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Blazer Drive 21

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Dec 31, 2009 14:53 | Go to Blazer Drive

-> RTS Page for Blazer Drive 21

Sorry for the lateness, but...


Please proofread before any use.

EDIT: I made some editings and check for major change in translation to notify the scanlator, so if you're just readers who happen to get this because you're subscribed to the series, my apology. I only change the English grammars, so the context still is the same, no change in meaning of any lines in particular. However, it still requires proofreading, so... .__."

Blazer Drive
21th BLAZE "Through the Obscure Time"

Pg. 1
** The tale of touchy courage and bond!! **

Gen - Melon, I never thought you
will have this lanky burdock-liked guy as your brother.

** What exactly is with him? **

Pg. 2
Kyuri - "Burdock" you said?...Your mouth is just as bad as your attitude, I see!
My name is Kyuri!! Just take note of that!!!

Well, your green head and lankiness does make you look like a kyuuri.
== Kyuuri = Japanese cucumber

Kyuri - Not Kyuuri. Kyuri!!!
Gen - Well, at least burdock is also a plant, no?

Guardian - Ffft.
Both the sister and the brother are in the gourd family...
Saki - [He certainly has been laughing a lot.]

Melon - ...Who told you to come here?
Kyuri - Kuroki-san told me
that you're here in exchange with my Shiba Shop's taiyaki.

Pg. 3
Melon - That idiot...just how many times did I tell him not to tell my brother where I am...?
Kuroki - He-hya-hya-hya, help me.
Melon - [I'll let him be the first to taste my new torture room.]

Anyhow, Kyuri, if you come to visit me like this
it got to be about something stupid ag-...

Kyuri - Sis!! Actually, I have...

one figure that I seriously want.
Saki - Eh!? Umm, I'm...

Pg. 4
Melon - I'm right here, dumbass...

I told you to make it a habit to wear your glasses!!
You blind dork!!!

Saki - She hits him with the bandage...
Gen - [I hope he didn't do that...]
[purposedly to my daugther...]

Kyuri - Eh~~...But...I'd look like an otaku...if I wear those glasses.
I do have them with me though...

Melon - I don't want that from an otaku like you!
Also, go apologize to all the otaku and glasses-wearers out there!!

Saki - Th-...Then why doesn't he just go with contact lens...?
Guardian - [Yet his sister's eyes can even distinguish Blazers...]

Kyuri - Whoa...I just don't get why would people put that thing into their eyes.
Ah well, I can distinguish from the voice anyway.
Melon - Exactly why I told you that, since you can't.
Gen - This guy is even more talkative than Daichi...

Pg. 5
Kyuri - But I seriously want Megu-chan's limited edition figure.
Please, sis!! I'm begging you with all my life!! Give me 50,000!!!
Arrow - Doesn't touch the ground.

Melon - Is that why you even go up to Kuroki to track me down...?
Kyuri, just how many lives do you have...?

== Death Banishment

All three - Just what's this refreshed feeling?

Kyuri - ~~Give~~~me some~~~money~~~

Pg. 6
Guardian - Looks like he becomes even more persistent
after getting Division Head's Shitsuke.
Saki - He starts to nag for money instead.
Kyuri - [Money~~]
Gen - It's almost like he's demanding for a brain now, isn't he?
== Note an intended pun. Shitsuke (rather, shitsukoi) means persistent. So…he got that persistent shot, so he became even more persistent…

Melon - ...Money...Money...Don't tell me that you still an unemployed NEET who just loafs around, Kyuri!

Kyuri - In this world, working means losing...besides,
no one can ever bind my wings of freedom...

All three - This guy is just terrible.

Melon - And what's with you bluffing your speech up like that?

Pg. 7
So you eyes just can't see the truth as well, can’t you!!

Shopkeeper – Thanks.
Daichi - He's in the medical center nearby here, right?
Misora - He must be pleased that we bought him some of Shiba Shop's taiyakis as his gift.

Pg. 8
Daichi - But I can't believe that even Kuroki was beaten

by that Albert guy Shiroh was talking about.

Misora - Is it really OK for us not to go with Shiroh...?

Daichi - Shiroh, I want to go help Tamaki-chan too, so count me in.
Jonathan - Sorry, but I have a different mission for you two.

Pg. 9
Daichi - Huh, but what's important right now is-

Jonathan - The Guardian's missions are
never once insignificant.

Misora - Including that Pink Paradise Mag errand?
Jonathan - Ugh.

Bu-...But Guardian's codes are in it.
Misora - Oh, really?

Shiroh - Don't worry about Tamaki, Daichi.

I'll rescue her for sure.

Pg. 10
Daichi - He's back lively now,
so he should be fine.

We too have some work we got to do,
since the Guardian's missions...
Misora - are never once insignificant,


Daichi - Yeah.

Pg. 11
Come on. Just give me one!!
Kuroki - No.


I...I'm choking...I'm...dying...
Misora - Gosh...please don't die from our get-well gift.
Daichi - Ahahaha, serve you right. That's your punishment.

Pg. 12
Kuroki - BWAAH~ I'm back alive!!
I'd be back to normal in no time if the hospital serves taiyakis everyday.
Daichi - Aren't you all lively already?

Kuroki - Jonathan already told me about it.
You got along with Shiroh pretty well, haven't you, Daichi?

Daichi - Li-...Like hell I have.

Kuroki - Aww, don't be so shy.

Ginga used to be my big rival too.
Since we both are aware of that, we always help each other out.

Pg. 13
Oh right, I called both of you out here
to give you a mission and tell you one thing.

Daichi - What's it?

Kuroki - The restoration of Section III HQ is almost done.
That's where your mission kicks in.

Daichi - Really!!? That's so fast.

Misora - You mean, our mission...
is the new Section III HQ's...

Kuroki – Very good guess, Misora.

Pg. 14
Your mission is to get some electronic components.
Go to Section IV electronic quarter and buy all required parts. Here, take my card.

The items you need to buy and the location of the new Section III HQ are already in your communication device.

Daichi - I know that missions are important, but
an errand again?

Shiroh is going out to rescue Tamaki-chan, yet
when exactly can I...

Kuroki - You said you'll do even the most uncool thing to get to Ginga, didn't you?

Daichi - I didn't say anything about this being uncool.

Pg. 15
Let's get going, Misora.
Misora - Oh...OK.

We'll come to see you again later, Kuroki-san.
Kuroki - Alright, take care.

Kuroki - [So Daichi is starting to feel unease about whether he is getting closer to Ginga or not now.]
Having a hard, obscure time when he's supposed to be moving forward, hm...?

Ginga, your brother really
is still just a kid.

[The next time you two meet]
[might as well be the time you siblings learn of a painful truth...]

Pg. 16
Sumiya - I've retrieved Murasakishikibu's Shouko Mysticker.

Quilin - Not only Shuga,
but even my lovely girl is done for.

The reputation of the five pillars of Quilin Realm is weeping.

Mitony - Aren't you laughing...?

Pg. 17
Quilin - Mitony, now is your turn.
You must've longed to play with Daichi, haven't you?

Mitony - It'd be boring if my playtime with Daichi ends quickly like this game though.

I want to take time to play with him.

Sumiya - It's not good if you play with him for too long, Mitony.
Maybe I should set some fire on your buttock to get you to work faster?

Mitony - Just kidding.

Quilin - Plan 2...Daichi certainly has awakened faster than I imagined.

Maybe it's time for us to send that person out.

Pg. 18
-- Section IV Electronic Quarter --

Shopkeeper - In another word, if you use this IC, then the graphic board for the midair monitor...
Daichi - So long explanation and I don't even get it. Just sell it to me already.


Misora - So, we've got all the parts now.
Daichi - I'm extremely exhausted...

Pg. 19

Wow! Kenkyaku V is already out!!?

Misora - We can't drop by a game center right now.
Were you the one who said to get going already yourself?

Daichi - But you go all "Fortune telling" "Fortune telling" back at Pink Paradise as well.
What's wrong with just a short stop?
Misora - Kuh...

Daichi - Fufufu...I know how to make a combo now.

Pg. 20
This guy is going to be an easy win.


Ngh! Another battle comes already?

He even uses Kawana. [Ffft.]

You ignorant fool, planning to use this character against me?
I'll beat her into one bloody pulp. [Fufufu.]

Pg. 21
[Here I go!!]

Below - Fufufu, come again anytime you want.

Daichi - [A...A perfect lost...I can't even do a thing...]
[This is so uncool...M-...My 200 yens...]

Kyuri - That guy was just so weak that I forgot to use my right hand.

Daichi - Uwooo, say what again?

Pg. 22
Kyuri - Heeks, you can hear it!!? Please, anything but not my Megu-chan's figure!!
Daichi - Hell if I care about that...

Kyuri - I'm really sorry.
Daichi - You aren't going to show any sign of remorse, are you? I'm right here.

Even if you're not a Blazer, the world would be better
if I just kick one hell out of someone like you. Prepare yourself.

Kyuri - Ah! This way?...I'm really sorry.
Daichi - Don't apologize while continuing with your game!!!

Pg. 23
Misora - Hey, what are you doing, Daichi?
How come the battle game turns into a real fight?

Daichi - It's not like I'm going to fight for...


Misora - What's the matter, Daichi...?

Pg. 24
Daichi - ...Ginga?
== Just one note though, since I believe I forgot to put this in the first couple of chapters. Yep, Daichi actually call Ginga as "Niisan", don't know what've got into me since I've been using "Ginga" all this time. Probably because I think it's weird to put it as just Niisan...don't know. You can change that if you want to though, sorry... .___."

Pg. 25
[No way...this can't be...]

[Wait. Wait for me.]
Misora - Ah! Hey, Daichi. Where're you going!?

Kyuri - Running away right after losing a game, huh? That’s pathetic.

Kyuri - Oh, an online battle!?
Well, no matter who it is, I won't going to lose anyway though.

Pg. 26
Daichi - Wait for me, Ginga!!

Excuse me. I'm going through!!

That was Ginga for sure!!

Misora - Wait, Daichi!!
What's wrong with you!?

Pg. 27
Daichi - Ginga!!


Pg. 28
A dead end!?

I'm sure that I saw him walking into here!!
[What's this pile of dumped old monitors?]

Ginga, where are you!!

Pg. 29
What's this!?

Screen - Daichi...this is entirely your fault...
I will never forgive you.

Daichi - What...?

Screen - Never forgive you.
Never forgive you.

Never forgive you.
Never forgive you.
Never forgive you.
Never forgive you.
Never forgive you.
Never forgive you.

Pg. 30
Misora - [Daichi]


Daichi - Misora...?
Misora - Why did you suddenly run off and pass out like that!!?

Daichi - I saw Ginga a while back at the game center,
so I ran after him till here...
Misora - Eh!! You saw Ginga-san!!?

Daichi - But I lost sight of him.
Misora - You lost sight of him...?
But this is a dead end...that shouldn't be possible.

Daichi - I'm not lying.
After that, Ginga just showed up on these screens...and then...

Pg. 31
I can't remember...

Misora - ...You must be tired, Daichi.

We've bought all the listed items,
so let's go to the new HQ and take some rest.

Daichi - Was I just mistaken?

Yeah...guess you're right...

Pg. 32
Daichi - Isn't this just a parking lot?

Misora - But the information in the communication device
said for us to come here...
Daichi - Shishishi

There got to be a hidden entrance to the HQ
with some great mechanisms again for sure.

Kagekyuu - Oh? Daichi-kun, Misora-chan,
I was waiting for you.
Misora - Kagekyuu-san!? So you survived!!

Pg. 33
Daichi - Does this mean you'll drive us to the new Section III HQ?
Misora - I got a feeling that we'll run into some accident...

Kagekyuu - We-...Well, something like that, I guess.
Put your stuffs in the trunk.

Daichi - Kagekyuu-san, you're not going to, like, become
a different person behind the wheel, are you?

Kagekyuu - Haha. Nope, not at all.

Oh, and you two, fasten your seatbelt, alright?
Daichi+Misora - Huh~~

Kagekyuu - Let's go!!!

Pg. 34
Daichi - Umm, I don't think we're moving though.

Kagekyuu - Oh, yes, we are,

just downward.
Daichi - UWOOOO!!
Misora - KYAAAA

Pg. 35
Kagekyuu - We're here.
Daichi - Man, that was so fun.

Kagekyuu - This is the center room.

Daichi - Wow, it's even better than the old HQ!

What's in this room then?

Pg. 36
Kagekyuu - Oh, that's Division Head's room!!!
Daichi - [This room gets even better too...]
She made it like this again?

Tekojii - So you're finally here-ere-ere.
[My back hurts-urts-urts.]

Once I'm done with the monitors-ors-ors,
my long hours of work will be finished-ished-ished.

How was it? The new HQ is awesome, isn't it-it-it?
If you find any leak, just call this Guardian's mechanic, Tekojii-i-i.

Pg. 37
Daichi - You built this place!!? That's awesome-ome-ome.
Tekojii - Hohehohe.
Misora - He can pass on his tremor by touching...

or rather, Daichi himself is trembling as well.

Daichi - Just watch, Quilin Realm.
Once we're all here...

Melon - Yes, that's right...

Pg. 38-39
Section III Guardians
are back.
Daichi - ...Everyone...

Pg. 40
Melon - We've been waiting for you,


Pg. 41
People - Wow, just what's this battle?
We don't know who the other person is since it's online,
but both are just as godly.

Kyuri - I can't believe I'll lose in gaming.

[This person...can see at 1 frame level,]
[as if he looks at the data itself rather than the game screen.]
Game - A mummy hunter has become the mummy himself.

Kyuri - Just what kind of person is this...?

Pg. 42
Sumiya - That should do, right?

Pg. 43
Mitony - I was bored, so I went online to play some games at the same time.
Haven't run into a tough guy like this in quite some while now.

Sumiya - Playing during your work hour, hm...

You better go play outside sometimes as well.

Mitony - You just want to tell me through your indirect joke
to go get some sunlight, didn't you?

I'm the one to give out light with this White Sakumei.

Pg. 44
Take a look at this.

It's a real-time picture. Where do you think this is?

It's inside the new Section III Guardian HQ.
This is what Daichi's eyes are viewing right now.
I've already attached Sakumei's light to his eyes.

Sumiya - [The Quilin of Light, Sakumei...the ability to create light without any heat and control it like a material...]
[Infra-red, ultraviolet, electromagnetic wave with wavelength in nanometers...all types of signals and lasers are controllable at free will...]

Pg. 45
All preparations are done.
I'll let him know now, of the true radiance of Sakumei and me.

it's playtime!!!

** Next chapter, what'll be the fate of the new Section III HQ in face of Sakumei's unthinkable power!? **

Thank you for reading...

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