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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Zettai Karen Children 278

Garden of Cherry Blossoms

+ posted by js06 as translation on Oct 16, 2011 17:17 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 278


Kaoru: Where's Minamoto?
Aoi: At Tim and Bullet's place.
Aoi: He's been spending most of his time over there recently.

Bullet: I-I can't stand it anymore Minamoto-dono!!
Minamoto: Shh! The girls will notice!
SFX: Kyuhn
Minamoto: If they see us doing this...
Shiho: Th-this is...!

Aoi: Enter & search!!
SFX: Hyupah
Kaoru: What are you doing!?

Aoi: You said you had put up the kotatsu!!
Shiho: No fair!!
Text: Keeee!!
SFX: Grab
Minamoto: You can't use it because the Teleporter and the Psychokinetic end up never getting out!!

Mio: What's this?
Mio: A statue of Hanzou?
Momiji: He said he wanted to directly thank the major for what he did for Nai-chan...
Momiji: and then sat down here refusing to leave.

Momiji: We told him we have no idea when he'll be back...
Momiji: but he kept insisting he would wait as long as it took...
Momiji: and just stayed there day in and day out.

Momiji: Muscle felt sorry for him...
Momiji: and turned him to metal in order to freeze time for him.
Momiji: Now we use him as a meeting point.
Kazura: You're late!
Mio: Hachiko?

Margin: Hyoubu saved Nai and then disappeared... Hanzou's gratitude knows no bounds!!

Bottom: In the main story, BABEL and the remaining PANDRA members are going flower viewing!!


Minamoto: This is...

Mio: Wow!
Text: BABEL & PANDRA meet beneath the cherry blossoms that are in full bloom!?
Kaoru: They're so pretty!!
Credit: Shiina Takashi
Title: 278th sense. Garden of Cherry Blossoms (2)
Text: Just like cherry blossoms, they have grown into something lovely!! Volumes 1-27 are on sale now!!


Muscle: The Japanese love cherry blossoms, yet they ruin them by gathering.

Muscle: Here, there are no drunks...
Muscle: or unsightly blue sheets.
Muscle: Please, take your time here.

Fujiko: Oh, how wonderfully done.
Fujiko: Not bad at all!
Text: Ho ho ho ho
Muscle: As the Roviet ambassador to Japan, isn't it only natural to study Japanese culture, pirozhki?
Aoi: He's trying to claim he's Roviet!


Momiji: Feel free...
Momiji: to drink as much sake as you like.
Momiji: We're all friends here, so there is no need to hold back.

Sakaki: You expect me to relax with all of you around!?
Sakaki: We may have a truce, but I'm not about to play nice!
Sakaki: And how are we "friends"!?
Yo: Right back at you!

Yo: Hey, Magi-san.
Yo: How bout you-


Magi: Ahhn!?
SFX: Breathe out
Momotarou: Bwah!

Momotarou: You reek of alcohol!!
Yo: M-Magi-san?
Momiji: Aren't you getting started a little quickly?
SFX: Grab
Magi: Shut up!
Magi: Gimme that!!

Magi: Drink up!!
Magi: Let's drink and complain about that childish old man!!
SFX: Grab
Magi: Okay, doctor!?
Sakaki: What's with him!?
Sakaki: Shouldn't he be keeping his distance!?


Magi: He takes some things completely on himself!
SFX: Drink
Magi: And forces other things on me!
Magi: He won't get off easily when he comes back!!

Sakaki: You leave me no choice.

Sakaki: I guess I'll join you!
SFX: Slap
Magi: All right!!
Magi: You're a good guy!!
Kagari: It looks like we're still going to have to deal with drunks.
Kazura: Let's go over there.

Shiho: Oh...
Shiho: So that's it.
Aoi: It looks adults can clear up some of their melancholy by drinking.


Shiho: Drink up, Minamoto-san.
Text: Heh hehhn
Minamoto: Kids shouldn't do this kind of-
Aoi: Have a bishoujo reception!
Kaoru: We're gonna need some Dom Pérignon!
Text: Kyaaahhh!!


SFX: Drink
Aoi: Oh?

Minamoto: Just so you know, you can't have any alcohol!
Aoi: We know, we know.
Text: Kyah kyah
Shiho: Could I get some fruit?
Bullet: What an adult world!
Tim: That must be nice.

Mio: Wasn't this change of pace...
Mio: supposed to help with OUR mood?


Mio: But now it's just the adults getting worked up.
Text: One two
Text: Aahhhh!!
SFX: Wham wham
Sakaki: The thing about you is...!!
SFX: Scrape scrape
Magi: Say it!! Keep it coming!!
Yo: Ahh! You really are annoying!!!
Kazura: Haven't they had too much to drink?
Momotarou: I think they've forgotten they're your guardians.

Minamoto: You can't have any!
Minamoto: You're minors!

Shiho: How many times do we have to tell you we know that?
Kaoru: Here you go.


Minamoto: You can't drink any.
Aoi: We won't!
Aoi: You really are persistent!!

Minamoto: You cahn't dhrink ahnyy...
SFX: Wobble wobble
Kaoru: M-
Kaoru: Minamoto?

Minamoto: Uph!!
Shiho: Aoi-chan, teleport!!
Aoi: He must have passed his limit!!

Minamoto: Oehhh!!
Minamoto: Gehh...

Minamoto: Ugh...
Minamoto: Pant pant.
SFX: Flush

SFX: Wobble
Minamoto: ...Sorry.
Minamoto: I drank too much.
SFX: Pant pant
Minamoto: I'm ashamed.
Aoi: You don't have to worry about it.
Shiho: This just shows how good our reception was.

Minamoto: I'm gonna go sober up a bit.
SFX: Wobble...
Kaoru: Will you be all right on your own?
Minamoto: Go have fun without me.

Aoi: How is he?
Shiho: I didn't read too deeply...
Shiho: but the jumble of things he seems to have been thinking about...
Shiho: has gone to a corner of his mind for now.

Shiho: And Fujiko-san...
Fujiko: Just let him get drunk.
Fujiko: When you forget about your worries for a bit, you subconsciously gather your thoughts.
Shiho: said that.


Aoi: So we managed to help him out a bit?
Shiho: Exactly.
Kaoru: But he was still staggering when he walked.

Aoi: I used a teleport drip to get a saline solution and vitamins into his system.
Shiho: His blood alcohol level is falling...
Shiho: and his liver is functioning properly.

Kaoru: When did you two...?
Aoi: We asked Doctor Sakaki about it.
Shiho: But he's gonna be the next one down.
Shiho: Then we'll have to deal with him, too.

Kaoru: I was told to help Minamoto out...
Kaoru: but there really isn't much...
Kaoru: I can do for him.


Minamoto: ...I know.
Minamoto: Those things haven't happened yet..
Minamoto: so there is no point in worrying about them.


Minamoto: The Children from the future...
Minamoto: said not to search for the correct answer.

Minamoto: If I know what the future is, I have to be able to change it.
Minamoto: My conviction regarding that will not waver.

Minamoto: I believe in MY Children.
Minamoto: I believe in their ridiculous powers...
Minamoto: and their hearts!

Minamoto: The Children from the future...
Minamoto: are not the same as them.
Minamoto: They live in a similar world that exists as a possibility. They are different people who lived with a Minamoto very similar to myself.

Hyoubu: Then why are you so worried?
SFX: Wind


Hyoubu: If you believe you can change the future by doing your best...
Hyoubu: why do you look so troubled?
Hyoubu: You need to be honest with yourself.

Minamoto: That's...
Minamoto: I...

Minamoto: I was attracted to "that Kaoru".
Minamoto: I was attracted to that woman...
Minamoto: who went there so that I could kill her.


Minamoto: In that dream Hyoubu showed me...
Minamoto: I actually experienced that future.
Minamoto: When I did...

Kaoru: Did you know?
Kaoru: I...

Minamoto: I pulled the trigger.
Minamoto: I didn't know the situation surrounding the event...
Minamoto: but I knew I was cornered in a place where that was my only option.


Minamoto: It felt like I was ripping out my own heart.
Minamoto: But that was not all I felt.

Minamoto: Deep in my heart, I was somehow glad.
Minamoto: I was glad that she had gone there prepared to be killed by me.

Minamoto: I felt a twisted joy at the fact...
Minamoto: that she loved me enough to sacrifice her life for me!!
Minamoto: I felt that now she was mine!!
Text: His feelings revealed...
Box: To be continued in Issue 49

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#1. by magicbulletgirl ()
Posted on Oct 22, 2011
Still going Oh-Em-GEE at that chapter ending XDDD Seriously I cannot wait for next week!

Thanks again~!
Level [B] Translator

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