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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Metallica Metalluca 7

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 1, 2010 04:27 | Go to Metallica Metalluca

-> RTS Page for Metallica Metalluca 7

Supposed to be done since yesterday, but I was sick and couldn't come online the whole day yesterday... ._."

PS. Sorry, Gal...I failed at SFX...>__>"
PPS. Since I can't get onto the IRC, I searched for the last one, and it said that a group of tiger is called as either streak or ambush...that's what I'm trying to say when I said "swarm" (though guess swarm only works with bugs... ._.")

Please credit Galooza for proofreading.

Metallica Metalluca
Chapter 7 "Start of the First Round!"

Pg. 1
** Luca, finally on his way to the Minea exam!! **
Zuou - We'll be heading to the first examination site!

After checking your names, all examinees and assistants...

Please get yourself a number ring...

And promptly board the Grand Airship inside the main gate.

Luca - Grand Airship?
Gatou - It's a flying vehicle made from metal ore.
I've never seen it up close myself, but...you'll be surprised.
Luca - Heh~

Gatou - There it is.

Pg. 2-3
Luca - SO BIG!!!
** Finally, on his journey aboard the giant ship!! **

And this thing can fly!? Awesome!
Gatou – He-Hey!

SFX: Pat

Shino - We'll be more and more prepared from here on in.
I'm not worried about Luca...but are you sure you're OK?

Pg. 4
Gatou - Please let me take that exam, as well.

Shino - Huh?

Luca - Gatou, so you really are planning on becoming a Minea?
Bejeena - Hmm...but now...

Gatou - No!
Please let me take it as Luca's assistant.

Luca - Ajeestank?
Shino - It's "assistant".
Bajeena - Hmm...I see.

Pg. 5
Indeed, Minea examinees are allowed to have two attendants at most...for support.
You want me to accept you as that, then...?
Luca - Oh, you mean attendant?

Bajeena - However, the risk is no less than for the examinees themselves.

A weak assistant will only burden the examinee.
No doubt, it's also probable that you'll lose your life.
Examinees don't get disqualified for having a disqualified assistant...
But, you'll suffer if you're half-hearted about this.

Gatou - I've...realized my own path...

The path of metal art that I want to proceed on...! What lies before that...is the power of the Metallica Tribe.
How can it directly express such an intense feeling...?

With Balk the Hero gone, I want to...

Pg. 6
Watch that mystery right beside Luca! Where I can see him demonstrate his power!
To that end, even if it was my life, I wouldn't regret it!

Luca - I personally don't mind.

My dad can travel while protecting a kid like me, after all.
I won't be able to surpass him if I can't even do that.

Gatou - Shut it!! Who's going to be protected!? I'm the one assisting you, Luca!
Luca - Wahaha.
Shino - ...Is that alright?
Bajeena - Hmmm.

Father - Don't say selfish things, Gatou!!

Pg. 7
Gatou - Woah...dad!!
And granny, too!?

Father - Just when I was wondering where you were, running off from the factory like that...
Don't trouble the Associates people, idiot! Come on home with me.

Gatou - I've made up my mind.
I'll go on the Minea exam as an assistant!
So I'll be taking a break from the factory.

Huh!? Minea? You'd only die without being of any help, sure thing!
Now, you say something, granny...

Pg. 8
Granny - Yeah, go ahead and die, then!
Father - See? Even granny said that...wait, WHAAAAT!?

Granny - There's no cure for a moron, after all.
You'll be one for the rest of your life.

Back to preparing the medicines so they can be sent to Elza Village now!
Father - He...Hey.

Granny, wait...

Gatou - Luca!

Pg. 9
Let me see your power with my very own eyes, kay!?

Luca - Haha, gotcha!

Shino – And, of course...

I'm going, too!
Luca - Eh...Shino!? But why!?

Shino - I also registered as your assistant. That means the three of us are teaming up!
Let's make it through together, Luca-kun, Gatou-kun!
Luca - Huh, you're going too!? But, I didn't know anything about that!

Gatou - I'm totally up for it!!

Announcement - We're taking off!!

Pg. 10
Luca - Amazing, we're really flying!! [Wow~]
Gatou - This runs using rare metals as well...so I reckon we have the Minea to thank for this, as well.
Luca - Heh~

Pg. 11
Announcement - To all examinees!

Your first destination will be a C-class Danger Zone, Volcano Mountain Range!
You may use any metals in your possession except restricted ones!

In addition, the number rings we've given to you are an emergency device made of rare metal alloys.

If you feel you're in danger, and about to lose your life, or want to give up...
Don't hesitate to press the button and your life will be spared...
And so, best of luck to you all!

Shino - I've heard many people were severely injured in the past exam because they don't provide this.
Luca - Heh~
Examinee - Hah!!

Why would we need this, if we're going to become Minea!?
Screw them for treating us like weaklings.

Pg. 12
I don't care if ‘tis an anniversary exam or what...
But seein’ all these wimps around sure is pissin’ me off!

Aaaaaaah...fuck it.

Luca - Wonder where the engine...
Gatou - Wait, Luca!

Examinee - ...I wouldn't mind women, but...

A kid? Gimme a break...
Gatou - Ufh!!?

Pg. 13
Hey, what do you think you're doing!
Shino - Are you alright, Gatou-kun?

Examinee - Hah, wanna give it a go? Bring it on, then! Haha!
Gatou - Ngh.
Zuou - Hey,

Don't start any unnecessary fights.
Otherwise, you'll be disqualified.

Examinee - Why, if it isn't Zuou-san... how much further are we goin’ til we get to this place and start the exam? My body's already achin’ up.
Screamin’ "Ain't we there yet?"

Zuou – What are you saying?
Examinee - Eh, well, you see...

Zuou - The exam has already begun.
Examinee - Huh? But we...

The...the floor's...shak...

Pg. 14-15
Shino - Hold...

Examinee - What...!?

Luca - It opened!?

Examinees - UWAAAAA

Pg. 16
Shino - Wai...Watch where you're touching!!

Gatou - Oh...Oh yeah.
If we press this button...

Gatou - It's that old dude!?

-- Bubblium Rescue Dome: Made from Bubblium, it's set inside the emergency device and will protect the wearer from any impact by expanding around the person. --

Pg. 17

Zuou - He's disqualified, then.

A Minea...

Should be able to deal calmly...
With any situation.

Gatou - [That's right! This is already the exam itself! Using the emergency device will only disqualify the person...]
But...But, how are we...

Luca - We can press this?
Gatou - Wait, Luca! Can't you think of another way!?
Luca - Hm?

Pg. 18

SFX: Kachink

Gatou - Whoa!!

Shino – Kyaa!

Luca - Geez, I knew carryin' more than two people would be heavy...
Gatou - Can...Can we actually call this safe?
Shino - Owww.

Metallica Metalluca
Chapter 7 / END

Pg. 19
Gatou- Look at that. Lots of people just failed! Serves'em right.

Shino - Don't go acting all tough, just yet! This is a Minea exam, alright?
We'll be kickin' buckets if we let our guard...

Electigra - GRRRR

Gatou - I'm sorry for letting my guard down~~!!
** Out of the frying pan and right into the fire!? **
Shino - Shit...!! We-We're in a streak of Electigra!!?

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#1. by Galooza ()
Posted on Jul 1, 2010
I was more confused the way swarm was used. You can say one of two things:

1) We're in the middle of a bunch,pack, etc of Electigra!!?
2) A bunch of Electigra swarmed around us!!?
#2. by moonster x ()
Posted on Jul 1, 2010
what? el tigre? hahaha.. jk
#3. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on Jul 3, 2010
i used pack :)
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