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Zettai Karen Children 277

Garden of Cherry Blossoms (1)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Oct 12, 2011 01:08 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 277


Minamoto: Now then...
Minamoto: I wonder if they've settled down in the guys room.
Minamoto: I should go check.

Patty: The guys room!!

SFX: Boom
SFX: Bmyuuuhhh

Tim: A white figure came floating in through the darkness!!
Bullet: And it looked over at us and grinned!!
Kagari: It had to have been a ghost!!
Minamoto: Eh!?

SFX: Brush brush

Shiga: I don't mind the long hair...
Shiga: but isn't that a bit girly?
Utsumi: Absolutely not!!

Utsumi: Looking after ones hair has nothing to do with gender!
Utsumi: You just see it that way because a lot of women have long hair!
Utsumi: And if I don't look after it, it gets all messy and ugly!!

Utsumi: Like that.
SFX: Messy
Yadorigi: That's why I tie mine back.
Shiga: Y-Yadorigi-kun!?

Margin: A sleepover. Everyone is interested in the opposite sex's room, but everyone has their own way of enjoying it!!

Bottom: You can check on Patty's strange tastes in ZKC Volumes 1-27!!


Text: The season of cherry blossoms floating through the air is one of meetings and farewells.
Credit: Shiina Takashi
Title: 277th sense. Garden of Cherry Blossoms (1)
The Special Espers of the Children are fully released!! Zettai Karen Children Volumes 1-27 are on sale now!!
The first episode of the anime is on the official site for a limited time!! Check it out now!! -> www.z-child.com


Mio: ...Sigh.


Yuuri: What's wrong?
Aoi: What is it?
Aoi: Unrequited love?

Kazura: Sigh...

Shiho: Doesn't seem so.

Minamoto: ...Eh?
Minamoto: Hyoubu is...?


Kaoru: They say he's been missing since the opening ceremony.

Minamoto: I see...

Feather: If we are with him, the major might be able to defeat Black Phantom.
Feather: You won't see me for a while...
Feather: but wait for good news.


Shiho: Feather disappeared on that day, too.
Shiho: Do you know something, Minamoto-san?

SFX: Jump up
Minamoto: Ah.
Minamoto: No, I...

Minamoto: I can only say...
Minamoto: that I can't answer that.

Mio: You know something, don't you!?
Minamoto: I didn't say that!!
Minamoto: I just said I can't say whether I do or not!


Mio: Do you really think...
Mio: that kind of bureaucratic answer will stop us!?
Mio: Kazura!!

Kazura: Understood!
SFX: Vyuhh
Kazura: I'll bind him with my Psychometry!!

Minamoto: Mgh!!
SFX: Grab

Kaoru: Wait!
Aoi: Stop that!!


Mio: Oh, don't you interfere!
Mio: If you do...
SFX: Hyuh

SFX: Pah
Mio: I'll erase all the recordings on this HD recorder!!

Aoi: H-how can you be so cruel!!
Text: Ahhh!!
Kaoru: Stooopp!!
Text: Nooo!
Tim: There's a survival strategy I haven't seen yet on there!!
Text: Eeee!!
Bullet: Damn yoooouuuu!!

Kazura: Okay, now no one will interfere!
SFX: Kyuuuhhhnn!!
Kazura: Show me everything you know!!
Minamoto: Kh!

Minamoto: I won't let you do that!
Minamoto: Have some jamming thought waves!!

SFX: Focus


Kazura: Uuh...!?
Japanese text: If the zeta function is expanded over the entire field of complex numbers, the real part of any non-trivial zero s of ζ(s) exists on a straight line at 1/2.
SFX: Throb throb throb

Kazura: Ahhhhhhh!!
Kazura: It's too hard!! I can't understand any of it!!!
Text: Eeeeee!!
Kaoru: Wh-what?
Minamoto: I thought about the Riemann Hypothesis, an unsolved problem in mathematics dealing with the distribution of the zeros of the zeta function!
Text: Hoo...
Shiho: In other words, you can think about things that overload a middle school girl with stress?

Minamoto: The senior members of your group must know something, right?
Minamoto: Like Momiji-kun or...
Mio: They won't tell us anything.

Mio: But...
Mio: I can tell they're really worried.


Mio: The major is always like that!
Mio: He never tells anyone about the truly important things.
Mio: He thinks it's best if he focuses all the danger on himself.

Mio: And yet we're all so worried about him...
Mio: and we just wish he would stay with us.
Hyoubu: Don't worry.
Hyoubu: Whatever happens, Magi and the others can deal with things afterwards.

Mio: That's not what I mean!!
Hyoubu: Thanks, Mio.
Hyoubu: But...


Hyoubu: I am already dead.
Hyoubu: I am only here now because I have my regrets.
Hyoubu: Even if I never return, don't be too sad, okay?

Mio: Of course I'll be sad!!
Mio: How can he not know that!?
Mio: We aren't regrets!

Kaoru: Th-that's just...
Kaoru: Right!?
Minamoto: Eh? U-um...
Shiho: She passed it on to Minamoto-san?
Aoi: That's cruel.


Minamoto: I-if he would die so easily, we wouldn't have had so much trouble.
Minamoto: I'm sure...
Minamoto: he'll come back as if nothing happened.

Mio: Really!?
Kagari: Are you sure!?
Kazura: Can you guarantee it!?
Minamoto: U-umm...well...


Fujiko: It'll be fine!
SFX: Hyupah
Fujiko: And just worrying about him won't help anything, right!?
Fujiko: It's just a waste of time.

Fujiko: He's just going to do things his own way.
Fujiko: You all need to enjoy your own lives.

Fujiko: And he's already died once...
Fujiko: so he won't die again.
Text: Ho ho ho
Fujiko: You'd have to drive a stake through his heart or something.
Shiho: He's a vampire...?
Aoi: Doesn't that fit you better than him?


Bullet: Minamoto-dono?
Bullet: Are you unwell?

Minamoto: Bullet...
SFX: Hug
Bullet: Ah?

Kaoru: Patty? What's wrong?
SFX: Pant pant
SFX: Snap
Patty: Nothing.
Patty: Nothing at all.


Fujiko: Really...
Fujiko: I was right to come check on them.
Fujiko: And I told them not to worry about it.

Fujiko: Okay!
Fujiko: I think we all need a nice change of pace!
Kaoru: Eh?
Kaoru: What'll we do?

Fujiko: Hmm.
Fujiko: How about we go flower viewing?
Girls: That would be nice...
Girls: but won't it be crowded?
Girls: I don't like all the drunk people everywhere.

Kazura: In that case...
Kazura: I know a good place.


Sign: Roviet Union Embassy in Japan

Muscle: Oh!?
Muscle: What's this!? This is who you meant by your friends!?


Muscle: Why didn't you tell me!?
Muscle: Just wait a second while I strip!!
SFX: Throw off
SFX: Shake shake
SFX: Shock
Minamoto: Don't strip!!
Kaoru: The Roviet embassy!
Kaoru: It's true that there won't be other people here.

Minamoto: Director!
Minamoto: I'm not so sure about this place!
Minamoto: Isn't there anywhere else we can-

Fujiko: Oh, hello, Sakaki-kun?
Fujiko: We're having a flower viewing, so...
Fujiko: Yeah, come on over.
Minamoto: ...Hey, wait!
Momiji: Are you coming, Yo? What about Magi-chan?


Margin: Can they support Minamoto!? Next Issue: The flower viewing begins!!

Fujiko: You three...!

Fujiko: Minamoto-kun is a bit...
Fujiko: troubled over work-related things.
Fujiko: Console him the best you can.

Aoi: I don't mind that, but...
Shiho: He won't tell us what it's all about.
Fujiko: Still...
Fujiko: sometimes he needs some support.

Fujiko: So help him out.

Kaoru: Help out...
Kaoru: Minamoto!

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