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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Zettai Karen Children 269

Generation Zero (7)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Aug 14, 2011 23:41 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 269


SFX: Roooar

SFX: Gunfire
Text: As the battle grows more intense...

Hyoubu: This thing's...
Hyoubu: speed and maneuverability are on a completely different level from the fighters I've fought before!!
Hyoubu: I'm going to get caught at this rate!!


Hyoubu: I need to raise my speed!
Hyoubu: Until then...
Hyoubu: I have no choice but to evade by flying irregularly!!
Text: The boy soldier's growth is accelerating!!!
Title: Generation Zero (7)
Credit: Shiina Takashi
Bottom: The greatly influential Hyoubu & Fujiko past arc has finally reached its climax!!! Meet the Children who have not appeared for a while in Volumes 1-26!!


Pilot: If this is all he has...
Pilot: I can shoot him down!

Hyoubu: My body feels heavy!?

Hyoubu: It's like...
Hyoubu: there's something wrapped around my legs!


Fujiko: ...How's he doing?
Fujiko: Is Kyousuke winning!?

Saotome: ...It's a difficult fight.
Saotome: His speed is only half of usual.

Shiga: No matter how strong his powers are, he's still a kid.
Shiga: He can't bring out his power under this pressure!
Shiga: After all, the fate of the unit rests on his shoulders.


Kikuchi: I was planning on telling him a cheerful joke before the battle to rid him of his nerves...
Kikuchi: but I couldn't because of my seasickness...
SFX: Uehhhh
Natsumi: I'd say you're something to laugh at already.

Fujiko: Commander!?

Saotome: Calm down.
Saotome: This situation is still within what I expected.

Saotome: My future lies within this unit just as much as yours does.
Saotome: Choosing him for this match was not a mistake on my part.

Saotome: Just watch.
Saotome: The greater the pressure...
Saotome: the greater the energy smoldering beneath the surface.


Fujiko: Kyousuke...!

SFX: Roar

Hyoubu: I-it's no good!!
Hyoubu: I can't raise my speed!!
Hyoubu: I can't get enough of a gap to fire from!!


Father: Don't use...
SFX: Ooze
Father: that power, Kyousuke!!

Father: You're just being used by someone!!
Father: Just like your mother!!

Hyoubu: F-father...!?


Father: I thought I told you not to use your powers!!
SFX: Smack
Father: Did you think people would praise you as a hero!?

Hyoubu: But..
Hyoubu: I was saving a small child that fell in the river...!
Father: Shut up!!

Father: Your mother died because of her powers!!
Father: She was in poor health, but she forced herself in order to help with my research!
Father: I knew that, but I gave priority to my research.
Father: Even I, the one she loved, focused more on using her for her powers than simply on her!!

Father: I won't make the same mistake twice!!
Father: Psychic powers are unnecessary!!
Father: If you want to live like a human, then cast them aside!!


Hyoubu: But father...
Hyoubu: I have psychic powers.
Hyoubu: That's who I am!!

Hyoubu: I...
Hyoubu: don't want to stop being who I am!!

Saotome: So that's...
Saotome: why you can't sleep before this important mock battle?
Saotome: And I even had a private room arranged for you...
Hyoubu: Sorry.


Hyoubu: My father...
Hyoubu: would not have wanted for me to win.
Hyoubu: And yet I...

Saotome: Did you know?
Saotome: In English, they refer to a talent as a "gift".

Saotome: Westerners think of them as a gift from god.
Saotome: I am telling you to make use of what god has given you.
Saotome: There is nothing to be afraid of.


SFX: Pat

Saotome: Forget about your father.
Saotome: This is your home now.
Saotome: As long as you are in this unit...

Saotome: you can stay here as you are.


Hyoubu: Commander...

Saotome: If you understand, then go rest in your room!
Saotome: You can't go all out if you're sleep deprived!
SFX: Thud

Saotome: As long as you can use that power to its fullest...

Saotome: "You can become anything..."
SFX: Focus
Saotome: "and go anywhere!!"

SFX: Disappear


Pilot: ...His evasive movements have fallen into a pattern!
SFX: Rooar

SFX: Whoosh
Pilot: I can finish this right now!!

Pilot: His speed increased!?

Hyoubu: I just need a few seconds!!


Hyoubu: I just need to gain some time before the nose can point this way...
SFX: Bang

SFX: Splat
Hyoubu: and fire!!


Pilot: Wha-...!?

Hyoubu: Y-

Rest: Yes!!
SFX: Cheer
Rest: Kyousuke did it!!

Pilot: He shot the cockpit!!
SFX: Rooooar
Pilot: If that was a real bullet, the pilot would have been killed instantly!
Pilot: Impossible...!!


Man: Heh heh...This was an excellent opportunity.
Man: Once you get back, we need to redo the detailed strength calculations!
Man: Thanks to this, we can make the A6M1 even stronger!

Man: That fighter will become the envy of the world.
Hyoubu: Commander!! Everyone!!
Hyoubu: I did it!!

Fujiko: That kid...!

Hyoubu: Did you see it!?
Hyoubu: Commander...!?

Saotome: Kyousuke! Listen up!
Saotome: It's an emergency!
Hyoubu: Eh!?


Saotome: We've received word from one of the patrol crafts guarding the area!
Saotome: A submarine of unknown nationality is cruising nearby!!

Saotome: Immediately switch to live ammo and head over there!
Saotome: Be prepared for a possible firefight!!

SFX: Waves
Saotome: Investigate the situation and use force if necessary!
Saotome: This is no longer training! This is a real battle!!
Text: While the joy of victory still hangs in the air, a mysterious submarine approaches...
Box: To be continued in Issue 38

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