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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Zettai Karen Children 275

As Time Goes By (4)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Sep 18, 2011 18:22 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 275


Announcer: Did you know...
Announcer: that spirits who experienced an unnatural death become vengeful spirits?

Kaoru: You don't seem that scared.
Text: Heh
Shiho: Lately these kinds of videos...
Shiho: are all made with household equipment.

Shiho: The angle of this shot is strange as if it was originally expecting something to be there.
Shiho: And the reaction is clearly a performance.

Shiho: This one is well made...
Shiho: but you can tell it was put into the home video later because in this frame...
Aoi: She's desperate...

Fujiko: It's true...
Fujiko: that I said that.

Fujiko: My breasts are growing at an amazing rate.
Fujiko: It makes me wonder how big they're going to end up.
Hyoubu: H-hehh...

Fujiko: I want to keep them in place so they don't get in the way during missions...
Fujiko: but I'm too embarrassed to buy a sarashi, so could one of you buy one when you have a chance?

Fujiko: Why did all of you buy so many?
Fujiko: How much of your attention is on my breasts!?

Margin: Everyone grows at different rates!? The special espers of the Children are growing too!!

Bottom: You can see all of those miracles!! Zettai Karen Children Volumes 1-27 are on sale now!!


Text: Our house-husband is an excellent cook!
Title: 275th sense. As Time Goes By (4)
Credit: Shiina Takashi


Mio: Oh!
SFX: Open

Mio: I found a bavarois!
Kazura: Don't just go through other people's fridges!!
Kazura: Stop embarrassing us!!


Mio: Buy they made it for us.
Kazura: That's not the issue here!!
Kagari: Do you want to sit here?
Chisato: Sorry about having so many people over.
Aoi: We don't mind.
Shiho: We were told we could have you over after the opening ceremony.

Kazura: But...
SFX: Gesture

Kaoru: Hm?


Kazura: Is it okay to have those 3 here too?
Kazura: Don't you think the guy in the glasses was wanting to have a talk about PANDRA?
Kaoru: No.
Kaoru: I doubt it.

Kaoru: Just like us...
Kaoru: Minamoto thinks of you as our classmates before being members of PANDRA.
Kaoru: I think he just wanted us to have our friends over.

Shiho: Oh.
Shiho: I just got an email.
Shiho: He says he had a sudden job come up.

Aoi: Then we'll get food delivered for dinner.
Aoi: If you're going to stay through the evening, how about you eat dinner with us?

Yuuri: U-um...
Yuuri: I'm a bit worried about my cat, so...


Momiji: With that doctor's ability and Nai-chan's level...
Momiji: she should be out of the hospital before it gets too late...
Momiji: but keep Yuuri-chan out as long as you can tonight.

Kazura: You, keep her here!
Kagari: Me!?
Kazura: C'mon! Hurry!

Kagari: U-um...
Kagari: Uh...!
SFX: Stand up
Kagari: Don't say that!
Yuuri: Eh?

Kagari: Please stay with me!


Yuuri: H-
Yuuri: Hino-kun...?
SFX: Blush
Kagari: Eh?
Kagari: Huh?

SFX: Chatter
Kagari: Ah!
Kagari: No!! I didn't mean it like that!!
Kagari: I just...

Girls: He confessed!!
Girls: Really!?
Girls: I'm cheering you on, Hino!!
Kagari: That's not it!!

Kagari: Right!?
SFX: Turn away
Kazura: Don't look to me!

Kagari: No fair!!
Text: Waaahhh!
Kaoru: Yuuri-chan IS cute, isn't she!?
Text: Kyaahhh!
Yuuri: Quit joking...!

Tim: This is...
Bullet: fun.


Bullet: Is this...
Bullet: what a normal life is like?

Bullet: This is what I am fighting to protect...

SFX: Roooar


SFX: Roooar
SFX: Hyupah

Aoi: Wahh!!
Aoi: This is bad!!


Aoi: Psychiiiic...
Aoi: Quantum Cutter!!
SFX: Hyuh
SFX: Slice!!


Aoi: Kaoru!
Aoi: Where are you!?
Aoi: The enemy plans to use nuclear weapons!!

Aoi: We can't stay in this city!!

Aoi: Hurry...

Aoi: Ah...!!

SFX: Roar
SFX: Gunfire


SFX: Hyuh

SFX: Pah pah

Aoi: Are you insane!?
Aoi: If you use that, everyone will be killed, both esper and normal!

Aoi: It's unmanned!?


SFX: Boom

Bullet: Get out of the way, Goddess!!
Bullet: This was all a trap!!

Aoi: Bullet!!


SFX: Gunfire

SFX: Gunfire

Aoi: B-


Bullet: S-sorry.
Bullet: And we had finally become comrades again...

Aoi: Bullet!!!

Minamoto: Did this...
Minamoto: Did this realy happen!?
Feather: It happened to me.
Feather: And it will happen to all of you.


Minamoto: That underground device and that fighter...
Minamoto: So the one at the center of this fight is...

Hyoubu: Black Phantom.
Hyoubu: If I destroy him, we will have control of the war in the future.

Momiji: And that's why you're going alone?
Momiji: I can't let you do something that stupid!

SFX: Glare


SFX: Wobble

Hyoubu: Sorry, I just robbed you of another helper.
Hyoubu: But I'm sure you'll be fine.

Sakaki: Tch...
Fujiko: You really are selfish!
Fujiko: You force those children to do things while hiding information from them.

Hyoubu: I am a criminal, you know?


Margin: Nightmare after nightmare is revealed!! The future cannot be changed!?

SFX: Hyuh

Fujiko: Kyousuke...!

Sakaki: Don't you dare just die,
Sakaki: you bastard!

Feather: But most likely...
Feather: the future will not change no matter what you do.
Feather: None of you can defeat Black Phantom.
Box: To be continued in Issue 44

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