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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Zettai Karen Children 267

Generation Zero (5)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jul 24, 2011 16:50 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 267


Mary: We are the Liberty Bells!
Ken: Investigating esper crimes and mysterious cases is our job.

Ken: This case resembles one that took place in Chicago in 1952.
Ken: I believe there is a possibility this was done by the same esper.

Mary: Okay! Now this has gotten interesting!
Mary: We will resolve this using our powers!

Kaoru: Your characters are different when you speak English!!!
Ken: No, no. We're exactly the same!
Mary: Japanese is just hard!

Minamoto: You want special permission to use your powers at school?
Minamoto: Why?
Mio: We've been put in charge of looking after the animals.

Mio: But it's impossible!!
Mio: We can't look after wild beasts like that without any weapons or powers!!!

SFX: Kweh! Kwaahhh!!

Minamoto: ...I'll allow it.
SFX: Kehhhh!!

Margin: The school life of the PANDRA espers and the joint missions with the Comerican espers can be found in Volumes 1-26!!

Bottom: Go to clubsunday.jp for round 2 of the full color Supplements and a wallpaper present!!!


Credit: Shiina Takashi
Title: 267th sense. Generation Zero (5)
Text: What is this craft that has appeared after a great amount of time has passed?
Bottom: The first episode of the anime is being show for free!! Go to the official ZKC anime site at www.z-child.com!! New full color Supplements at clubsunday.jp every Tuesday and Friday!!


SFX: Roar

Hyoubu: Kh...!


SFX: Whoosh!!

Shiga: Ascending into the sun!
Shiga: Nice, Kyousuke!


Hyoubu: Spin around and...
Hyoubu: counter!!
SFX: Gunfire

Shiga: Too naive,
SFX: Gunfire
Shiga: Kyousuke!

Hyoubu: Nyah!!?
SFX: Splat splat


Hyoubu: Ow ow ow...!
SFX: Splash
Hyoubu: This paint isn't coming off!
Shiga: Your defense is too weak.
Shiga: If you let your guard down, you'll get hurt.
SFX: Wind

Shiga: Apparently, the enemy can fly at over 500 kph and can outdo even the best of the Type 96's.
Shiga: I don't know if that's true...
Shiga: but it's not going to be like the training planes we've taken on so far.


Shiga: Our advantages are tight turning and the ability to spin around in midair to fire behind us.
Shiga: You need to draw it in and change your trajectory. Then you spin around and fire in the instant the enemy is moving its nose in your direction.
Shiga: Your chance of victory lies there.

Shiga: However, your aim is just not good enough.
Shiga: You're just going to end up full of holes at this rate.
Hyoubu: I'm just in such a hurry to fire that I can't hold the gun straight.

Hyoubu: And those machine guns...
Hyoubu: weigh over 10 kilograms.
Hyoubu: Flying around with them and firing them is harder than I'm used to.

Hyoubu: Can't I just use a normal rifle?
Shiga: A Type 38 against a fighter!?


Shiga: The enemy has 60 shots with 20 mm cannons...
Shiga: and 300 shots with 7.7 mm machine guns.
Shiga: Are you saying you want to take that on with a 5-shot bolt-action rifle?

Hyoubu: It all comes down to an instant.
Hyoubu: I just need to get one good shot in.

Shiga: The new fighter is supposed to have lighter armor to make it more light weight...
Shiga: but shooting it down in one shot is just unrealistic.
Shiga: And how are you supposed to prove you did that in a mock battle?

Hyoubu: Every fighter...
Hyoubu: has one definite weak point.


Hyoubu: The cockpit.

Hyoubu: If I shoot the pilot in the head, it's all over.
SFX: Shock

Hyoubu: What do you think?
SFX: Smile
Hyoubu: That way...
Hyoubu: I have a chance of winning, right?


Shiga: True enough...
Shiga: That's a means of fighting only we can pull off.

Shiga: Okay.
Shiga: I'll go talk to the commander about it.
Hyoubu: Really!?
Hyoubu: All right!!

Shiga: But...
Shiga: could you do that...
Shiga: in a real battle!?


Shiga: It's snowing...
Hyoubu: Hm...?

Shiga: Tsubomi-kun!

Fujiko: I need to speak with you, Kyousuke!
Fujiko: Come with me!


SFX: Splash

Hyoubu: U-um, Fujiko-san?
Hyoubu: Wh-what did you want to talk about?
SFX: Tremble tremble


Fujiko: Stand up and face me!
Text: Ah!!
Hyoubu: Wha-!?

Hyoubu: No, wait a second!!
Hyoubu: What kind of sexual harassment is that!?
Text: Waaahhh!!
Fujiko: Just stand up!
Fujiko: There's nothing to be embarrassed about!

Fujiko: We're siblings!!
Fujiko: We're family!

SFX: Splash
Hyoubu: Oh, come on...


Hyoubu: ...Is this good?

Fujiko: You're covered in bruises from getting hit and from rough landings.
Fujiko: And yet you're only 8.

Hyoubu: So?

Fujiko: I think...
Fujiko: I was wrong.

Hyoubu: Eh?


Fujiko: I was wrong to cause that disturbance in the city...
Fujiko: but I was also wrong to go along with Saotome-san...
Fujiko: and have you join the unit.

Fujiko: I just didn't want to...
Fujiko: be alone through it all.
Hyoubu: Fujiko-san...

Fujiko: I thought...
Fujiko: I could protect you in the unit.
Fujiko: I thought I could train and get stronger...
Fujiko: so that I could...

Fujiko: live how I wanted to...
Fujiko: without having to give up anything I cared about.

Hyoubu: Live how you wanted and not give up...
Hyoubu: what you cared about...


Fujiko: This is what the commander told me.

Saotome: It's true that your powers are currently about equal.
Saotome: However...
Saotome: Kyousuke-kun is the one who will continue to grow until the day of the battle.

Saotome: You have awoken to Instantaneous Travel and Tactile Sensing.
Saotome: They are still far from a usable level, but you have quickly developed multiple powers.
Saotome: However, that has also slowed the growth of your Telekinesis.
Fujiko: But...!

Saotome: But what?
Saotome: But you want to protect your precious little brother?
Saotome: That is just your ego.

Saotome: If he is precious to you...
Saotome: then you should wish for him to be strong enough that he does not need to be protected.


Hyoubu: The commander said that...?

SFX: Hug
Hyoubu: F-Fuji-!?

Fujiko: Win, Kyousuke!
Fujiko: Win against all your enemies!!

Hyoubu: I will win.
Hyoubu: For the sake of you and the others
Hyoubu: and...
Hyoubu: to triumph over my father who did not believe in me!

Fujiko: Eh?
Fujiko: Your father?


Fujiko: I thought your father cared about you?
Hyoubu: Yes, but...

Father: That power will surely bring you misfortune.
Father: It was the same with your mother!!
Father: Do not use that power!! Just do as I say!!

Hyoubu: I think I have changed since I met you, Fujiko-san.
Hyoubu: So...
Hyoubu: together we may be able to...

Box: On that day, the first prototype of the fighter that would later be called Zero was completed.
SFX: Rumble
Hyoubu: go to an even higher place!!
Box: This fully functional prototype was never officially recorded.
Text: Surely they can do it together...Next Chapter: The battle begins!!!
Box: To be continued in Issue 35

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