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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Zettai Karen Children 264

Generation Zero (2)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jul 4, 2011 19:06 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 264


Hyoubu: Hello, readers.
Hyoubu: This is the adult Hyoubu Kyousuke.
Hyoubu: I hope you enjoy this story from when I was younger.

Hyoubu: A few months after this story, the Japanese Empire started a war with Chena.
Magi: Chena...?
Hyoubu: Yes, it's an Asian country on the continent.

Hyoubu: And a few years later, Jermany invaded Paland.
Hyoubu: Eventually, the flames of war...
Hyoubu: reached the entire world including Idaly, Franse, Ingland, Comerica, and Robiet.
Hyoubu: In other words...

Hyoubu: This is a fictional world...
Hyoubu: so any mistakes in the weapons or settings...no, I mean...
Hyoubu: any independent interpretations...
Hyoubu: are on purpose!!
Text: Ha ha ha ha ha
Magi: What an immature defense!!

Kaoru: Th-this is Kyousuke!?
Shiho: Ahh, he's so cute!
Text: Kyaah
Text: Wah!
Aoi: He doesn't have dead eyes!!?
Hyoubu: A lot happened after this...

Fujiko: Hey, why are you getting so worked up over Kyousuke?
Text: Kyah kyah
Text: Boo!
Fujiko: Fujiko's lovely girl version was revealed, too!!

Aoi: I want to hear from you, granny.
Fujiko: Oh, ask me anything!

Aoi: How did you do it!?
Aoi: How did you get them so big from that state!?
SFX: Roar
Fujiko: Get what so big!?
Aoi: You know!! Tell me everything!!

Margin: The manga is in the middle of the past, so enjoy the Children in the Supplement!

Bottom: Volume 26 is on sale now!!!


Right: Volume 26 & the limited edition that comes with the Audio Drama CD with the super lovely voice actors keep selling out!!
Text: What future do they see with those gentle smiles that are not befitting for soldiers!?
Middle: In celebration of the release of the limited edition volume with the audio drama CD, full color Supplements are up on clubsunday.jp!!! A linked plan is being carried out at the ZKC official cell phone site!!! Get a special wallpaper by using the QR code to the right!!
Title: 264th sense. Generation Zero (2)
Credit: Shiina Takashi


Fujiko: Oh, hello.
Fujiko: Lieutenant Saotome.

Hyoubu: A soldier...?
Hyoubu: Do you know him, Fujiko-san?
Fujiko: More or less.
Fujiko: He was an underclassman of our fathers in college.


Margin: Previously: In 1937, Japan is on the verge of a severe war as the young Hyoubu Kyousuke arrives there. He is taken into the Tsubomi family when a man in a military uniform stops by...

Fujiko: He is trying to...
Fujiko: use paranormal powers as weapons.

Saotome: That is not entirely wrong...
Saotome: but it is not correct either.

Saotome: Your father and I both want your powers to be useful to the world and to other people.
Saotome: First, you must have such brilliant results that the people can understand.
Saotome: The military is nothing more than the first stepping stone in that direction.

Hyoubu: Using paranormal powers for other people...?

Saotome: Yes.


Saotome: Your power is a wonderful thing.
Saotome: Would you become our comrade?
Saotome: If you do, it is possible they can grow even further.

Hyoubu: Your comrade...?

Saotome: Yes.
Saotome: I want you to become a part of...
Saotome: the new Special Psychic Unit we are creating.


Hyoubu: Special Psychic Unit!?

Father: It is unit I established while I worked for the military.
Father: It is a collection of the very best of the paranormally powered.

Father: If you can raise your results within the army, the fear and prejudice toward psychic powers will disappear.
Father: The people will view you as heroes.
Fujiko: That's just an excuse!

Fujiko: The condition on the continent is getting worse...
Fujiko: because the military is being used to take things for our own interests.
Fujiko: I'm not going to let my powers be used as a tool for that.

Fujiko: Don't you agree?
Fujiko: Your mother was from the continent, right?
Hyoubu: I...um...

Hyoubu: I'm sorry...
Hyoubu: I...don't really know.

Saotome: That's fine.
Saotome: You don't need to make a decision now.


Hyoubu: I...
Hyoubu: could be a soldier?
Hyoubu: I'd never thought about that before.

Saotome: We do not intend to use this unit in the unseemly conflict on the continent.
Saotome: And my unit does not discriminate between social status and sex.

Saotome: The military regulations were altered a bit in the creation of this unit.
Saotome: If you joined, you could open up a future for yourself with your power.
Saotome: You're tired of hiding your ability and just training to be a wife, right?

SFX: Realization

Fujiko: L-let's go, Kyousuke!
Fujiko: I was only here to get you because you promised to go horse riding with me!
SFX: Grab
Hyoubu: Eh? B-but...
Fujiko: C'mon, let's go!

Utsumi: Ah, wait!


Utsumi: You dropped a page.
Hyoubu: Th-
Hyoubu: Thank you!

Fujiko: What are you doing!?
Fujiko: Hurry up!!

Hyoubu: Wait!
Hyoubu: That hurts, Fujiko-san!!

Father: It looks like my daughter does not agree on this matter.
Father: Sorry.
Saotome: No.
Saotome: She is a lovely lady with excellent power and a very level head for her age.

Utsumi: Commander...
Utsumi: I am not so sure Kyousuke-kun will join either.
SFX: Kyuuhhhn

Saotome: Why not, Utsumi-kun?
Utsumi: That letter was for his dead father.

Utsumi: His father was afraid that his powerful ability would end up being used by the military.
Utsumi: That was why he secretly raised him on the continent.
Utsumi: Kyousuke-kun has respected that wish.


Father: I was already aware of that.
Father: But he still handed Kyousuke-kun over to me...
Father: because he was not going to live much longer with his illness.

Father: Hyoubu-kun was against it...
Father: but I believe that the quickest means of removing society's fears of psychic powers...
Father: is to use the military.

Father: My daughter and Kyousuke-kun have lived feeling guilty that they hold such great power.
Father: As a researcher of psychic powers...no...
Father: As a parent, I want to change the society that has caused that!
Saotome: I am sure Kyousuke-kun's father felt the same.

Saotome: He came to our attention...
Saotome: because Professor Hyoubu left behind detailed growth data on Kyousuke-kun.

Saotome: Do not worry.
Saotome: They will surely join us.

Utsumi: Why...
Utsumi: do you think that?


Saotome: Ideals and reasons are not our goal. They are merely the means.
Saotome: People...
Saotome: live to make the best of the skills they are born with.

Saotome: They cannot overcome the temptation to use their natural powers...
Saotome: to win approval.
Saotome: Currently, there is nowhere else for the paranormally powered to do that.

Hyoubu: W-


Hyoubu: Wait,
Hyoubu: Fujiko-san!
SFX: Trot trot trot trot

Hyoubu: This is my first time on a horse.
Hyoubu: I don't really know what to do!

Fujiko: You have your powers...
Fujiko: so you won't get hurt if you fall off!


Fujiko: But...
Fujiko: that does not look like a beginner's way to hold the reins.
Hyoubu: Does he...
Hyoubu: have Psychometry?

SFX: Gyuhn

SFX: Whoosh
SFX: Whap

Hyoubu: Ah, wait!!!
SFX: Gallop gallop gallop
Hyoubu: Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!


Fujiko: It was sudden...
SFX: Gyuhh
Fujiko: but I couldn't defend against that at all.
Fujiko: Hah!

Fujiko: My power is said to be the strongest that has been detected so far.
SFX: Gallop gallop
Fujiko: And it should actually be the strongest.

Saotome: If you do, it is possible they can grow even further.

Fujiko: If I had a way to live without having to rely on men...
SFX: Gallop gallop
Fujiko: and I could turn this monstrous power to good use...
Fujiko: so that I could prove that I was the greatest in the world...


Hyoubu: Watch out, Fujiko-san!
Hyoubu: In front of you!!

SFX: Realization

Hyoubu: That fallen tree!!
Horse: Oh, just barely made that one.

Fujiko: I can jump and avoi-
Fujiko: No, I won't make it in time!

SFX: Blast
Hyoubu: Fujiko-san!!


SFX: Snap
SFX: Pull
SFX: crumble crumble
Horse: Wow, so much lighter!

Fujiko: K-Kyousuke!?


Hyoubu: Are you okay!?
Hyoubu: Are you hurt, Fujiko-san!?
SFX: Pant pant

Fujiko: In that instant...
Fujiko: he...

Hyoubu: Fujiko-san...!?

Fujiko: There's one thing I know for sure.
Fujiko: I...


Fujiko: don't want to lose to anyone!!

SFX: Brake


Fujiko: You're late!!
Fujiko: And you call yourselves soldiers!?
Fujiko: The state of the battle changes from moment to moment, right!?
SFX: Step forward
Hyoubu: I...
Hyoubu: wanted to think about it some more...

Saotome: Now this...
Text: There's no time like the present!? Next Chapter: The two of them join the unit!!
Saotome: is a blitzkrieg that exceeded my expectations.

Box: To be continued in Issue 32.

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