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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Kagijin 8

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Sep 5, 2009 09:17 | Go to Kagijin

-> RTS Page for Kagijin 8

Please proofread before any use.

คุณชีส และคนแปลไทยท่านอื่นๆนะงับ ขออนุญาตนิดหนึ่ง ป๋มรู้ว่าป๋มไม่ควรสอดเรื่องนี้ แต่ถ้าเป็นไปได้ ช่วยอย่าให้เว็บ ThaiManga และเว็บที่เอาสแกนนิตยสาร-รวมเล่มของเจ้าของลิขสิทธิไทยเอาไปลงได้หรอเปล่าอ่ะงับ แสกนเลชั่นอย่างน้อยๆสำหรับเรื่องนี้ เดี๋ยวป๋มว่าป๋มจะให้อันนั้นเป็นกฏสำหรับใช้คำแปลป๋มด้วยอีกอันหนึ่งอ่ะงับ (สำหรับอันไทย ถ้าป๋มยังพบว่าเขายังเอาไปลงอีก ป๋มจะกลับไปไม่อนุญาตให้ใช้เป็นแสกนเลชั่นในทุกกรณีอีกรอบนะงับ แต่ยังแปลต่อ ยกเว้นแต่เสียว่าจะมีคนมาเอาไปทำหรือดัดแปลงเพื่อลงเป็นแสกนเลชั่น ถ้ากรณีนั้นป๋มถึงจะหยุดอ่ะงับ) อันนี้ก็เพราะป๋มถือว่าเว็บการ์ตูนที่เอาสแกนของเจ้าของลิขสิทธิไทยมาลงโดยตรงนั้น เป็นเว็บที่ไม่ได้ให้เกียร์ติกับเจ้าของลิขสิทธิเลยแม้แต่น้อย (เพราะอย่างน้อยๆ แสกนเลชั่น พวกเราก็แปลกันเอง ไม่ได้ไปขโมยของเขาตรงๆนิน่ะ) ป๋มเลยคิดว่า ถ้าด้านเขาอยากได้ตอนใหม่ถึงขนาดเอาของเจ้าของลิขสิทธิมาลง ก็เชิญทางด้านเขาไปเอาของเจ้าของลิขสิทธิมาลงตามใจเขา แต่ป๋มไม่อยากให้พวกคำแปลของป๋มไปอยู่ในเว็บที่ไม่รู้จักหัวนอนปลายเท้าถึงขั้นทำการนั้นไปเพื่อความเด่นของตัวเองหรอกนะงับ ดังนั้น ป๋มรู้ว่าป๋มไม่มีสิทธิขอพวกคุณเรื่องนี้ แต่ขอล่ะงับ - -"

Sorry for the long Thai rant, all of you...XD

Chapter 8 "Promise"

Pg. 1
Soldier - Gen...General!!


Tsubame - Hah

Crockett - ...Why...
Why do you have to
fight me that desperately...Tsubame...?

** Combining his unbreakable will into his attack...the Imperial General, Crockett has fallen!! **

Pg. 2
Tsubame - ...Didn't I already tell you...
This is my thanks to her for her food...

Crockett - You...
are serious?

Tsubame - The food she cooked
might not look so appealing, but
the taste is really good.

So, when I think that I might not be able to taste that again if she's captured,
I just stand up and fight you.

Jilda- Hmm...

Pg. 3
** His firm spirit...makes Tsubame a victor!! **

Chapter 8 Promise

Pg. 4
But lots of things sure do happen, but

we managed to swipe some horses from the imperial soldiers too!
So guess the result is all right, hm?

Jilda - Don't be stupid.
We defeated the "Just General". The town must be in great panic right now...
and that makes us two scoundrels for real now.

Tsubame - ...Will Trema
be alright all alone, I wonder.

Pg. 5
Trema - Don't you touch me as if it's nothing!!
You Kagijin!!!

You murder...
of the empire!!

I don't care if you're a rebel or what...you two are still the people of the empire!!
Why do you...have to keep it from me...!!

How dare you not deceive me...
How dare you...act so friendly with me...

I hate you...
Jilda and Tsubame...

Pg. 6
Jilda - Hey, Tsubame.
I've made up my mind now.

Tsubame - ...Huh?
Jilda - The first thing I'll do after defeating Dejanila
is to release Trema's sister...
and all that had become Kagijin test subjects.

I'll destroy
that birdcage.

Tsubame - ...Wow, Jilda.
Now you really are speaking like a real evil person, aren't you?
Jilda - ...Hmph!

Tsubame - Oww!?

Pg. 7
My bag!?

Trema - You left that behind, idiot!!!

Tsubame - Trema!!!

Trema - ...You two...
you're serious about destroying
the birdcage, are you...!!?

Pg. 8
are you...
are you...

You really are...
going to rescue my sister, are you!?


If you...!!
dare to break this promise...I'll never forgive you ever again...
Uwaaa...if you dare die on me, then I'll...never ever forgive you, get it!!!

Tsubame - Hmph...silly!
Who says we'll die?

Pg. 9
Trema - I'm sorry for saying that I hate-
In fact, I...!!!

Tsubame - We'll bring back your sister for sure.
I promise.
Trema - Uh...

== Sorry, I suck at English SFX...it's crying voice, btw... ._."

Jilda - Hah!

Pg. 10
Sign - And eat Trema's special bentou before it's wasted, get it!!?
Narration - And the two continue

Sign - And eat Trema's special bentou before it's wasted, get it!!?

Trema - Tsubame...Jilda...
Please don't die.

Narration - the journey to the empire once again.


Trema - Please don't die!!

Jilda - Geez...!!

Pg. 11
Narration - Moving away

1500 km to the north of Belona Great Plain
"The Crystal Moor"
at the border between Gappia Empire and the neighboring Principality of Altram,

Pg. 12
the imperial army invaded Altram,
and their battle rages for several days.

60,000 in the imperial army.

Soldiers - Uwooo, fend them off.
We must protect this fortress with our lives!!
We must not allow the empire to infringe any further!!

Our country...
our families
Narration - 45,000 in the Altram's army.

Pg. 13
After tolerating for 4 days, the empire, which has grown impatient,
Asura - Gosh, there comes another tiresome work.

...Ah well,
go ahead, Nyx
Nyx - What, again?
You should try to do it yourself sometimes, Asura-sama!

Asura - Oh, shut up.
I would already do it if I can, alright!?
Narration - That afternoon,

Nyx - There.
Asura - Man...why does my keyhole...
has to be on my back?

the empire let the Kagijin into the battle.

Pg. 14-15
== Key of Death

Soldier - The...The Kagijin!!!
The empire's Kagijins are here~~



Pg. 16-17
Soldier - Wow...It's...It's Asura-sama...

Nyx - Waaah, marvelous~
Asura-sama is so strong!!

An army of 60,000 soldiers...against just one petty fortress, huh? Just how much more time are you going to waste?

You guys are just so useless.
I can handle this war all by myself.

Soldier - Fuck you...Kagijin...

Karf - By the way, did you hear the news yet, Asura?
Asura - Huh?

Karf - That "Entei"
was defeated.

Pg. 18
Looks like that "Dankuu" took him down.

Asura - Bet that's just a fluke!!
Oh! Found some gold teeth~
Also, that Deb is done for and so what?

...But I'm interested now, of what that person is like,
since Dankuu is a rare Key which no one else except him can use, ever since the discovery of the Key Holder.
I wonder...what is Dejanila thinking, to dispose "Dankuu" like that.

Asura - Stop babbling nonsense already, Karf! Who cares about that Dejanila right now?
We're in the battlefield.
What we are to do is not to talk,

but to kill.

Pg. 19
Nyx - Kyaaaa, you're so cool, Asura-sama!!
So fascinating~~!!
Asura - ...Hey?
You think so too, right? Newcomer...

"Number 357"?

Cedew - Don't call me by that number.

I do have the name "Sedew".
** Her appearance reminds of the young friend...!! **

Chapter 8 / END
Next chapter, they finally reach the empire!! The battle with Dejanila! Who's that Kagijin that's waiting for them ahead...!?

Thank you for reading..

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