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Zettai Karen Children 270

Generation Zero (8)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Aug 21, 2011 19:23 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 270


Kaoru: If you can't handle ghosts...
Kaoru: are zombies out, too?
Sign: 1 Week Rentals
Shiho: Hmm...It depends on the setting.
Kaoru's movie: Dawn of the Dead
Shiho's movie: Sphere

Shiho: There are 2 patterns.
Shiho: A: They're caused by chemicals or a virus.
Shiho: B: They're caused by a curse or evil spirits.
Shiho: And it depends on that.

Box: Pattern A
Shiho: Let's break through and escape this supermarket!
Shiho: We need to go find the vaccine!!
SFX: Gunfire

Shiho: Noooo!!
Shiho: I'll never get out of this supermarket!!
Text: Noooo!!
Text: Oh, god! Oh, my god!
Box: Pattern B

Shiho: Kaoru-chan, are you ready?
Aoi: Let's go to the festival.

Kaoru: Yukatas are part of Japan's culture.
Kaoru: Normally, they are not worn along with Western clothes!
SFX: Sweat sweat
Kaoru: It looks like Shiho and Aoi are following that rule...
Kaoru: so I should, too!!

Shiho: Seamless panties these days sure are effective.
Aoi: YOu can't see the lines at all and there are plenty of materials and designs.

Kaoru: N-now you tell me!!!
SFX: Fidget fidget fidget
Shiho & Aoi: She's as much of a mixture of an old man and a maiden as ever...

Margin: Pattern A: Kaoru's inner old man. Pattern B: The young maiden Kaoru. They are mixing together in the process of growing up!?

Bottom: Watch the path of the Children's growth!! Volumes 1-26 are on sale now!!


Credit: Shiina Takashi
Title: 270th sense. Generation Zero (8)
SFX: Roooar

Men: A Japanese spy plane has spotted us!
SFX: Vvvv
SFX: Vvvv
Men: Hurry!!
Text: What is this mysterious submarine's objective...!?
Text: The greatly influential past arc is at its climax!!
Bottom: The first episode of the anime is being shown for free at the official ZKC anime site www.z-child.com!!


SFX: Gunfire

Men: They're firing something.
SFX: Roooar
Men: What?

Men: Do we have authorization to fire back?
Men: We're almost out of fuel!
Men: We've only been told to wait for reinforcements...

SFX: Whoosh


Men: F-

Men: Flesh and blood humans!?

Shiga: We're the army's psychic powers unit!!
Shiga: We'll take over here!!


Shiga: Tell us the name of your ship and what country you belong to!!
Shiga: If you refuse, we will seize control of the ship!!

Man: Waaahhhh!!
SFX: Gunfire

Shiga: Oh...!
SFX: Hyupah
Shiga: That was close!!


Fujiko: We have no choice.
Fujiko: Let's destroy its engine and capture it!
Shiga: No, wait.
Shiga: That's a submarine and it seems to be on some kind of special mission.

Utsumi: If we try to capture it, they may blow themselves up.
Utsumi: Then we would not be able to get any information from them.
Natsumi: Which means...

Natsumi: this is a job for my hypnotic illusions!!
SFX: Kiihhhnn!!


SFX: Splash

SFX: Leap up
Man: What!?


SFX: Squish
Mermaids: Ohh, what a hot guy...
Text: Uhoon
Mermaids: Where are you from?
SFX: Cling to
Mermaids: What country are you from and what is the name of your ship?
Text: Ahaahhn
Man: M-Mt. Fuji Geishas!!?

Man: Emergency dive!!
Man: Dive! Dive! Dive!!
SFX: Run away
Mermaids: Wait!!
Mermaids: Sirs!?

Natsumi: Kh...My hypnosis is having no effect!!
Natsumi: They are truly well trained!!
Shiga: No, your aim was good!
Akuta: I-I would have confessed!
Utsumi: Your one mistake was the fact that men of the sea see mermaids as monsters that sink ships!
Fujiko: That's the problem you see with this!?


Hyoubu: Ah...
Hyoubu: It's diving!!
SFX: Bubble bubble bubble...
SFX: Waves...

Shiga: From its appearance, I think it was a Comerican sub.
Shiga: What should we do?
Shiga: Should we try to forcibly capture it?

Saotome: So it really was Comerica...
Saotome: The relationship between Japan and Comerica has been unusually strained of late.
Saotome: I would like to avoid any more trouble.


Saotome: Let them go!
Saotome: Do you know what they were after?
Shiga: Well...
Hyoubu: Ah...!!
Hyoubu: Look over there!!

SFX: Splash

SFX: Splash


Hyoubu: Dolphins!
Text: Kyaahhn!
Fujiko: A family!?
Fujiko: Oh, how cute!!

SFX: Splash

Utsumi: There are numbers on their dorsal fins.
Utsumi: Why...?

SFX: Kihhn


Dolphin: We wish...
Dolphin: for help!
Dolphin: We are...
Dolphin: seeking political asylum!!
SFX: Kihhhn!!

Utsumi: Mental Sensing!?
Natsumi: From that dolphin!?

Hyoubu: That dolphin...
Fujiko: has paranormal powers!!


SFX: Whooosh

Shiga: Torpedoes!!
Shiga: Everyone, take defensive positions!!

SFX: Flash


SFX: Splash

SFX: Rain
Utsumi: Kh...!!

Shiga: Is everyone okay!?


Hyoubu: Shiga-san!!
Hyoubu: The dolphins...!!

SFX: Bubble bubble
Dolphins: Kyuhh
Dolphins: Kyuhh

Hyoubu: One of them was taken out!!

SFX: Whooosh


Utsumi: The second wave is headed their way!!

Akuta: I-I will stop them!!
SFX: Clang!!

SFX: Hyuh

SFX: Whooosh
SFX: Pah

SFX: Boom!!

SFX: Woosh
SFX: Boom!!


Fujiko: The timing was off on one of them!!

SFX: Soar
Hyoubu: I'll go!!

Shiga: Stop, Kyousuke!!
Shiga: It's most likely on a timed fuse!
Shiga: There's no time!
Text: His body was moving before he realized it...Hurry!!

Saotome: Kyousuke...!!

Box: To be continued in Issue 39

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