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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Metallica Metalluca 9

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 22, 2010 01:07 | Go to Metallica Metalluca

-> RTS Page for Metallica Metalluca 9

I'm getting close to the exam and am trying to get myself to study (emphasis: TRYING...never succeeded through, in these past 4-5 years...-_-"). So, just a forewarning. Metallica might be out slower than usual, as well as CB.

Please credit Galooza for proofreading.

Metallica Metalluca
Chapter 9 "Go! The Rush at Mt. Volcano"

Pg. 1
** His looks are good, but so are his skills!! Who could this handsome man be!? **

Gatou - [We barely made it, thanks to Luca's power...]
[But, this guy...defeated all those Electigras by himself...!? Just what's with that!?]


Trenka - Looks like we'll be at our next destination once we get out of these woods...Wanna go together?
Gatou - ...Ugh.

What should we do, Luca? That guy's just way too suspicious...

Shino - With pleasure <3
Trenka - Oh, how beautiful you are...hm?
Gatou - Shino-san...!!

Pg. 2
** One day, the whole world...shall know of my beauty and intelligence! **

Pg. 3
-- Class C Danger Zone, Mt. Volcano --

Gatou – There's the airship! Is this Mt. Volcano...!?
Luca - Wow, awesome. This cliff's so steep!

Shino - Wait a sec, you guys...!

Pg. 4
Why didn't you tell me my clothes were torn? This is embarrassing!
Gatou - We...Well, we thought you already noticed...

Shino - I want to go home and change, right now!
Luca - I thought I already fixed it for you with Phylonium?

Shino - I'm better off without this...
This seriously makes me looks like a weirdo.
Gatou - Meh, I think it's perfect! [Nice job, Luca.]

Trenka – It would appear...

Many examinees have already been cut.
There were thousands before, but only a few are left remaining...

Pg. 5
Bordeaux - Are all you here, those who passed the first test?

57 people, hm...to think this many could get out of the forest of thunder beasts...
'tis a big yield this year, wouldn't ya say?

Examinee – Who-Who is that!? An examiner!?
Where are you!?
The forest of thunder beasts? There's thunder beasts in there?
I didn't see any, though.

Trenka - Oh, I helped the other examinees, then? [Does that disqualify me...!?]

Examinee - Anyway, dropping us off like that was just horrible!
Show yourself!

Bordeaux - Shut up.
Can't ya see that I'm already here!?

Pg. 6
Good job coming this far!!
Welcome, all you little chickens, to this second exam site, Mt. Volcano!!

Gatou - He just came out of the ground...!!?
Luca – What is he, a mole!?

Bordeaux - Who're you callin' a mole!?
I do indeed live like one, but still.

I'm Bordeaux, the Minea assigned to oversee this portion of the exam.
I'll fail any whiny guys, so be on guard!

Pg. 7
Examinee - Bo...Bordeaux-sama!?
What!? The Rank A Minea, Bordeaux-sama, is our instructor!?

Trenka - Is he well-known?
Shino - Yeah.

He's the prestigious Minea who discovered the vein with metals of all rarities.
His sense of smell is second to none.

Trenka - Oh, I see.

Gatou - This guy...
He's an examinee, but doesn't know who Bordeaux-sama is?

Bordeaux - I'll explain the details of this portion.
The goal's simple...
The signature work of us Mineas...

Pg. 8
Go find a rare metal and bring it back to me.

Examinees - Yeah, here we go! That's the way the exam should be.
Bordeaux - Of course, you can use any kind of equipment you want...

You only have 3 hours.

Examinees - What!?

Bordeaux - Size doesn't matter...!
Find me a rare metal in this mountain and bring it back within 3 hours, before the hourglass runs out. Simple, isn't it?

Pg. 9
Well, then...
Examinee - Ho...Hold on a second, Bordeaux-sama!!

You want us to find a rare metal in this dangerous place within 3 hours...?
That's just too much!!
You dropped us from the sky, and now this?...What's with this exam...?

No one'll ever be able to...


Bordeaux - I told ya, I'll fail anyone who whines, didn't I?
No matter where we are, we Minea must always keep our cool.

Fine...lemme give ya a hint, then.

Pg. 10
I can smell about three rare metal veins in this mountain.

The first one is a Rarity C metal I felt on the slope around the mountain side...

The second one is a Rarity B metal I suspect is near the magma pool, deeper in.

And the third is a Rarity A metal floating in the crater.

It's up to you to choose!

Of course, I'll accept any other rare metals ya bring, as well.

Well, then...
You've got 3 hours...

Pg. 11

Pg. 12
Gatou - They all took off, already! What are we gonna do, then!?
Luca - Seems they all went for the mountain side.

Gatou - Well, that's because lower rarity metals are easier to find, I guess...?

Shall we go for C too, then?
Luca - Alright...grab onto me. I'll use Fragorium to...
Shino - We'll go for B.

Gatou - Huh!?

Shino - We definitely have to go for B!
So, let's head for the underground.

Luca - Why's that?
Gatou - Wouldn't C be easier to get...?

Shino - Yes, the rarer the metal, the harder it will be to find. So, after hearing that, of course everyone will go for C!
But listen. This is a selection test!

Pg. 13
There's no way everyone will pass. There has to be some kind of challenges, for sure.
Taken the time and the degree of difficulty, A is out of the question, so...
B would be more probable for us to get!

Luca - Oh...

Shino - This is just the beginning!

My first treasure hunt in a danger zone under the cover of the Minea Exam!!
Luca - WHAT!?

Shino - That's why I became your assistant, after all! I'm coming for you, my little treasure!
Luca - Wait...you mean...you were aiming for the rare metal from the start!?

Shino - Come on!
Gatou - Eek...
Trenka - I see it, now.

Pg. 14
-- Mt. Volcano, Inside the underground --

Shino - We've come pretty far down...How much time have we used up, already?
Gatou - Around 30-40 minutes, I'd guess...maybe more?

Shino - We're so deep already...it's starting to get hot...
But we still don't see any trace of a rare metal.

Gatou - ...What're you doing, Luca?
Luca - I was thinking that maybe I can sniff it out, like old man Bordeaux.

Shino - That's just a metaphor! He just used his gut instinct!
Luca - Really?

Otherwise, he'd be a monster if he could distinguish metals by their smell...!

Pg. 15
What!? This rock's moving...


I'm gonna fall!!

Luca - Watch out!

Shino - Owwwwwww.

Pg. 16
Shino - Hey...don't pull on me so hard, OK? ...wait...
Y...you're not peeking at any pervy place, are you!?

Luca - You're so whiny. I was helping you, alright?
Gatou - Lu...Luca!

This isn't a rock.

It's a rock-shaped creature!!
Wait! Isn't this...a baby Rock Dragon...!? It's said to live near magma...
...which means...

Pg. 17
Gatou - Whoa, Luca...you sure you can get close to it!?
Luca - This guy...his leg's injured. Someone might've stepped on him, thinking he's a rock.

There you go.

Shino - Hey, you two. Stop playing around...come here!!
This cave!

Luca - Wow, did that Rock Dragon pass through here?
Gatou - It's a tight fit.

Hey, Luca! That guy's following us because you helped him!
Luca - Oh~

Shino - We made it! Come look over here.

Luca - Wow, the air's blazing hot!!
Shino - Surely...this must be what Bordeaux-san was talking about.

Pg. 18-19
Mt. Volcano's magma pool!!
** The spewing molten rock! The burning hell!! The rare metal they're seeking is here!? **

Gatou - Hey, look at the light coming from that rock...

Could that...
Ore be...!!

Trenka - Oh...

Metallica Metalluca
Chapter 9 / END
Next chapter, aiming for the rare metal, they finally jump amidst the spewing magma!!

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