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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Metallica Metalluca 4

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jun 8, 2010 08:19 | Go to Metallica Metalluca

-> RTS Page for Metallica Metalluca 4

One note to the scanlator: As Gal said he doesn't appreciate people changing the script in the scanlation, even if they're just SFX or names (I personally don't mind as long as you don't change the meaning of it...), if you want to change anything in the script, please PM me, and I'll give you the unproofreaded script. Be aware though, that this mean you'll have to proofread the script yourself and send it back to me to make sure that you didn't change its context and wait for me to say OK before using. Otherwise, please don't go ahead and change the script. If you spot some mistakes that really need to be changed, please comment with it.

Please credit Galooza for proofreading.

Metallica Metalluca
Chapter 4 "The Uproar of Metal City"

Pg. 1
** His first visit to Metal City! What excitement awaits him!? **

Pg. 2-3
-- Metal City - South: Market Sector --
** They've arrived at Metal City!! Full of liveliness!! **

Luca - Wow, this is so awesome!!
So this is Metal City!?

And everyone's here to become Mineas?
Shino - Of course not. This is the center of the economy. It's plain obvious there'll be lots of people here!
Luca - He~h.

Luca - This statue's huge!! What kind of metal's it made of?

Shino - You really are a bumpkin.
Luca - Hm? You don't mind me jumpin' up on this?
Shino - I DO MIND!

Pg. 4
Gatou - Whoa...!! You're in the way. Move!
Luca - Hm?

Gatou - Ngh.

Luca - Wah!!

Gatou - Hey, don't go staggering around in the middle of the street like this!!


Shino - Gosh, it's your fault for stopping there.
Luca - Wha...

Pg. 5
What's that board? I want one!!
Shino – Aah...

That's a hoverboard made from magnetic metal that was once very popular,
but I thought it was already banned due to how dangerous it was...

Anyhow, this city is the city of hope, filled with opportunities for people's dreams...!
But on the other side, it's also deeply engulfed in darkness.

One misstep and before you know it...
Luca - He~h.

Shino - Well, as long as we stick together, we'll be fine!
Now, first off, let's go take care of my business...

Pg. 6
...Wait, where're you going!!?
Luca - Hmmmm...

I also have a promise with the people in Elza to take care of before getting to my Minea business.
Shino – You do!? Wait…!

Alright, but wait here if you get lost! It's dangerous for you!
Luca - Nahaha, I'll be fine.

Don't wor...

Shino - I'm very worried...

Pg. 7
Granny - Oh, Gatou. You snuck out of the factory again?
Gatou - Shut up, Granny!

I'm just irritated at my colleagues for putting the blame on me,
saying a genius doesn't require any effort.

Granny - If you hate metalwork that bad, just quit and take over my job.
Gatou – To Hell with that! Who would wanna run such boring medicine shop...?

Pg. 8
Luca - Finally found a medicine shop...The crowd really made me dizzy...
Gatou - Hm? It's that guy from before...
He reeks!! What the heck is he!

Granny - You want me to deliver medicine to Elza Village?

I don't mind that, but medications will vary by symptoms, as well as what kind of poison that patient inhaled...
Luca - Can you send different types of medicine, then?
Gatou - That's seriously broad...

Granny – But do you have that?
Luca – What do you mean by "that"?

Gatou - Cash, obviously! You won't get anywhere without it.
Luca - Ah, is that it?

Pg. 9
I don't have any money, but...
I do have these metals.

Gatou - Just look at this expensive platinum! Are...Are these rare, as well?
Granny - Hoho.
Luca - Can I get something with these, then?

Granny - Bu...But these...
Officials - Excuse us for a sec...

Pg. 10
but we have reports that a boy using a banned metal board was here.
Do you know anything about this, old lady?

Granny - Oh! You two are officials from the Metalist Associates?
Gatou - ...Shit!!

Officials - It seems the culprit resembled Gatou who lives...

What with this heap of metal...?
Luca - I'm the one who collected them, since I want to become a Minea!

Official - A Minea?

Pg. 11
If memory serves, registration for this year's Minea exam has been over since last month.
Though the exam hasn't started yet.
Luca - Eh!?

This year's exam?...You mean I have to wait for another year!?
Officials – Hahaha!

With metal collecting being such a rough… You'd have to wait another 10 years, let alone next year!

These rare metals aren't approved by the Associates?
Are these smuggled from the black market!?

Who exactly are you? You're coming with us to headquarters.
Luca - Heh? Why's that!?

Pg. 12
Gatou - THERE!!
The president of the Metalis Associates is being attacked!!

Officials – Bajeena-sama!?

Gatou - Hey, I'll lend this to you. Go on.
Luca - Heh?

I didn't do anything, though...
Gatou - Just get going...

Luca – Whoa!

Pg. 13

Officials - He...He ran off!? And where's Bajeena-sama!?
Gatou - Whoops? Guess I'm mistaken.
Officials - Then that brat's the kid with the metal board!?

Dammit, after him!!

Pg. 14
People – Whoa!

Watch it!

Dog - Woof!
People - KYA!

Luca - Haha, I'm gettin' good at this.

The Liberium board responds to the magnetic field in the street by hovering, huh?
-- Liberium Rarity: C - A rare metal which repels weak magnetic fields emitted by metals. Easy to gather. --

Pg. 15
So, then...how do I stop it!?

Officials - This is as far as you go, kid!!

You won't get away from us, who know the city in and out.
Behave yourself, stop it already!!

Luca - Wha...Whaddya want me to do...
to stop this thing, then...?

Officials - Hey... Stop I say!
Stop right now!



Pg. 16

Pg. 17
Luca - Phew, finally stopped...


Oww...the statue broke!?
People - He...Hey, you see that!?

Pg. 18
This brat just broke the statue of “The Hero”!?
That's a serious crime...!!

Hey, if we capture the grave sinner, we get the bounty, right...?
Anything done against “The Hero” is unforgivable to begin with!!

Luca - ...Eh...?
You can't mean...

People - CAPTURE HIM~~~!!!

Metallica Metalluca
Chapter 4 / END

Pg. 19
Zuou - I barely return to the city after a long while, and it's already in an uproar.
What's all the excitement about?
People - Oh, it's Zuou-sama!! Zuou-sama's back!

Where's he now!?
You go over there!!

Gatou - Hey, you.
Luca - Wah!!

Ah...!! You're the guy from the medicine shop...
Gatou - Shh! You want to become a Minea, right?

I'll tell you how... you can become one.
Luca - Eh!?
** An unexpected suggestion!...But, for real!? **

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#1. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on Jun 8, 2010

and what did i change? >.>
#2. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jun 8, 2010
In fact, I think he refers more to another one, not your one...but again, all I remembered is Gal poking me to check out the scanlation and said that he doesn't appreciate the SFX and the naming changes... ._."
#3. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on Jun 8, 2010
oh, ok. let me know if you find out what scan he was referring to. :)
#4. by Galooza ()
Posted on Jun 8, 2010
Wasn't you, Zetsubo. But if Ju doesn't care then I'm not gonna raise an issue over it.
#5. by Cococrash11 ()
Posted on Jun 9, 2010
Great translation.
#6. by SeuneuCaang ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2010
Sorry for all of Our mistake.
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