!

Mouri: Oh, a high school girl detective!
Mouri: Then do you know me, the famous Mouri Kogorou?
Sera: Yeah. You're the Sleeping Kogorou, right?

Sera: When I checked the internet for news in Japan, your name came up quite a bit.
Ran: She was living in America before moving here.
Mouri: Hehh...

Sera: I heard you had solved all sorts of difficult cases!
Mouri: Well, yeah!


Sera: And always by your side...
Sera: was that Edogawa Conan-kun, right?

Mouri: Y-yeah...
Mouri: I guess...
Ran: Hey, how about you ask dad to tell you about some cases?

Ran: I bet he could give you more detail than the internet news!
Mouri: You say that, but I really don't remember them...
Sera: Hmm, there's something I want to ask as a detective, but I can ask it later.

Sera: When Conan-kun is here...
SFX: Open
Sera: I'll ask you all sorts of things!

Tamami: Then could you...

Tamami: tell those stories to us!?
Sera: Eh?


Tamami: We are friends with a female mystery writer.
Box: Mitsui Tamami (41) Novelist
Shinobu: We met her on an SNS!
Box: Yuchi Shinobu (36) Novelist
Sumika: We came here because we were told the famous detective Mouri Kogorou would tell us some stories.
Box: Nihei Sumika (39) Novelist

Sumika: Did Sawaguri-san not tell you?
Mouri: What's an SNS?
Sera: A social network service.
Sera: They're those things people are always posting on over the internet!

Ran: Um, by Sawaguri-san, do you mean Sawaguri Miku-san, the mystery author who died last month?
Tamami: Yes, she was the friend from the SNS.

Sumika: But the one who invited us here today...
Shinobu: was her brother.
Isao: Yes.

Isao: It was me.
Box: Sawaguri Isao (37) Sawaguri Miku's older brother

Sumika: Oh, Sawaguri-san...
Shinobu: What's going on?
Tamami: He doesn't seem to have heard...
Isao: Of course he hasn't...


SFX: Bang

Tamami: Eh?
SFX: Close
SFX: Click
Isao: We don't have an appointment, after all.
Sumika: Ehh!?

Isao: Everyone except for Detective Mouri is to put their cell phones on the desk...
Isao: and move over by the wall over there!

Isao: Not so slow!! Hurry the hell up!!
Sumika: O-okay!!

SFX: Place


Sera: I'll take the legs.
Sera: You take the gun.
SFX: Whisper
Ran: Eh?

Sera: We'll take him out like that.
Sera: OK?
Ran: Okay...
SFX: Place

Isao: Hey! Once it's down, get over by the wall!!

SFX: Whoosh

SFX: Wham
Isao: Wah!


SFX: Hit

SFX: Land
Sera: Hey!!
Sera: What's your deal!?

Isao: St...
Isao: sto...
SFX: Tremble tremble
Isao: stop...

SFX: Jump back
Ran: Eh?

Isao: Heh...
Isao: I had heard he had a daughter who could use karate...

Isao: but I didn't expect two.
Isao: I'm glad I put this thing on.
SFX: Zip...


Isao: Now, let me hear your brilliant deductions,
Isao: Sleeping Kogorou-san!

Ai: Hehh...

Ai: So that detective named Sera...
Ai: knew your name and that you were a detective?
Conan: Yeah...

Ai: Well, this Sera is probably just a fan who got interested through the newspapers.
Ai: You're pretty well known in relation to Kaitou Kid.
Headline: Elementary Schooler Triumphs Again

Ai: And you were the one that saw through to the truth of that case in the end, right?
Ai: That was a bad move...
Conan: Y-yeah, but...


Conan: Sera seemed to know the truth...
Conan: It was like that mistake was on purpose to make me solve it.

Ai: Wait! You mean you gave your deductions using Kudou Shinichi's voice in front of someone as suspicious as that!?
Conan: Y-yeah...
Conan: I couldn't think of any other way...

Conan: And Sera just didn't seem like an enemy.
Conan: There was a kind of familiar feeling...

Conan: like I was being reminded of someone I had met before. It's strange...
Ayumu: Something's strange?
Ayumu: What is?

Conan: Oh, um...
Mitsuhiko: Speaking of strange, who was that high schooler with Ran-san?
Genta: Yeah, I'd never seen that guy before.

Conan: Eh? Ran-neechan was with a strange guy?
Ayumu: We passed by them on the way here!
Mitsuhiko: Wait, I thought it was a girl...

Ai: If you're worried, how about you call her?


Mouri: Oh, no, no...
Mouri: Everything's fine.

Mouri: That loud noise was from a police drama on TV.
Mouri: The volume was on way too loud, but I've fixed it now.
Mouri: Yes, I'm sorry for the trouble.

SFX: Chnk
Isao: Okay.
Isao: Good.

Isao: Now, Mr. Detective...
Isao: It's time to grant my wish.

Ran: Ah!
Ran: That's my cell phone...
Isao: Dammit!
Isao: You didn't turn it off!?


Sera: Just turning it off would be suspicious!
Isao: What!?
Sera: If no one answers, the caller might get worried and come to check on her.

Sera: I think it would be best to answer this and give a makeshift response like with Kogorou-san there!
Isao: I...
Isao: I guess...

Isao: But if you say anything suspicious...
SFX: Open
Sera: We know, we know!

Ran: H-hello...
Conan: Oh, Ran-neechan? It's me. Was this a bad time to call?
Ran: N-no, this is fine! It's just I was about to head to the bathroom...

Conan: It doesn't really matter, but Genta and the others said you were walking with some strange guy.
Ran: Walking with some strange guy?

Ran: Oh...
Ran: I'm sure that was the new transfer student...


Sera: It was me!!

Conan: Eh?
Conan: Why!?
Sera: Well, if that's all, enjoy your camping trip!

Ran: Ah...
SFX: Close
Sera: Is that good?
Isao: Yeah, now put the phone back on the desk and get back by the wall!!

Sera: Okay, okay...

Sera: Hey...
Sera: could you explain...

Sera: what you wanted again?
Sera: You spoke too fast for me to catch it.


Genta: Hey! Who was that guy?
Mitsuhiko: C'mon, tell us!
Ayumu: Conan-kun?
Conan: Shh

Conan: This cell phone...

Isao: Really?
Isao: Fine, I'll explain it again.
Conan: is still connected.

Isao: My sister, Sawaguri Miku, was a bestselling author who won the Naomoto Award at a young age...
Isao: but last month, the police said she commited suicide in a Gunma hot spring inn by slitting her wrists.

Isao: But I don't think it was suicide!!
Isao: These three went to the hot spring with her and one of them killed her!!

Isao: I've brought all the evidence...
Isao: with me!

Isao: So I want you to solve this with your brilliant deductions, Sleeping Kogorou-san.
Isao: But don't worry...


Isao: Once I know who did it...
Isao: I'll kill her and take myself from this world at the same time!!

Conan: What!?
Isao: But there is a limit.

Isao: Once it reaches morning...
Isao: I'll blow up this bomb!!

Conan: Wh-
Conan: What!?
Box: To be continued in Issue 19

Margin: He wants to stop the crime, but if he does... What will Conan do in this extreme situation!?

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