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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Kagijin 1

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 11, 2009 14:45 | Go to Kagijin

-> RTS Page for Kagijin 1

LOL...what the heck have I done...? >___>"

Alright, I'm a slow person. Sorry about that. I got interested in the manga and start translating. Got halfway through the translations to realize that the chance of this manga being picked up by "someone else" might actually be really high for a reason...Hitomi no Catoblepas...the manga that cnet started with, wasn't it? Heck, what the hell have I done...>__>"

I'm sorry, people...I'm sorry, Lingwe...I'm sorry, everyone...DDDDX

Anyway, it's WSJ, so I don't know if I'll cling on for long. I bet people want other translators to get on the job more than having me on the job anyway, since my English sucks big time. So...sorry~ >__<"

And for that, proofread before using, please?

Chapter 1 “The Possessor of the Key”

Pg. 1
** New Series!! **
** The tale of the “key”…will tell of the legend!! **

Narration – Long time ago, humans had the magical “Keys”.

These “Keys” gave humans power,
but too strong power called forth the conflicts.
The world, due to the battle between "Kagijin", the possessors of these keys,
was annihilated.
== "Kagijin" = Key person (literally)

Pg. 2-3
Human civilizations buried under the desert,
the sea of sand, spread throughout the withered land.
** The world had return to nullity, only left the despair behind!! **

Pg. 4
Soldier - Major...


Is something wrong?
Your face looks really stern.

Pg. 5
Jilda - I just feel a bit down, having assigned with this kind of boring mission.
Why must we, the army, make a move just to search for a single criminal?

Soldier - Yes, ma'am...
But, major,
maybe our target is a powerful criminal that took the security officers several years to capture.

Jilda - Then why don't the security officers do anything?
Their weak bodies can't take them pass this desert or what?
Soldier - ...The mission also involves "execution".
In the end, security officers cannot punish people by themselves.

Jilda - Execution...hm?

Pg. 6
Deneb - And for that, I was transferred into your division by those above.
Am I right, Major...?

Jilda - ...Deneb.

Deneb - This will be a very enjoyable mission~
My "Key"...it's aching with the thirst for more blood now...Ehehehe...

Jilda - ...You are only to kill the target,
so learn to control yourself.

Deneb - Eheh

Pg. 7
Jilda - ...I still didn't get it...
To begin with, Dejanila's idea of sending a "Kagijin" into my division is quite something...!!

The Sand Sea is freezing cold at night...you guys better take some rest as well.
We'll be on the long move tomorrow.

Soldier - Yes, ma'am.

Jilda - The condemned jailbroke prisoner, "No.58"...
Just how...malevolent would this person be?

Pg. 8
Boy - Alright...there's no knob on this door, but the hinge seems to work fine.
Girl - It really is!!

Boy - Hey, take a look at this!

What does it say?
I can't read ancient writings as well.
Let's ask Tsubame about that later.
Girl - What's this~?

Pg. 9
Narration - In this sea of scraps and rubbles
live those who make their living from the job known as the "Salvage" group.

These people dig up artifacts
from what's once an ancient civilized era from beneath the sand,

and sell it to make money.

Pg. 10
-- Great East Asian Sand Sea --

Franz - Just look at this...!!

I've seen all kinds of scraps before,
but this big one really amazes me!!

Pg. 11-12
Tsubame - You think so too?
These are superb stainless metals. I'm sure that you can sell it for high price.

Franz - You're awesome, Tsubame!! Totally the best of all.
Always hit right into some treasures without a single miss!

How 'bout 2,000...no, 3,000 delicas for this then!?
Tsubame - Hey, hey, hey.
Don't joke around, old man. Praising won't get you anywhere with me.
I want 5,000 delicas!

Pg. 13
Franz - Th...Then what 'bout 4,000!!
Tsubame - 5,000!!

The hell...don't bargain with me, fatass!!
You owe us for feeding you so well in the hard time like this, didn't you?

Franz - Mugh... (Fatass...)

You won't lose your money for sure! I'll break it up for you in 10 days! (Good enough?)
Franz - Umm
Tsubame - Ah, I wonder will any other customers become interested in it or not~

Franz - Alright...I get it!! Guess I can work something out for that 5,000...
Tsubame - Oh, that's Franz-san for you! Good that you understand.
Franz - Well, no one can match this client after all...

Pg. 14
??? - Boss!!

Franz - But don't forget the 10 days though.
Tsubame - You can trust me on that!
Franz - See you later then.

Zel - How was it? How much money can we earn from it?
Girl - How much!?
Tsubame - Fufu...
Boy - That guy always try to pull down the price as well...

5,000!? (Wow!!)
Girl - That's a lot!!!

Pg. 15
Tsubame - You can thank Echo for that.
He's the one that found it.
Echo - Pyee
Narration - A floating dolphin makes a perfect partner for the Salvage group.
It can find objects buried beneath the sand with its marvelous intelligence and unique sonar.

Girl - (Great job, Echo.)
Echo - Pi!

Sizby - But, boss! What exactly is that gigantic scrap?
Tsubame - Oh? You don't know, Sizby?
You got to read some more books, alright?

It's a vehicle from long, long ago...
called "the subway".
It can run beneath the ground, carrying tons of people from one town to another.

Pg. 16
Girl - That's cool!!
Boy - You mean this metal piece can move? Unbelieveable...
Those ancient people must be magicians!!?

Tsubame - Yeah...it used to be a flourish civilization.
Perhaps they really knew how to use magic.

Girl - ...Hey, boss. Can this subway still move!?
Can we fixed it like we always did!!?

Boy - Are you nuts! It already broke apart. How on Earth can we possibly fix it?
Girl - B-...But...

Tsubame - Sorry, but I don't think this thing will move anymore.
It's not the same as fixing a carriage...

Pg. 17
So, sorry 'bout that...
It would be great if I am a magician though...

Franz - That damn Tsubame...

Getting all elated when I was trying to be nice,
that rubbish piece of shit...hmph!!
But this is my lucky chance now!!

I never though that in the end "that guy himself" can be sold at such a high price.
No need for me to work with those pieces of shit in the desert like this anymore.
I have enough money to live a luxurious life in my hands now...!!

...But this is one rough sandstorm.
Wonder will they really come...

Pg. 18
Tsubame - Everyone, eat all you want.
We'll be working hard from tomorrow on.
Boy - You're treating us tonight, boss!!?
Tsubame - A thank to us all for finding the subway!
Just take it as my treat for you guys!!

Children - (OOOH)
(That's our boss, so generous!!)

Pg. 19
Tsubame - There you go.

Zel - You were talking big again, Tsubame!
Breaking that gigantic thing apart in 10 days?
Tsubame - Sorry 'bout that, Zel...
Should I said it just pops into my head...you really don't want that, hm!?

Zel - Don't underestimate my strength.
I'll finish it in one week, don't worry!
Tsubame - Hehe...I'll trust you on that.

Echo - Pyee!
Tsubame - Hm?
What is it, Echo?

Echo - Pii-Pii-Piii~!!

Tsubame - What'd you say!?

Pg. 20
Narration - There existed countless "currents" within in sea of sand.
In fact, those are heaves of flowing sand,
"the sand current".

Zel - What's the matter, Tsubame!!
Tsubame - Looks like the current just took something with it here!
Maybe it's a scrap!!

Way to go, Echo!!
If it can make me money, then anything is-

Pg. 21
A human!?

Pg. 22

Pg. 23
Audiences - Wha...What was that just now!?
That axe KO'd 4 fighters in one hit...!!

Commentator - OOOOOOH
He splitted them!
He blazed them!!
He burned them to ashes~~!!!

Pg. 24
Just look at that, ladies and gentlemen!!
Deneb - Eheh
Commentator - That's the "Kagijin"!!
Witness the power of the "Kagijin"~~~~!!!

Audience - Wow...!!
I've heard that a single "Kagijin" can match the power of 3 navy ships...
This is the first time I've ever seen one this close...!!



Pg. 25
Deneb - Ehehe...

Audience - KAGIJIN



Dejanila - Have you seen today's gladiator fight, Major?

That person is Deneb the "Entei".
He's awesome, don't you think?
He's the possessor of the "Key of the Entei" which can control fire.
== Entei = Flame Emperor

Pg. 26
Jilda - More like a public execution than a gladiator fight...those gladiators are all condemned prisoners, no?
The people seem to really enjoy it, but...
I can't say I feel good watching that though.

Dejanila - Now that's pitiful...this colisseum made a perfect place for "Kagijin" to show their immense power...
Once the people know how strong "Kagijins" are, they'll trust the firmness of the empire,
and those opposing the empire will be in fear.

Jilda - No matter what you say, you still can't convince me to agree to your plan!!
You do know the legend, don't you?
Such idea as getting the "Kagijins" into the army...is nothing more than a foolish thought that will just repeat the mistake of mankind!!

Dejanila - ...What a waste...
The Portmans are of a very high status...so I would certainly want you to agree onto this.

Pg. 27
"Keys" are the mistake, you said?
You're wrong!
We should take them more as presents for us from the past.

"Keys" are marvelous weapons, made and granted to us by ancient people.

We'd dug up packages of Keys that were buried deep in the ground from old time...
Our Gabbia Empire have obtained the massive power enough to destroy the whole civilization of this era...!!

Jilda - I had enough of your lecture!
Politicians these days sure talk with a lisp, hm, Chairman Dejanila.
What's it you're trying to say!

Dejanila - ...My apologies for that...

Pg. 28
...That is Prisoner "No.58"...
our target for this time's mission

"No.58" had committed major crimes, and got sentenced to death. However,
7 years ago...he escaped just before the execution day.
He steals. He kills. He did all sorts of evil deeds.

Jilda - ...This...young...?

Dejanila - Major,
have you heard of the Salvage group?

Jilda - The group of free citizen that uses the Great Sand Sea as their base?

Pg. 29
Dejanila - Free citizens might be an optimistic way of describing them,
but they are a group of theives that trespasses into ancient ruins and searches for valuable artifacts,
They're barbarians, with neither intelligence nor culture.

There had been a report saying that "No.58"
is hiding inside that group of rascals.
I would like your division to go and "finish him off".

Jilda - ...This is ridiculous, Dejanila!!
You call that a mission!?
Since when did our army become your hit-men!!?

Dejanila - This is the order of the senate,
which means the will of the Emperor himself...

Do you have any more questions?
Jilda - This is insane...

Pg. 30
Dejanila - Your assigned mission this time
is to find the jailbroke condemned prisoner, "No.58",

and eliminate him.

Pg. 31
Jilda - ...Where is this place...?

I was...
moving the army across the Great Sand Sea, and-

Tsubame - So you're awake now.

Jilda - What?

Pg. 32
Tsubame - Your sword is right here.
Jilda - Ah!?
Tsubame - You don't have to be that alerted...I'm not your enemy.

Don't worry.
This is the Salvage Ship.

Jilda - Salvage...

What'd you just!?

Tsubame - Eh?

Pg. 33

Jilda - Wha...What did you do to me!?

Tsubame - ...That's really nasty...!!
Is this how you return the favor of someone who helped you...?

Pg. 34
Jilda - ...Eh!?

You...You treat my wounds!?
Tsubame - I'm Tsubame, the captain of this ship.
You got into some kind of accident in the Sand Sea!

Jilda - That's right...there was this big sandstorm...and I was...
And the only one...you can save was me...!?

Tsubame - You're the only one I saw.
Well, I can't help them if they got into the quicksand anyway.
It's already quite a miracle that you survived it.

Jilda - That's horrible...then my division is annihilated!?

Pg. 35
Tsubame - Hey, are you alright?
There are wounds all over your body...so don't push yourself.

Aw geez, there goes our water supply...
Man, you're such a violent woman.
I wouldn't help you if I know it'll turn out like this!

Jilda - You...
Tsubame - At least you're safe for now.

Jilda - That face...

You said you're Tsubame, right...?
And you're...not going to ask who I am?

Tsubame - I don't really care about that.
There are a lot of tramps around here, too.
So what's the need of asking just you?

Pg. 36
...But well,
maybe I should just ask you then.

Jilda - What's this...
man standing in front of me!!?

This guy is the jailbroke condemned prisoner,

I can see from his evil face!!!

Pg. 37
I'm Jilda...Jilda Portman.
Let me thank you
for saving...my life.

He didn't realized it at all...!!
That he had saved, of all the people out there, his enemy!!!

Tsubame - For God's sake,
I'm pissed enough that the thing that came with the current wasn't a scrap.
We won't even get a pence from salvaging a human...

Jilda - Eliminating "No.58"!!!

Finishing him off right now
is just a piece of cake!!

Pg. 38
Childern - Wah


Jilda - Children...!?
Tsubame - Wha...What the heck are you guys doing...!!

Jilda - What?
Now, he even kidnapped people...?
Is he planning to capture and sell these children as slaves!!?

Girl - He-...Here...I brought some soup...
We were wondering...if that person is hungry, so...!!

Jilda - Eh...

Girl - Get well soon...!!

Pg. 39
Penda - I'm Penda. Nice to meet you. And this big guy is Zel.
Zel - And these are Sizby and Izoo...
Izoo - And this is my sister, Kino!!

Jilda - No...
I'm Jilda...

Tsubame - When are you guys going to go to bed!
Jilda - These children are "No.58's" comrades...!?

Izoo - Hey, Tsubame!
Can you read this book for us today!! You cut off at the good part yesterday!
Hurry up and continue with it then!!

Pg. 40
Jilda - What's that?
Tsubame - The old book from ancient era.
I like reading, so I kept the books instead of selling them.

Kino - This book is about migrant birds!
There's also a bird with the same name as boss in it!!
Jilda - You...can read ancient writings!?
== Tsubame means swallows.

Tsubame - Well,
my dad was a archeologist, so he taught me when I was young.

You know the migrant birds?
There're probably none left nowadays, but

migrant birds were birds that fly across the seas and the mountains.
It can easily fly across a whole country as well.
Cool, isn't it?...they had so much freedom...!!

Pg. 41
I want to live life like those birds.

Jilda - This person...
really is an evil person who commited so much crimes that weighs equally to a death sentence?
(His does look like an evil person,)

Tsubame - Hm!!
You'll have to pay though.
Jilda - (and somewhat greedy of money as well...)
Tsubame - If you want to listen to this great~ story!!

Jilda - There's something
about this guy...

Echo - Pye!

Pg. 42
Izoo - Uwaa. Wh...What's happening!?
Kino - An...An earthquake!?
I'm scared, boss!!

Tsubame - ...You're serious, Echo!?
Echo - Pyee, Pyee!!
Jilda - What's this!?
What's happening!?

Tsubame - Oi, oi, gimme a break. This late at night?
This isn't going to be good~!!

Pg. 43-44
??? - A...
A Sand Kraken!!

Penda - What is the sand Kraken doing in the place like this!!?
Did it get off its territory because of the sandstorm!!?
Tsubame - God...damn sake! My ship...
Zel!! Take everyone to the bow!!

Zel - Alright, I'm on it!!
Tsubame - Eh!?
Where's my book!?

Pg. 45
Jilda, quickly!!
Jilda - Unbelieveable...what's this monster...!!

Tsubame - Sand Kraken.
It's the violent giant octopus that swim around in the Sand Sea!!

Jilda - Eh
Tsubame - It really like human's flesh. Lots of my friends already fell for this guy.

Jilda - Hey, but that way is-

Tsubame - My book~~~!!

Pg. 46
Sea Kraken - BIGYAAAS!!

Tsubame - Jilda!!
Jilda - Tch
What am I...

why did I help him!?
Tsubame - Phew, good god. My book is saved now.
Jilda - Is this the time for that!!?
Who cares about that book in this kind of situation!!?

Jilda - We're equal now, alright!!

Pg. 47
Tsubame - Hmph! You're pretty good, aren't you?
As expected from the Imperial soldier.

Jilda - So you knew!!!
Tsubame - The "birdcage" on your sword,
that's the symbol of Gabbia Empire.

So, what's the Imperial Army doing in far corner of the Earth like this then?

Pg. 48
come to kill me, didn't you?

Jilda - Are you trying to kill yourself!!!?

Zel - He'll be fine, Jilda.

That guy
is a magician after all.

Pg. 49
Tsubame - I don't really want to use
this power on a living thing, but

Jilda - Eh?

(That Key!!)

(Are you kidding me?)
(Don't tell me)

(that this guy)

Pg. 50
Tsubame - The sin of disturbing my reading is grave.
Jilda - Kagijin!!!!

Pg. 51
The "Keyhole" that acts as the "Key's" receptor
is the proof of the user of the Key, "Kagijin"!!

The Key will open the gate on their bodies,
and respond to the user's soul.

Pg. 52
It will transform itself
into its true form, the "Kamui"!!!

Pg. 53-54
The sword-shaped Kamui!?
Th...That Kagi is

Hientou Haruhayate
== Swallow Sword, Spring Surge: Absolute Void Slashing Sword...sorry, I suck at naming...-_-"

Pg. 55-56
The Key of "Dankuu" that was said to be able to cut
everything in the world!!!
== Dankuu = Absolute Void

Pg. 57
So powerful...what did he do just now!?
Is that...this guy's power!!

Impossible...how can you!!
Be a "Kagijin"!!?

Tsubame - ...What was that?
You came without even knowing who I am?

Pg. 58
Humans can no longer live with freedom right now, hm?
No matter how much I run...the past will still catch up with me.

I used to be in the birdcage when I was young,
but I ran away from there and come here.

I am the user of the "Dankuu" Key,
the "Kagijin" that you Empire created.

** Stunning! The "fate" of the two is starting to move now!! **

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#1. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jul 11, 2009
Thanks for the Translation Ju-da-su! I think it came out great ^^. There are some people who are English majors (or at least native English speakers) That don't write as well as this. (Looks at self.) The series does seem pretty awesome, and I hope you will stick with it!

#2. by Lingwe ()
Posted on Jul 11, 2009
What are you talking about (Ju-da-su)?

This is an amazing translation :D
#3. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jul 11, 2009
Well...sorry... ._."

Fixed things up a bit though...I was kind of rushed when I post this because my brother is right behind me, telling me to get off the computer...>___<"

Thanks, both of you though, but again, I still don't think I can make it come out good and all. *have completely no self-confidence* But thank you...^_^"

PS. I'll stick to it as long as there's no other translator doing it, which is why I said that I doubt I'll be hanging onto it for long. I actually got the feeling that cnet might pick it up, since it's the mangaka who drew the first manga he translated (according to him), so I got a bit nervous about that, even though I've heard some people saying that cnet won't pick up any new series right now for the time being. >__<"
#4. by Koen (Celestial Belgian)
Posted on Jul 11, 2009
Ju-da-su, thanks a lot. If I were a translator, this manga would have given me the vibes too to start translating. Thanks a lot and I look foward to more
#5. by graficool ()
Posted on Jul 12, 2009
its great ju-chan, and dont say sorry to much, kay?? ^^
#6. by Spineless Coward ()
Posted on Jul 13, 2009
I don't really know japanese, but the way Tsubame suddently called Franz 'Deb' striked me as odd. Doesn't 'debu' mean 'fatass'?

Also, shouldn't Ego's name be 'Echo' instead? Since first, it's written Eko, and second, it's the way sonar works...
#7. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jul 13, 2009
@Spineless Coward: ...indeed it is...SORRY~ but thanks for correcting me as well...>_<"
#8. by haganenorenkin ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2009
Hi, thanks for the translations, For what I have readed so far looks promising and the translation is very good. I'll use your translation in my spanish scanlation.
#9. by R.E.K ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2010
thanks Ju-da-su!......i thought translation was good, i used it to set the text on some raws..they came out really nice!....keep up ur good work :D
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