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Translations: One Piece 920 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

EXEcutional 2

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Dec 5, 2009 06:36 | Go to EXEcutional

-> RTS Page for EXEcutional 2

*persistently try to push forth*...don't ask me where to find the raw for this yet though...>___<"

Please proofread before any use.


Pg. 1
Announcement - Once again, for those who're still new, welcome to NEO UNIVERSE,
the new online game which combines with psychotechnology to let players to surf in the digitalized world,

and all you need are our equipments, the console and the earphone.
However, we only limit the playtime for each player to 7 hours for your safety.

Let your thrilling adventure begins.

Pg. 2

Pg. 3
Ganda - What'd you say!!!?

Did you say "Anti-GM Army" just now!!?
-- Ganda, 17 years old, our hero --

Waipoj - Yep!!

Ganda - This place isn't the GM Headquarter then!
You led me to the wrong place~!!

Pg. 4
Waipoj - Want to become a GM, you said? Too late, pal...

since you've already sign up into our group!!!
Don't even think about withdrawing so easily after you've sign the contract!!

Ganda - NO WAY~!! But I'm siding with justice.
Hell if I'll corporate with the evil organization like you.
Waipoj - You said so?

Everyone will know that you're in our group through this blacklist contract,
and our job is to obstruct and intervene with the GM.

Pg. 5
If you're going to go sign up with the GM right now...you're dead for sure!!

People - Where the heck did you get that guy from?
Waipoj - I just drag him along.

Passorn, I'll be back in a minute. Take care of this guy for me, will you?
He just newly registered into the game today.
Passorn - What?

Ganda - Wha-What the hell is with this?
Passorn - My, he finally sought someone out.
What level are you then?

Ganda - [One.]
Passorn - So he grabs even the complete newbie?
He must be really desperate.

Pg. 6
Let me introduce myself then. I'm Passorn.
-- Passorn, 16 years old --
I'm a member of Anti-GM Aroup 1st Division.

My job is "Ranger", specialized in flying weaponry and "defense".
Ganda - Defense?
Passorn - Don't worry. You'll know it soon.

And that guy who just dragged you along is "Waipoj".
-- Waipoj, 17 years old --
His job is "Genetic Engineer",
using plants and monsters in battle.

Pg. 7
Your turn now.
Ganda - I-I'm Ganda.

Passorn - Ganda? Your name sounds really feminine. What's your job?
Ganda - I don't know.
Passorn - Oh? Let me have a look at your ID card...do you know how to use it?

The ID card serves lots and lots of purpose in the game.
You can look at the player's items, equipments and status from it.

Not to mention the map and the trade function.

Pg. 8
Your status is on the upper right corner.
There. You really are still level 1.

And your job is...hm? "Randomizer"...?
I've never heard of it before.
People - Passorn,

I'm off now then, since you already got the new member.
I got tons of stuffs to do.
Passorn - Wait.

Ganda - What!? Those guys are not part of us?
Passorn - They're from different divisions, but we've asked them to help us out.
We've been recruiting new members since we don't have enough.

Pg. 9
Waipoj - You know each other now, right!!
So, what exactly is that guy's job?
Passorn - Randomizer. You ever heard of it?

Waipoj - Nope, never.
But anyway, I've brought something cool with me.
Passorn - Ah, you're not going-

Waipoj - Put this on!!
Ganda - Hey!

Wh-What is this jacket?
Waipoj - Be proud now, since you've been honored as our army's 1st division leader.
Ganda - What!!?
Passorn - Wait, Waipoj. You can't just make him the leader all of the sudden.

Waipoj - Oh, come on!! We've no choice!
Or you want to become a leader?

Pg. 10
That jacket is the jacket of tribute in our 1st Division, get it?

And today, it finally falls into a good hand.

Take a look. These are our past leaders who've once worn that jacket!!
It even has a fortunate word written at the back!
Ganda – But didn’t they all kick buckets!!?

Waipoj - Now, we'll take you out on a mission.
Ganda - A mission?

The mission regularly given to us, the Anti-GM army,
and now that we got a new leader, I'll take your out on your starter mission...

Pg. 11
No worries, Ganda. Even an underground people like us can become heroes.

Passorn - Mr.Rabbit is back.
Waipoj - Oh~!! Ganda, I'll introduce you to one more person.

He's "Mr.Rabbit".
Ganda - Mr.Rabbit?

Pg. 12
Waipoj - Mr.Rabbit!!
We just got a new guy in. Let's go on a mission together.

Mr.Rabbit - Who's this?
Passorn - He's Ganda, our new leader.

Mr.Rabbit - He's pretty cute...
Passorn - Mr.Rabbit really likes being close to people.
Ganda - AAARGH~!!
Waipoj - He seems to like you as well.

Pg. 13
Ganda just freshly got into the game today.
Mr.Rabbit - I'll babysit him then.
Ganda - NO~!!

Passorn - Now that we're all here, let's get going.

There is news from above that the market place is in chaos right now.
The Merchant Guild and the Barbarians are fighting over the market area.

There's no sign of it ceasing as well, so maybe the GM will come out.
Waipoj - And we're to observe it, right?

Get it. Let's go then~!!

Pg. 14
-- At the market... --

Barbarian - What'd ya say!!

Bullshit!! Ain't ya have enough area to yerself already?
-- The Barbarian Group --
We've been here long before ya lots.
'Hell we'll let ya get our place!!

Merchant - Shut up~!!

Pg. 15
Can't you just share some of the riverside area to us for our business!!?
-- Merchant Guild --

We've come in peace, OK~!!?
Barbarian - In peace my ass! [Are ya lots giants or what?]

Passorn - There they are.

The Merchant Guild and the Barbarians are fighting with each other...
The riverside area is in the Barbarians' territory,
but the Merchant Guild had always wanted to take it as theirs...

Pg. 16
Waipoj - What're we supposed to do then?
Passorn - Nothing. We'll only observe them.

Merchant - You won't give it to us no matter what, hm!?

Barbarian - Yeah, no way in hell!!
Now fuck off and don't lemme see yer face again.

Merchant - You still don't get it, do you?

Then I'll have to show you what it's like to resist us.

Pg. 17
Barbarian - Uwa! Blood!!
Don't come close!!
Don't fear ‘em, guys!!
We've outnumbered ‘em!!

Merchant - You're the Barbarian's boss, right...?
Barbarian - Yeah!! What of it?

Merchant - Hehe, then I'll show you what the real horror is like.


Barbarian - GWAAH!!

Pg. 18
Wha...Whatda? I cant control myself!!
My body is movin' on its own~

Waipoj - Hey, that's the skill, "Shop Remote"!!
Passorn - Shop Remote?
Waipoj - It's a very fearsome skill.

Merchant - Quickly buy this!!
[Skill: Shop Remote / The skill which forces the weaker player to buy anything the user wanted. The success rate depends on the level of the user and the target player. The user can charge any price, but the success rate will decrease as the price gets higher.]

Pg. 19
Barbarian - N-No, boss!!
‘tis just one cheap knife!!
100,000 for that kinda thing is way too much~!!

Bu-But I can't resist!!!

Merchant - Thanks for the purchase.
Barbarian - WAAAH~!!

Dammit, they got our boss!
Don't lose to ‘em, guys!!

Pg. 20
Merchant - Hmph, you pests.

[ITEM: Power-up Potion]

[Power-up Potion?]

Passorn - Looks like the Barbarians are losing right now.

Pg. 21
Waipoj - We're not going to help them out?
Passorn - Better not. We're here just to observe.

Mr.Rabbit - But Ganda already jumped in.
Waipoj - What!?

Ganda - Stop it. You've done too much already.
Don't get into someone else's marketing territory.

Merchant - Hey, who's this jerk?

Pg. 22
I'm Ganda, a candidate for GM...no, wait,
I'm a member of Anti-GM Army 1st Division!!

Merchant - Oh, so you're just those who like to butt in.
Let's finish them off all at once.

Waipoj - Ganda!! You idiot~!!
Passorn, what're their levels?
Passorn - Ah, let me see.

[ITEM: Scouting Machine / Can be used to check the level of monsters or other players. Price: 15 G]

Pg. 23
Passorn - Their boss is level 17. The rest are around level 10-11.
Waipoj - 17!!? That dude is dead for sure!!

Merchant - It's preying time.

Pg. 24
[Skill: Shop Fusion / It's a skill of which merchants combine their bodies with their shops. In this form, they'll get many special abilities as well.]


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