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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Blazer Drive 20

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Nov 27, 2009 11:59 | Go to Blazer Drive

-> RTS Page for Blazer Drive 20

The wiki page got me curious...Yaiba under Section ?, was that for spoiler purpose or...-_-" (just for those who didn't know, Yaiba is in the same division as Shiroh)...and Tenjik a Section II Head? Meh, never said that... ._."

Anyway, as far as I know regarding scanlation's progress, kakashi told me that he's not using RP's raw and will wait for Rena's one. In case anyone needs an update...:3

PS. I changed some of the old words to make it sounds better...got to be honest, I was like "Why the heck did I t/l it as that...? -_-" when I went back to get my old lines from chapter 4. Sorry about that...:p

Please proofread before any use.

Blazer Drive

Pg. 1
That guy is the only one
I will never lose to!!

Pg. 2
Melon - We'll be in your care for some short while.

It'll take some while before Section III HQ is fixed up,
so I'll have to hide away from Quilin Realm.
Gen - Sorry to say, but leave me out of that matter...

...I might say that if it was a short while back.

Melon - What, Gen?...Did Daichi end up touching your heart
after asking you to fix his Mysticker?

Pg. 3
Gen - Hmph, yeah, something along that line.
Saki - ...Dad.

Gen - But you'll have to do the housework for us though,

Saki - Dad, there's no need for that last word.

Melon - Letting an injured to do work, huh!!
Gen, you seriously...
are sadistic, are you!!
Gen - WHAT?

Guardian - Please stop, division head. We're in their care right now...
She seriously is always one word too many...


Please tell me whenever you need me on a chore.
I'll be willing to do anything.

Saki - Ah...! Th-...Thanks.

Pg. 4
Gen - [Ngh.]
Melon - [Ngh.]
Guardian - Ah...well, I...by the way,

what exactly is that true relationship between Ginga and Daichi you're talking about?

Melon - Oh, so Ginga didn't tell you too...?
It's hard to talk with Daichi around...so guess this is a good time for me to tell you then,

about those two's true relationship...

Saki - A visitor!? I wonder who is it.

Gen - Hold on, Saki...

Pg. 5
I'll go.

Saki - Eh?

Melon - [Don't tell me...]

Gen - Who's that?

Kyuri - Is there a person
named Melon here?

Gen - [This guy, how'd he!!!]

Pg. 6
Daichi - Is that for real, Misora!?

But was that her fortune telling? Can we really believe it?

Misora - I can tell from her eyes that she seriously want to tell the truth. I'm sure of it.

Daichi - If so, then it means Quilin Realm got my brother...

Pg. 7
Misora - Also...

Murasakishikibu - Misora-san, right now, you'll be
our pawn to make Daichi-kun awake.

Misora - Make Daichi awake!?

What do you mean by that!?

Murasakishikibu - If I show your "gorgeous appearance" to Daichi-kun,
Probably, I’ll be able to draw some of his power out.

His power...
the power that "gives birth" to Mysticker!

Pg. 8
Daichi - ...Also...what? Misora.
Misora - No, it's nothing...

[who...exactly are you...?]

Daichi - But you really took away all the cool scenes this time.
I never thought that huge dragon head will come out like that.

That Mysticker sure is great.
[I want to try it sometimes too~]

Misora - Tengoku is my partner.
Tengoku - How vulgar of you.
Daichi - HEEEEEKS!!
Misora - He will bite you again.

Pg. 9
Also, you'll need to make an exact drawing of the picture to be able to summon that out.
Daichi, you're never good at drawing ever since you're young, no?

Daichi - Back then, my-...my aesthetic sense just soared way too high
Yeah, this is cool.
that normal people can never understand it!!

Misora - Heh.

[Yeah, we are always together ever since we're kids.]
[What good will it do...for me to be asking myself who he is right now? I was just thinking too much.]

Pg. 10
Daichi is always Daichi.
That's right!

Daichi - Huh?
What was that...?
Misora - Nothing.

But my prediction back then that you'll come to help
really is correct.
Misora - You just made up that prediction yourself.

Jonathan - My, my, a pure youth just as always.
Sorry to butt in.

But we still can't reach Shiroh as usual...haha.

Pg. 11
Daichi - Heck, where the hell was he off to...
Misora - He's the one you made rival yourself, right?

Daichi - I didn't decide that by myself!!

Pg. 12
Tamaki - I’ll act as a decoy.

You two use that instance to combine your power and attack him
Shiroh – What're you saying? You can’t!!
Also, this guy is not our comrade. He could’ve run away at any time.

Tamaki – It’s alright.
I believe in both of you...not only Shiroh,

but Daichi as well.

Pg. 13
Daichi – There.
We both probably are Guardians because we share the same will.

Shiroh – Stay back, Tama.
Daichi + Shiroh – We two are
Daichi – going to show him what the "true power" is.

Pg. 14
Well, you seriously are strong.
S-...So I think it might be good to have you as my rival...

Shiroh – Huh? Don’t get too cocky.
You're acting too close, you one-horned head.

Let’s go, Tama

Daichi - Gosh, he really is defiant to the very end.

Pg. 15
Misora - What're you grinning to yourself? That's creepy.
Daichi - I...I didn't grin to myself!!

So! You have some mission or what?

Jonathan - Oh, you're really caught on fast, hm.

It's not a big mission or anything, but can you take it?
I have to attend to some other business.
Daichi - I'm totally fine now.

Misora - Not another "Pink Paradise magazine errand", right?
Jonathan - Of-...Of course not.

Daichi, you head up and go check around the Triangle Building.
Misora, I want you to search for the Mysticker
that fell into Pink Paradise's waterway.

Pg. 16
Kyuri - What!? No violence, please!!
Gen - Who're you!!? Tell me.
How did you know that Melon is here!!?

Kyuri - I can't talk with you strangling me like this...
Gen - You want me to burn down your face!?

Kyuri - Ah!

Pg. 17
Melon - You're...!

Kyuri - Help me, sis!! This guy just suddenly jumps at me...!!

Gen - Sis...?

Guardian - Ah.

Melon - Kyuri...what're you doing here!?

Kyuri - You really are here...!

Pg. 18
Stray Blazers - Hey you, watch where you're going, will ya!?
Are you listening to me~
We're Blazer, eh!

Hey, isn't he a guy in the wanted list!!
Let's take him to our boss.

Daichi - Stop right there!

Stray Blazer - Huh!? Who da hell are ya?

Pg. 19
Daichi – Want me to tell you then?
Stray Blazer - UWAH.

Wha-What da hell is this guy!!?

Daichi - Hmph, all you're good at is running away, huh?

You there, are you alright...?

Wait, you're!!

Pg. 20
Shiroh - Oh, it's you.

Daichi - Oh, it's you...my ass!
How can you get yourself entangled with those Stray Blazers. That's pathetic.

Shiroh - Yeah...you're right...
So pathetic that I'm about to cry.

Pg. 21
Daichi - Wh...What the? Something isn't quite right about him.

Anyway, let's get going before those guys bring their friends along.
Shiroh - Going? To where?

Is-...Isn't this Pink Paradise? Daichi, don't tell me that you...!
Daichi - What're you mistaking me for? Just follow me.

Shiroh - Ayashi Shop...
Daichi - Right now, it's a hideout for the Blazers.
Shiroh - Hideout?

Pg. 22
What's the meaning of this?
Daichi - You didn't know about anything? Where have you been all these days?

A few days ago, the Guardian divisions in each section of Tokyo
were suddenly attacked by groups of Stray Blazers.

Shiroh - No way...then Section XI HQ is...

All the divisions are defeated and scattered out.

Daichi - So people from all division come to hide themselves here,
and work towards their return.

Pg. 23
You're back, Misora?
Misora - Oh!? You're back already, Daichi?

Daichi - He's Shiroh.
Misora - Eh?

Heh, you're Shiroh?
I'm Misora. Nice to meet you.

Shiroh - ...Yeah.

Misora - ...Hmmm.
Shiroh - What?

Misora - We-...Well, your image is a bit different from what Daichi told me...
I thought you'll look a lot stronger...you didn't seem so well too...

Pg. 24
Daichi - You're totally different from back when I first met you, Shiroh.
Shiroh - I can't leave the picked fight unfinished.

Misora - And...where's that girl named Tamaki-chan?

Daichi - Oh yeah, she's not with you?

Shiroh - Tamaki was...

Daichi - Don't tell me! Something happened to Tamaki-chan!?

Shiroh - Yeah...she was kidnapped by an absurdly evil and strong Blazer named Albert,
and I can't do anything about it...

Daichi - ...Tamaki-chan was kidnapped?...No way.

Pg. 25
Shiroh - That guy...

his Heaven Mysticker is invincible...

I can't even stand up to him. After seeing his power...
I can't...do anything but to give up on Tamaki...

Daichi - ...So you go loitering in that place instead...?

Just when I got to meet with you, what the hell is this...?

You're way beyond the word pathetic, Shiroh!!!

Pg. 26
Shiroh - What do you know!?

I can't even protect my important friend...

How should someone who just babble his own idealistic thought
like an idiot understand me!!?

Daichi - What'd you say...?

Pg. 27
Misora - That's enough, Daichi. There's no use talking to this guy.

I do sympathize with you for losing your loved comrade,
but Daichi too...
Daichi - Cut it out, Misora...

Misora - But...

Daichi - I'll go look at the sakura outside. Will you come with me, Shiroh?

Pg. 28
No one can intervene with us now.
Shiroh - What're you trying to do, Daichi?

Daichi - Once the Blazer pastes his Mysticker, it's no longer
just some street fight. You know that, don't you?

Our fight last time
wasn't settled yet.

Shiroh - Hold on!!
I don't want to fight with you ri-...

Daichi - Even if you don't,
I do!!

Pg. 29

Pg. 30
Shiroh - Dammit.

Daichi - Come on!!


Pg. 31
Shiroh - Kuh.

Daichi - How does it feel, to have you head soaked up?
Does that perk you up a bit!?

When we first met, Tamaki-chan believed with all her heart
in me, the one who wasn't even your comrade.

Pg. 32
So, I do have my reason to fight with you right now.
What's wrong? You're planning to run away without doing a thing?
Then no matter where you go, I'm going to chase you down.

Shiroh - Why? Why do you have to be so fixated on me?
I wasn't really the same as what you thi-...

Daichi - Shut up!!
You still don't get it!!?

Misora - Daichi...

Daichi - That's because...

Pg. 33
I'm your rival.

...Well...you seriously are strong.
S-...So I think it might be good to have you as my rival...

Pg. 34
Kuroki - Shiroh, no matter what happens from now on...
you must not give up. I do believe in you.

Yaiba - You're weak, but at least you have the same pride as me.
I'll acknowledge you as a full-fetched Blazer.

Tamaki - I'll never let go of you, Shiro-chan.
I promise that I'll always be by your side.

Pg. 35
Shiroh - [Tama...]

[...Everyone...is trusting me,]
[yet I]

[I just...]

Pg. 36
[give up myself!!!]


Pg. 37
like hell I'll let you do all as you like, you one-horned idiot.

Daichi - Hah, if you still don’t get it, then I’ll beat you up till you do.

Here I come!!

Pg. 38-39

Pg. 40-41

Pg. 42

Pg. 43
Misora - Daichi!!

Daichi - Don't get in, Misora.

Misora - [But...]

Daichi - Hey, is that all you got, Shiroh!?
Like hell you'll be able to help Tamaki-chan with that!!

Shiroh - Let's get this settled once and for all, Daichi!!

Pg. 44

Misora - [Those two really hit each other with all their spiritual power just now...]

Shiroh - Gosh, you seriously are messed up.
Daichi - You too are just as defiant as ever.

Shiroh - Man, I wasn't myself at all...

Pg. 45
In the end, guess we Blazers

just have to paste our Mystickers on to get our answer.

** The raising fist is the proof of determination -- Being touched by Daichi's blazing spirit, Shiroh made his return!! **

Thank you for reading...

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