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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Blazer Drive Special : Trival

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jun 1, 2009 01:37 | Go to Blazer Drive


Please credit erik-the-red for proofreading. Thank you~

Blazer Drive

Pg. 1
The manga starting from the next page on, “Trival”, was drawn half a year before the serialization of Blazer Drive. You can call it a one shot that outline the plot type of Blazer Drive. Mysticker in here is called Mystecker, and Blazer is called Trival. This is drawn with a few differences in the world and a different arrangement from the main series.
The protagonist here is Kuroki, who also appears in Blazer Drive. Please enjoy this new world of Mysticker played by Kuroki!

Kuroki – Fufufu . . . Now I can get more fans

Pg. 2
The sticker that you can paste and trace its design to draw out its power: Mystecker
This is the story of a town covered with Mysteckers

Kuroki - As expected from the Light Mystecker. It’s a bit brighter now
That I can see the side of the face . . .

This!! This is!!
A super-rare Demons-type Mystecker!!!?

Probably some guy who doesn’t know of its value put it here
I just found one fabulous Mystecker!!

Pg. 3
Title – TRIVAL
Kuroki – I’m taking it then!!

Pg. 4
Child – Mommy, the Buddha statue glowed just now!
Mother – Mommy doesn’t like kid who tells lies!

Kuroki – Kuh

I got it!! I finally got the super-rare Mystecker!
I’m so lucky!! Today is my super lucky day!!!
-- Kuroki 17 years; the scream of heart --

Child – Mommy, that person is smirking when he does the Ina Bauer
Mother – Just ignore him
Note: Ina Bauer is the technique which you point your feet to the opposite direction

Kuroki – Say whatever, since I’m invincible now
If I use this to deal with the pawnshop, I can eat for another one whole month

Pg. 5
??? – Niichan, looks like you got something good with you

Pg. 6
H- . . . Hey, that guy is!!

A skull mark on the face!!

And the Mystecker on his arm

Then this guy is that rumored . . .
Black “Trival”, Necro!?

Trival, you mean that Trival?

Those people who can stick Mystecker on their body
And draw out its power rather than just sticking it to some object
(Fire Mystecker)

Pg. 7
Taito – This is the Fire Element-type Mystecker
If you don’t want to burn up, then hand me all your money

??? - You can actually stick and trace the Mystecker on your body like when it’s on an object!?
Idiot!! There’s no way a fire will really come out

Don’t be so scared. That guy surely was just faking it
That must be just a normal sticker on his arm and that mark as well
There’s no way there will be any Trival for-


Pg. 8
Taito - Fire pillar, fire ball: I can control it in any way I want
This is the power of Trival

??? – UWAAA, RUNNNN!!!
Taito – Ah!!


. . . Ah!!

Say, I got a feeling that there’s some guy
With a Mystecker just now . . .

Pg. 9
Uwo!!! I’m standing on something!!

Hey you, weren’t you the one with the Mystecker just now?


Then hand over all your money

Pg. 10
(Are you fooling around with me!!?)

Can’t you see this skull mark
And this Mystecker on my arm!?

I’m the rumored Black Trival

Kuroki – Kukukuku
Taito – Wh- . . . What is with him!!

Kuroki - I am full of luck today
Think you can scare me?

Taito – Why can you be so calm . . . ?
Don’t tell me that you’re also . . .

Pg. 11
Kuroki – Here, my wallet
Taito – So you really are scared of me!!!

Kuroki – Kukuku, I got my rare Mystecker with me now
I can just give this away and it wouldn’t affect me one bit

I’m off then
Let’s meet again when fate brings us together

Taito – 5 yens . . .

Are you making fun of me or what?
Just what can I buy with just 5 yens, huh!!

Kuroki – 5 yens chocolate
Taito – What are you, an elementary kid!!!?

Kuroki – If you make fun of the 5 yens chocolate . . .
Taito – Like hell I’ll cry. Jump up now

Pg. 12
Kuroki – Heck
Taito – I didn’t hear any clinging sound
You really didn’t have any money with you, huh?

I don’t want to share any fate with a weirdo like you
Get back your 5 yen and get lost

Maki – Ah!!

Pg. 13
Welcome back, oniichan

Taito – I’m home

This is all I got today . . . ?
I really seriously have no luck today

Maki – Is something wrong?
Taito – No- . . . Nothing
Well, let’s have dinner then

Maki – One second, I’m almost done
Taito – Sorry

Pg. 14
For making you worried

Taito – We wouldn’t be eating
Cup ramen everyday like this if mom and dad are still alive

Maki – I’m fine with just you and Peko with me
And as long as it’s not salty, I like cup ramen

Taito – Maki~~~
Maki – Oniichan, don’t cry . . . your cup ramen will become salty

Taito – Alright! I’ll heat up the water

Pg. 15
Taito – There, the fire is on


3 minutes!
I’m ea-


Kuroki – Wh- . . . Why did the pawnshop has to close?
I . . . I smell . . . some good smell . . . of . . . some kind of food . . .

Pg. 16
Taito – Y-You are that guy from before!!!
Maki – Oniichan, who is this ghost!!?

Kuroki – I’m revived! Thanks SOOOO much
Money and I never go together, but
You seriously are a good guy

Taito – Don’t get me wrong
Kuroki – Eh

Maki – Here!! I’m full now, so
You can have the rest if you want!!!
Kuroki – Eh!! Really?

Pg. 17
Taito - I gave the rest of my cup ramen to you just because Maki said that

Kuroki – I know. I’ll pay back this debt . . .

By forgiving how you frightened me back then

Kuroki – You said you’re a Trival, right?
Then why do you need a lighter when you can make fire yourself?
Or could you . . .

Taito – Wha- . . . What’s wrong with just having one lighter!?
And . . . And just who the heck are you!!!?

Kuroki – I’m Kuroki
I find Mystecker from all over the town, sell them and journey off
To search for my brother . . .

Pg. 18
You’re Maki-chan’s brother, right?
Did she know what you did when you’re out at noon?

Taito - Shut up, I need to do it to survive
In this mad Tokyo!!!

And stop calling me “you” like that
I do have my name, Taito, alright?

Kuroki – Then you’re not Necro?
Taito – Ah . . .

Tch . . .
. . . Yeah, I’m not

I’m not even a Trival
I’m just an orphan
This skull mark on my face is just a normal sticker

Pg. 19
The only Mystecker I have, that Fire Mystecker
Is only for sticking onto the pot and boiling the water

In the past, I used to put the Mystecker on my body,
Who said I can’t become a Trival?
Trace its design, and activate it


What’s this!!! My body, my head is burning hot!!!
Someone . . . someone help me!!!

What the?
I can’t peel it o- . . .

Pg. 20
I fell down, unconscious
And the Mystecker came off, leaving the burn on my right arm . . .

I’ve heard about someone
Who did the same thing as me and died before
But I’m starting to understand now

Kuroki – So the fire just a while ago was this lighter?
Taito – Yeah

I was just pretending to trace the Mystecker
And then lit up this lighter

Pg. 21
I always use that to trick people
Into handing their money to me
Trivals are actually rare, so it’s easy to intimidate people with it

If I pretend to be Necro, the Black Trival who’s said to be the fiercest of all with the skull mark on his face
Anyone would be scared of me

Kuroki – If something bad happens along the way,
What will you do about Maki-chan then?

Taito - That’s why I
Will become a Trival and get a lot of money and power!!!

Kuroki – Trival isn’t something to be used as a threat, you know?
Taito – Shuddup!!!

Pg. 22
I can do anything once I have power
Everything will go just the way I want

Kuroki – What’s wrong, niichan?
Kuroki’s brother – I’ve finally get the power of the Trival, Kuroki

I’m not going to be a weakling anymore
No one can fool around with me now!!

I can do anything I want now!!
I’m going to beat Team Regis up for what they did to me

Kuroki – Niichan . . . ?

Pg. 23
The power that’s just on the surface
Will do nothing but change the person

Taito – Don’t say it as if
You know about it!!!

I’m going off now
It’s already time to work for me

Pg. 24
Maki – Oniichan . . .

Kuroki – Niichan . . .

Taito – Hey, you over there
Hand over all your money

Can’t you see this Mystecker on my arm and

Trival - That skull mark on your face

Taito – Eh!

Pg. 25
So you’re that Necro
The Black Trival?
That rumor about you being around is actually true

Taito – A real Trival!!!?

Trival – Hehe . . . I can finally fight with you
Taito – Wha- . . . What are you saying? I’m Necro, alright?
If you fight with me, your life . . . err, your life will perish

Trival – Life? . . . my life will perish?
That’s one nice word you’re saying

I am a Trival as well, and I a~~lways want to know
Who’s the stronger with a risky battle like this!!!

Pg. 26

Taito – GUWAH!!


I . . . I’m sorry. I was just faking!!
I’m just a normal boy
Trival – Huh, I know that already

But you’re the one picking the fight with me
So I was just taking your challenge

Hm! This Fire Mystecker is real, isn’t it?
I’m taking this then

Pg. 27
I used to be a weakling like you in the past as well
But I’ve awakened my Trival power which totally changed me

I can do anything as long as I have power
Just the way I want

Taito - I can do anything once I have power
Everything will go just the way I want

Trival - And that also includes
Beating up a weakling like you!!

Taito - . . . I am . . . just the same . . . as this guy . . . ?
Kuroki was actually correct . . .

Pg. 28
Trival – Now burn!!!
Taito – I’m sorry!


Pg. 29
Trival – Who the hell!!

Taito – Kuroki . . . !!

Pg. 30
Trival - That black sword . . . Necromancer!
Kuroki – This black sword is the sword that hunts for people’s evil soul

Taito – There’s a Mystecker on Kuroki’s left arm!!?

Trival – Then you’re . . . that

The skull mark

The Black Trival, Necro the
Soul Hunter!!!

Pg. 31
Taito – Kuroki is a Trival?
And he’s even Necro himself!!!?

Trival – He . . . hehe . . .

So I finally meet the real one!!
Let’s see who’s stronger then!!!

Double Fire Mysteckers!!!

Taito – He combined his Fire Mystecker with my Fire Mystecker!!

Pg. 32
Kuroki – GUH

Taito – Kuroki!!!

Heeheehee, how was that?
The power of double Fire Mysteckers

I’ve changed myself and become a Trival
Necro is nothing but a dust on my path now. I’m the strongest!!!

Kuroki - . . . You’re weak . . .

Trival – Huh!?
What’d you say . . . ?

Kuroki - Seeing nothing but only the power on the outside
It’s not you who changed yourself . . .

Pg. 33
The power is what changed you!!

The power that’s just on the surface
Will do nothing but change the person

Trival – Stop making stupid excuses already!!!

Kuroki – Placing a Demons-type Mystecker
On top of a Weapon-type Mystecker!!!

Pg. 34

Taito – He can combine the power of the Mystecker he just used for the first time!!!?
Wow, he can even do something like that . . .

Trival – Don’t bullshit with me. I am the stronger one
Kuroki – The power of the Trival . . .

Pg. 35-36
Trival – I’ll burn it all!!!

Kuroki – Lies inside the heart

Trival – H- . . . How come . . .
My fire won’t . . . penetrate him . . .

The fire will never penetrate
The dragon who breathes fire

Pg. 37
Taito – Is he dead?
Kuroki – Don’t worry. He’s just unconscious

I’m Necro the Soul Hunter
What I slash through is his rotten soul, not his body

Just take that as my payback for the cup ramen then

Taito – Kuroki!!!

Pg. 38
Can . . . Can I really become strong?
Strong enough to fairly protect Maki?

Kuroki – You can certainly become a true strong man
As long as you don’t lose sight of that feeling

Oh, and one more thing

Taito – UGH!!!

*cough* *cough*!! What the hell was that for!!!
Kuroki – Just take it as a payback on a couple of things

Pg. 39
If you are to burn, then burn there

Taito – Kuroki . . .

Watch me

And I’ll promise you that I’ll show you
That I can get the true power into my hand!!


An introduction from Seishi
Kishimoto-sensei - Everyone, very pleased to meet you
I’m the one who drew the manga, Blazer Drive

I seriously thank you
For buying this first volume

I’ll try my best to add in ideas
To make it more interesting

So please, please
Please help support me

Seishi is a Blazer!?
Kishimoto-sensei – Nngh, I won’t make it before the due date
Editor? – (It’s because you play too many games)

Kishimoto-sensei – All I have to do in a time like this is to
Mysticker – S.UP (For Manga)
Kishimoto-sensei - Paste the Speed Up Mysticker


That will be so cool
Editor? – (Stop fooling around and finish up your draft)

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#1. by kakashi919 ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2009
thank you ^_^ btw is there a raw out for this already?
#2. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2009
Ummmm...it's with the first volume's RAW...I think...>_>"
#3. by kakashi919 ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2009
oh....ok thank you -_-'
#4. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2009
To anyone looking for the raw for this chapter, this is actually in Vol 1's raws that was posted here at MH.
#5. by ¬Bol ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2009
Oh, thank you so much. I've been waiting for so long the translation of this part of volume 1.
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