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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

07-Ghost 56

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jan 29, 2010 09:12 | Go to 07-Ghost

-> RTS Page for 07-Ghost 56

This will probably be my last English translation for 07-Ghost. I initially am not planning to translate this, but...
1) Need something that has a download available in this site and will not be pre-proofreaded for the t/ler's ranking check. I looked through my list. Nearly all the mangas I'm doing are published by Kodansha (aka. checker has to find the raw themselves), and I'm more serious with the correctness of those since it'll be used for scanlations. The only ones that will not be proofed before releasing from now on will be the reserved ones, but...they are no public raw that the checker can look through online to check, taken that most of my reserved ones, may it be WoaA's or Eternal's translations, don't have any public raws out there to my knowledge. I'm too lazy to ask Mizutama whether I can upload her raw here as well (will end up pesting her for new P3 chapters as well, so...let's leave that out... .__.") I don't want to do any of the weeklies as well. Initially planned to have P3 for the check, but...forget it...-__-"
2) Guess I'm really a hopeless helper. Tried to translation check the translation of this chapter that was already done by allforchocolate over at anonsock's LJ, but...even I know that my comments was just plain stupid and over the top...and too hot (in the sense that...yeah, I kind of snapped, I guess... .__."). And I don't expect them to accept my corrections, since it's just plain stupid. Got 12 pages then I gave up. I'd end up firing myself up if I continued, and it'll make one more hell of a drama which I don't want. Translating the chapter myself is nevertheless much easier...-__-"

...Yeah, I'm really just a bitch, I guess... .___."

With that said, I do NOT allow this translation to be used for scanlation even if you say you'll proofread it. Unless you proofread it then send the proofreaded version back for me to check on accuracy again first (I already said, some of my translations became off due to proofreading before, and I do blame myself for being not able to get the matter across as clearly), you may NOT use this translation for scanlation. Thank you...

Kapitel 56 "One Endless Day"

Pg. 1
** If we walk together, we'll one day reach our dreams. **

Pg. 2
** The reunion of the mother and child. **

I thought I would’ve shouted it out already,
"Why did you suddenly disappear, leaving Capella behind!!"

"Do you even know how hurt he is and how much tears he has shed?"

"Even so, he still trusts you, forgives you"

"and loves you"...

Pg. 3
But I

can't utter a word;

Pg. 4
not even a single word.

-- November 12 --
Lutia - My dead husband has left a pile of debts to me.

Pg. 5
We could make some living off my embroidery work,
but I got an eye disease six months ago.
I could no longer pay back those debts.

Even if I sold my body, it wouldn’t be enough.
We had nothing to eat...and I planned to take this child with me to my husband's side...

But...I couldn't do it...

Pg. 6
I want to do something,
to find some ways I can let this boy survive...!!

I sold my own son into slavery,
which is really brutal for a mother.

Pg. 7
But it's better than waiting for our death.
Even if I won't be able to see him again, if this child can only live on...
that will be the only joy I could give to him...

Pg. 8
Now, I can embrace this boy once again...
Thanks you very much...Teito-san...Frau-san...

Capella - Teito-niichan even taught me Zaiphon!
[He's really awesome!]
I will use it to heal your eyes.

Teito - And never...
Capella - And you know! He also gives me gloves.
Look! Look!
Teito - ever let go of Capella again, please...
That's all I can say.

Pg. 9
Frau - Just now, you said Lutia-san is a replacement for your mother.
What do you mean by that?

Rena - Please look at this.

This is a photo of my mother.
Teito - She looks just like Lutia-san...

Rena - My mother was the landlord of this whole area, and my only family member.
She passed away two months ago...

Someone poisoned her...

Pg. 10
Frau - Not a peaceful death, hm...
The culprit wants her asset?

Elikt - Yes...unfortunately, we do have to follow the rule:
the heir of this house must be above 15 years of age. That is the absolute requirement.

At this rate, Rena-sama, who is only 14, will not be able to succeed
and all properties will fall into the hands of her other relatives.

Those people probably have arranged to sell away all the lands away already.
Mother - "Rena...Rena,]

I concealed the death of my lady,
and scampered around slave markets for about a week.

Pg. 11
I must say, my meeting with Lutia-san, whose appearance is exactly the same
as my lady, could be nothing else other than the miracle of God.

Frau - ...But Lutia-san will be targeted on behalf of her dead mother...
Elikt - ...Certainly.
Frau - which means you fail to follow the "life assurance" in the Contract of Common Slaves.

Capella - Mom!!
Lutia - These people have promised me,

Pg. 12
that they will protect me no matter what...
they will erase the fact that I was once a "slave" registered with the empire...

Now that I’m able to see Capella here again,
I have no doubt that my help for Rena-sama is more like a trial of God.

Rena - Lutia-san...

Frau – So that’s what the one day wait is …
You want us to wait for one more day until the end of tomorrow, correct Ma'am?

Pg. 13
Rena - Yes, that is right...
I want to reserve
my grandmother's precious mountains and my mother's beloved forest...!

Frau - Where are your relatives then?

Rena - There are 4 manors within the territory of the Almarz Residence.
-- Ugur --
-- Lynen --
-- Sada --
-- Almarz House (Rena's mother) --
My mother's siblings and their family live in each of those houses.
Frau - You have backhills instead of backyards...?

Teito - One more day left...
We don’t know how our enemies will make their moves.

Let us escort you.

Pg. 14
Capella – I’m going to protect mom as well.

??? – My sister isn't dead yet?

I’d secretly put poison into the cup she always uses, and yet...
She’s so persistent!
Rena is about to turn 15 already!

We still have time.

Are you done with all your paperwork!?
If my sister can just die,
I'll be able to sell away this rural land and go abroad...!!

Pg. 15
Just leave this matter to me,
since you always slack off toward the end.
Yo-...You think so?

It'll be fine...time is on our side...

Ugur – Welcome, everyone.

The one handing over her coat right now is the lady's sister, Lynen-sama.

Pg. 16
The one who just gave his word is the lady's brother, Ugur-sama.
That blond young man over there is the lady’s brother, Sada-sama.

Everyone will be stay here until Rena-sama's birthday.

Wh...Who are you people!!?
Frau - Huh?

Elikt - This bishop
will be staying here to give blessings to Rena-sama on her birthday.
Frau - [Hi.]
[I obviously am a bishop.]

Nyx - He's staying here? [But he's a pervert...]
Elikt - This is for Lutia-san, Nyx. [Plus, that big guy seems strong.]
Servant - [Since you don't look]
[like a bishop in that clothing,]
Please change your outfit.

Pg. 17

Teito - Excuse me, umm...
Capella already fell asleep...

Rena - Oh...I'm sorry. He always acts selfish, so he must've troubled you while you're guarding.

Thank you...you truly are my Gods...

Pg. 18
Teito - It's so quiet...
Frau - Somehow, I'm not feeling well.

Teito - What? Another hangover?
Frau - Hell no. [That’s not funny.]

This manor didn't have an entrance when we got here...
This whole land is covered in darkness.
Just what kind of wish the "Kor" granted this time?
Teito - You mean someone is being possessed in this manor...!!?

Pg. 19
Frau - Normally, I'll see the power of darkness stirring behind the possessed person, but
this is what it's like this time.

Nyx – I have brought you some warm tea.
Teito - Thank you very much, Nyx-san.

Pg. 20
Frau - [Hey, the tea!!]
[It's spilling out!!]
Damn brat?
What's wrong? You're all stiff.

Pg. 21
The dimension is distorting...!?


Pg. 22

Teito - Hello!

Elikt - May I ask who's there?
Frau - This voice...
Teito - We're a bishop and a bishop apprentice. We're searching for a certain person...

Elikt - There's no way a kid like you can be a bishop.
Teito - I'm the apprentice, and I...I'm sure that the bishop named Frau was with me just now…

Pg. 23
-- November 12 --

Frau - [No way.]

What the heck is going on?
[This can't be possible...!!]

Frau - But I'm no longer drunk.
[Fi-...First of all, it’s strange that I’m here right now …!!]

[And this outfit makes it even stranger...!!]
Got to change!! Then go to the living room!!

Elikt - This way please.

Capella - Ah, it's Frau-niichan!

Pg. 24
Teito - I was wondering where you vanished off to...
Just why the heck are you taking off your clothes in someone else's house!!?

Frau - I'm putting it on!! Not taking it off, dumbass!!
[There, I’m done!!]

Teito - Shut up, you perv!!
[What'll you do if they drive us out!!?]
Frau - Ugh...

Rena – We have indeed taken Lutia-san in
as a replacement for my mother.

Frau - [I knew it.]

Elikt - I would like you to hold over your appointment until tomorrow.

Pg. 25
[The time]

Capella - Mom!!

[has reversed itself...!!]

Teito – One more day left. We don’t know how our enemies will make their moves.
Let us escort you.

Servant - The one who just gave his word is the lady's brother, Ugur-sama.
That blond young man over there is the lady’s brother, Sada-sama.

[How should I say it?]
Wh...Who are you people!!?
[Having to repeat myself all over again like this]

Pg. 26
Elikt – This bishop will be staying here to give blessings to Rena-sama-
Frau - I'm obviously a bishop, get it?
[is damn annoying...!!]
Servants – He’s scary...!!

Teito - Umm... Capella already fell asleep...
Rena - Oh...I'm sorry.

Pg. 27
Frau - You feel lonely?

Teito - Wha-...What's that all of the sudden...
I'm not a kid, OK!!?

All these times...I just wished for Capella's happiness,
since there's nothing more pleasant than it...!!

Frau - Don't treat me like a kid!!

Ugur - Good job working up this late, you two.
Nyx - I have brought you some warm tea.

Pg. 28
Teito - Thank you very much,
Frau – [Hmm...if I remember correctly...]
Teito - Ugur-san, Nyx-san.

Frau - Hold on.

How come
you are able to act differently from last night?
** Frau facing off his enemy...? **

Thank you for reading...

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