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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

07-Ghost 55

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Dec 25, 2009 11:29 | Go to 07-Ghost

-> RTS Page for 07-Ghost 55

Another series as a Christmas present? Nah, I'm Buddhist as well, so I don't celebrate Christmas. I don't think I'll be doing this to English for long as well, since I know that there is already an English translator for it (despite of the way-too-literal translations that I find almost unreadable). Plus, my initial plan is to translate this to Thai, since it seems safer that way...for me...I'd end up looking like a mean person who just pick fight with people if I translate this to English for long, so...not like I never was before...-_-"

Well, despite of that...Merry Christmas...-_-"

Please proofread before any use...

AND IF I MISS ANY LINE, POINT IT OUT EITHER IN THE COMMENT OR BY PM!! I hate those "Missing translation" scanlator's note in the scanlation...-_-"

Kapitel 55 "The Almarz Residence"

Pg. 1
Frau - Capella
Map - 1st District
Krat House
4th District
Frau - Your mother is in the town over here, "Neel".

We'll be going there tomorrow.
Capella - You mean I'll be able to see my mom tomorrow!?

Frau - Yeah, just wait a little more.

** What's the reason behind Capella's smile? **

Pg. 2
Capella - [I found myself already on the "Slave Ship" by the time I woke up.]

[I wonder]
[if my mom really forsook me...]

Teito - [I'll protect you]
[till the end, Capella.]

Pg. 3
Hand - *Grab*...

Pg. 4
Teito - Now, I'm not
even sure who actually is the protecting one...

All right...


What the heck is this!!?
Frau - [Huh?]

Getting noisy since dawn there, aren't you?
Teito - M-...My leg is chained...!!

Pg. 5
Frau - Yeah,
that's for your own sake, so learn it already.
[Just how many times do I have to tell you not to wander out alone?]

Teito - So you're the one who did this!!?

Frau - What's wrong?

Mikage - Pya.
Teito - Wh...What...? My head...is wobbling...

Frau - ...You have some cold.

Pg. 6
Teito - But I'm fine with the coldness...
Frau - [You were in one freezer for a whole day after all.]
You better not move around today. Just take a rest.

Teito - No.
We got to go see Capella's mother.

-- 4th District's Port Town, Neel --

Pg. 7
Frau - It should be somewhere around here, but...

there's no house.

Hey, don't push yourself too hard.
[You stubborn kid!]
Teito - I'm fine...thanks to Labrador-san's medicine.

Capella - Niisan, a cat!

Teito - Thanks. It's so warm.

Capella, you better not come close to me since you'll catch cold as well.
Frau - [Guess we can't go on for today now...]

Pg. 8
*door open*
Master - Welcome.

It has been a while, Frau-san.
I've never seen you brought some friends along before.

Frau - Sorry, but can you give this guy some place to rest?
Teito - Let~me~go~

I have to let Capella meets his mom~~

Pg. 9
Master - Oh, please use the innermost sofa.

I'll go get the blanket.
Frau - Thanks.
Teito - UGEEEE~~ Just let me go~~

Frau - A sick man should just take some rest quietly.
Teito - Don't you treat me like a sick person~
Frau - Anyone will treat you as sick since you really are sick, stupid.

...Just who do you think you're travelling with?

Pg. 10
Don't you dare let me see your guard down.

Teito - [What...?]
Frau - Your soul looks really delicious...

Teito - [It's so hot]

Pg. 11
[as if my body is about to melt in the inside...]

Pg. 12
Frau - Master, give me one bottle of Vodka.
Master - Your friend really is vigorous,

and I never thought you'll have such a cute child...
Frau - He's not my kid, Master.

I was searching for this kid's parent, but
the problem is the place in this address is a forest, no building at all.
Master - My...this address is...
the Almarz Residence.

He's a local wealthy man, not really that well-known.
That whole forest you were lost in is his residence.
Frau - Wow.

Master - The entrance to his manor is right here.
Frau - Hmm,
we did pass that area as well though.

Pg. 13
Oh my,
had it maybe turn into a "ghost" or something?

Pg. 14-15

Pg. 16
-- The next day --
Capella - It's great that your fever has gone down, niichan!

Teito - I'll have you meet with your mother today for sure.
Sorry to worry you.

Frau - Owww.

Pg. 17
Teito - But it's Frau this time then...?
Frau - My head's throbbing.
-- Got a hangover --

Teito - Are you alright, stupid Frau?
[You're a clergyman, yet you drink.]
Frau - You stupid brat, just how much do you think I've went through yesterday for-...

Teito - ...You mean you've been watching over me?
I wasn't aware of that...thanks!

Pg. 18
Frau - Let's get going.

A dead-end.

it's supposed to be here, but

Teito - There's nothing here though?
[Just one empty field.]

Pg. 19
Let's try walking along this wall.
[Maybe it's just a bit further]

Pg. 20
Teito - A house...!!?

Capella - Mom!!

Teito - Capella.

Pg. 21
Frau - Now I get it...

Looks like we can't get here through the normal method...

Pg. 22
Teito - Hello!

??? - Who's there, may I ask?

Teito - We're a bishop and a bishop apprentice.
We're searching for a certain person.


Pg. 23
??? - No bishop will ever look that heinous!!

Frau - What'd you say!! I am a bishop, down to every pieces of me!!

Can't you see this bishop pass!?

??? - This must've been stolen. Allow me to have a check on it.

Elikt - I bet you're ruffians who aim for our legacy!!
Strip them of all they have!!

Pg. 24
??? - Th...This guy!! He's only wearing one piece of cloth!!
[You pervert.]

Rena - Elikt, what's all this commotion?
Elikt - Rena-sama, please stay back!!

Rena - KYAAAA!!

Teito - We're searching...
for this boy's, Capella's mother!!

She's here, isn't she!? The person named Lutia-san!!

Pg. 25
Servant - Madam,

it's time for you to return to your room.
Lutia - Yes.

Rena - Please forgive us for our prior rudeness.

Pg. 26
We've indeed took Lutia-san in with us
as a replacement for my mother.

Teito - A replacement?

Elikt - First, we would like to ask you for one favor.

Could you please wait one more day before seeing her?

Pg. 27

The truth is...

Servant - Are you injured, madam?
Lutia - I'm sorry...

Capella - Mom!!

Pg. 28

Lutia - Capella...
Is that you, Capella...?

Capella - MOM!!
Lutia - Oh God...

Pg. 29
??? - Hehehe,

My sister isn't dead yet?
I have
to quickly kill her off then...

** The new chaotic shadow... **

Thank you for reading...

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