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Zettai Karen Children 263

Generation Zero 1

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jun 26, 2011 19:00 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Top: A new chapter begins!!!
Text: Hyoubu Kyousuke and his flash-like life!!
Green starburst: The limited edition with the Drama CD by the super wonderful voice actors is out!! Volume 26 is on sale now!!!
Below that: It makes the Drama CD even more fun!? See the second round of full color Supplements at clubsunday.jp!!
Title: 263rd sense. Generation Zero 1


SFX: Waves...
Box: 1937

SFX: Smoke
Text: The story goes back in time...What is this giant ship carrying?


Hyoubu: So this is Japan!
Hyoubu: I'm finally here!!
Box: Hyoubu Kyousuke (Age 7)


Hyoubu: I'm finally in my father's country.


Fujiko: Father!!

Fujiko: Welcome home, father!!
Box: Tsubomi Fujiko (Age 10)


Fujiko: Fatheeerrrr!!

Father: Oh, Fujiko!!
Father: You came to greet me!!

Fujiko: Fa...
SFX: Sparkle sparkle
Fujiko: ther!

SFX: Wham
Father: Fuji...
Father: ko-braaahhhhh!?


Fujiko: You're terrible, father!!
Fujiko: How could you leave your daughter for half a year like that!!
SFX: Punch punch punch
Father: Wait...ow!!
Father: St-stop!
Father: Quit mounting me...!!

Father: This job is for the sake of the country!
Text: Kiiiihhh!
Fujiko: Are you saying the country is more important than me!?

Fujiko: But...
Fujiko: I will forgive you for today, father.
Fujiko: After all...

Fujiko: you brought me something much more lovely...
Fujiko: than the usual dresses or dolls meant to put me in a good mood.
Text: Hee hee


Father: Come on...
Father: Don't treat him like a souvenir.
Father: As I wrote in my letter, he is the son of an old friend of mine.

Hyoubu: I-
Hyoubu: I'm Kyousuke!

Hyoubu: My name is Hyoubu Kyousuke.
Hyoubu: N-
Hyoubu: Nice to meet you.

Fujiko: My, how cute!
Fujiko: Are you the paranormally powered boy father is taking charge of?
Fujiko: From now on, think of me as your older sister.


Hyoubu: Yes.
Hyoubu: Um...
Fujiko: Tsubomi Fujiko!
Fujiko: You can call me Fujiko!

Hyoubu: Okay...
Hyoubu: Fujiko...-san.

Fujiko: Hee hee.
Fujiko: You don't need to be so formal.
Fujiko: We will...

Fujiko: alllways be together.
Fujiko: Okay?
Hyoubu: Okay...!

Father: Watch out, Kyousuke-kun.
Father: My daughter is a naturally quite overbearing.


Father: She is just like her mother.
Father: During our school days, your father and I fought over her...
Father: and I'm not entirely sure who won.

Father: I was quite dominated by my wife...
Father: but right now I do not know what to do about my daughter.
Fujiko: Yes, you were quite dominated!

Fujiko: You're still unable to forget about mother...
Fujiko: and you insist on remaining a widower.
Text: Ha ha ha
Father: That right there...
Father: is exactly the kind of thing I can't stand up to!

Hyoubu: Good!
Hyoubu: They all seem like nice people.

Man: Young sir.
Man: I will take your luggage.
Hyoubu: Oh.
Hyoubu: No, but...

SFX: Grab


Man: Fnh...!?
SFX: Heavy
Hyoubu: Sorry.
Hyoubu: It's heavier than it looks.

Fujiko: How pathetic.
Fujiko: I will take it to the car.
Man: No...
Man: I couldn't make you do that...

Fujiko: Just open the trunk.
Fujiko: Or do you intend to make me do that, too?
SFX: Lift
Man: R-right away!!

Fujiko: Hee hee...
Fujiko: You aren't the only strong one.

Hyoubu: A-are you...?


Fujiko: Yes, I too am paranormally powered.
Fujiko: I am a Psychokinetic just like you.

Box: How are you doing in heaven,
Box: father?
Box: Have you met mother?


Box: As I was instructed...
Box: I have gone to live with your friend, Tsubomi-san.
Box: He is incredibly rich and I have heard that he is a baron.

Box: I have heard a lot of stories you never told me.
Box: That you and Tsubomi-san were good friends...
Box: and the two of you studied psychic powers in college.

Box: That you met mother when you went to the continent...
Box: to search for psychics.
Box: And...

SFX: Knock knock

Hyoubu: Come in.


Hyoubu: ...Huh?

Fujiko: Are you studying?
Fujiko: ...Oh, it's a letter.

Hyoubu: Fujiko-san!!
Hyoubu: Stop that! Don't look at that!!
Text: Waaahhh!
Fujiko: Oh, c'mon. I'm just reading a little!!
Fujiko: Is it a love letter to your girlfriend back on the continent?
Text: Ho ho ho ho

Hyoubu: Stop!!
Hyoubu: Give it back!!
SFX: Gyuhh

SFX: Fly


Fujiko: Hohhh?

Fujiko: So it's a fight!?
SFX: Shoot

Hyoubu: Kh.

Hyoubu: Wah!
SFX: Kick
Fujiko: ...but I'm actually going to trip you!!

Fujiko: A younger brother must give absolute obedience to his sister!!
Fujiko: If you disobey me, I'll kill you.
Text: Ho ho ho ho
Hyoubu: Ah!
Hyoubu: Ow!! That hurts!!
SFX: Grind grind

Saotome: Now, now. Stop that, Fujiko-kun.


Saotome: I understand that you want to love on your new brother...
Saotome: but if you want to get close to him...
Saotome: you must show him respect.

Box: A man appears before the siblings of Fujiko and Hyoubu. The story begins to move!!
Saotome: That is...
Saotome: what true love is.

Fujiko: Oh, hello.
Fujiko: Lieutenant Saotome.

Box: To be continued in Issue 31

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