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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Metallica Metalluca 3

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jun 1, 2010 05:06 | Go to Metallica Metalluca

-> RTS Page for Metallica Metalluca 3


Please credit Galooza for proofreading.

Metallica Metalluca
Chapter 3 "Aim for the City"

Pg. 1
** This thing's fast! Hehe, my saddlebird (!?) ain't half-bad, either!! **

Pg. 2
** Luca and Shino, together on the path to Metal City...!! **

Shino - BLEEEEEH~~

Aaah, I can't walk anymore! I'm taking a break!!

Luca - Again? You just took a break a while back, though.
Shino - ...I've already walked for days, OK!?
I was brought up to do things gracefully, unlike you.

Luca - I'd call it a "Great Boody", rather than graceful.
Shino - SHUT IT! And don't even try to use puns with me!
== "FAILED" pun...full emphasis on "failed"

Pg. 3
Luca - As I thought, you're no fun...Are we there yet?
Shino - Hmph.

As if you'd ever get to Metal City without me!
The forest leading to the ridge is like a maze.
You should save some of your energy...

Luca - The view up here isn't that good either...
Shino – What are you, a bug!? Ignoring me, huh!?
Whoops, I just said a pun myself...
== Can't think up any good pun, really...(I'd try, but it doesn't really make that much sense in English, I think...with "doesn't bug to listen" instead of ignore, but...yeah, not working... ._.") "Mushi" for both bug and ignoring...please put that as a t/l note...>_<"

Talking to him is such a waste of energy.

Luca - Hm? What's that?

Pg. 4
Man - Hoho, you traveled here from Mt. Welte...?
That must be quite tough for you.

It's dangerous for a woman and kid to travel by themselves nowadays.
Luca - Lucky us.
Shino - Aha, you've really helped us out.
Man - Don't mention it! I'm on my way back to Metal City as well, so it's no problem.

Luca - Old man, is that a Shuval Bird?
Man - It's big, isn't it? Wanna try steering it, boy?

Luca - Oh!! Wow!
Shino - Mister, I think you'd better not...

Pg. 5

Luca – Wahaha!
Man - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,

Shino – STOOOOOP!!

Honestly, you just can't seem to learn how to properly handle things!

Pg. 6
Luca - I'm happy that we can get there faster now, though.

Shino - What? Why are you in such a hurry?
Luca - Hehe.

I made a promise with my dad,
that I'll quickly become a Minea and search for awesome, rare metals with him...

Shino - Oooh...so that's why you want to become a Minea...

...You do sound like a normal kid too, sometimes.
Hm? Wait!?...Does that mean...

Pg. 7
Your father's a Minea!? That's awesome!!
Luca - Right!?

I have no idea where he is, though. Hahaha.
Shino - You...don't seem to be joking either...Wo~w.

Then your father also has the same power as...

Luca - ...It stopped. Where is we? An open field?
Shino - Eh? Mister, are you taking a break?

Man - ...No...

Pg. 8
We're here.

Luca - What's all this about?
Shino - ...Who're these people...?

Man – I told ya, didn't I? It's dangerous for a woman and child to be alone.

Pg. 9
Ya really doomed yerself by callin' for the head of the bandits.
All yer belongings are ours now.

Shino - Oh~...so you're a bandit...are you?

Bandit - Geheeheehee.
Check out this girl. She ain't half bad, is she!?

Entertain me a bit, will ya? Hyahaha.
Shino - Ngh...
Bandit - Hey, get down!

We can't do anythin' with ya other than sell ya off. [Guhaha.]

Luca - Hey, is this place close to Metal City?
Bandit - Huh?

Pg. 10
Ya don't even pay attention to the danger around ya, eh? Can't ya tell we tricked ya!?
Ya ain't goin' to Metal City. Yer off to the slave hut in the human trade city!

Ya can see this knife, can'tcha, little one? [kukuku.]


Shino - Don't you dare touch my body light-heartedly!

Bandit - Y...Ya bitch!

Pg. 11
Shino - Let's run now, Luca-kun.

Bandit - Huh...!? Smokescreen!?
That bitch dare fool around in our land...!!

Bandit Head - ...Hmph, you little.

Pg. 12

Shino - Huh!?

The...The smoke...!?

Bandit Head - Found ya.

Pg. 13

Shino - Kyaa!



Bandit Head - Ya wouldn't get injured if ya'd stay still.
Bandit - Nothin' can escape Boss's chain!!

Pg. 14
The chain is specially made from Fastenum Steel. It'll tighten from your body temperature!
It might be just the outside, but ya ain't pullin' it off so easily! Now, feel as it gradually digs into yer soft skin!
-- Fastenum Steel Rarity: E / An uncommon metal which diminishes when exposed to even the slightest heat. Relatively cheap. --

Shino – Ug...h.

Bandit Head - Now, if ya wanna get out, do as I say.

Shino - Oww, that was terrible!
Bandit - It...It came...off!?

Pg. 15
Bandit - Hey, what's with that guy...?
He's stretchin' the chain as if it's taffy...

Bandit Head - ...What's going on...!? My specially made item...

Luca - If you don't lay off,
I'm gonna get mad.

Bandit Head - Ngh...I'll sell him off at a high price!! Get'im!!
Bandit - Roger!

Shino – Eek!
Luca - I'm going to Metal City...

Don't you...

Pg. 16-17
get in my way!!!


Bandit Head - He...He...He turned my chain...

Into a long staff!?

Pg. 18
Luca - You're the last one, old man.

Bandit Head - Kuh...

That...That guy's a monster...!
Shino - Ah, he ran away!

Luca - ...Phew.
Shino - Geez, that was just plain horrible...

Bandit Head - Hah, hah, just what happened to me...
What in the heck is that kid...?

Pg. 19

??? - I was wondering if some monkey wouldn't leap out. It's a human, huh...?

You look like the wanted boss of the bandits in this area.
Though that guy's bounty is worth next to nothing.
Bandit Head - Ngh...

Outta da way!!

Pg. 20
??? - You really are that bounty head then...?

but I have no intention of moving!!
Bandit Head - GWAAH.

Pg. 21
??? - Consider yourself unfortunate...
to run into a Minea.

Shino - Fi...Finally made it to the ridge...! It's not far now...You can actually see the city from here.
Luca - Oh, really!?


Pg. 22-23
Luca - So that's Metal City...!!
** The giant capital is spread out below them!! This is the center of the world!! **

I'm finally here!!

Metallica Metalluca
Chapter 3 / END
Next chapter, excitement fills the whole city! Luca runs wild!?

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#1. by SeuneuCaang ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2010
Thank you.
We shall use this translations.
#2. by unok-kun ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2010
^ Oh really? Like there's any other translation to use -_-"

Ju-chan: I'd suggest changing the "bug" part rather than the "ignore" part... It's way easier like that. I'll try to come up with something later (I've been translating from Spanish to English a comic with quite some puns... so at least I have some experience ^^).
#3. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2010
apparently i'm doing such a bad job on this it needs a second group working on it >.>
#4. by unok-kun ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2010
#3: Don't worry about that, it's not about the quality, it's about the wishes for e-fame (which I never understood and never will) -_-"

About the puns... Let's see, I think the first one could be better like "in a delicate way" instead of gracefully (to use the same word as in Japanese), and Luca's answer, "Your butt sure is deli-great" (it's more like in Japanese; still a fail pun, but at least I tried -_-"). About the second, "stop bugging around" would be fine IMO (I didn't see the page in my first comment ^^).

Remember that puns don't need to be exactly the same, as long as they work and don't interfere with the story, it's fine.
#5. by Cococrash11 ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2010
Keep up the good work.
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