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Buster Keel 14

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 31, 2010 12:42 | Go to Buster Keel

-> RTS Page for Buster Keel 14

Please read this. I just want to make it clear about the Rival series.

Please credit zambo92 for proofreading

Buster Keel
Burst 14: "My Funny Crem (Part 1)"

Pg. 1
** Having passed through their harsh training, the 3 monsters and 1 human proceed onward with full adventurer's spirit!! **
== With that...I'm changing names to go with the name the mangaka decided whenever I find them.

Pg. 2
** Vamper and Tuturn make their return!! **
Vamper - We didn't know that they are musical instruments, though. Right, Tuturn-san?

It would be a lot easier for us if we just knew that...
Tuturn - Well, yeah.
Why didn't we figure out that those "Jingi's" were "Musical Instruments of God" before...?

Pg. 3
Firebird - That's what I kind of vaguely heard.
Vamper - Hm!?

Firebird - And it seems like it’s true, according to Kurokiri-san.

Vamper - Oh?
Is it OK for you to move right now, Firebird-san?
Firebird - What's that supposed to mean, Vamper?

Vamper - Blue-niisan beat you black and blue, didn't he?
Firebird - I was just careless!!

Katyston - Only weaklings would use that excuse though.
Firebird - And weren't you knocked out in one hit, Katyston!!?

Katyston - I was just careless.
Firebird - You also use that excuse, stupid!!

Vamper - Tuturn-san got defeated in one hit as well though.
Tuturn - Yeah, with that "KABOOM!".
Hey, shut up!!

Firebird - With all executives gathered like this, what could the topic of the meeting be?
Vamper - Dunno.

Pg. 4

Firebird - Heeks!!?

Tuturn - Vamper!

Vamper - Only one person would've done this...

Is that you, Silver-san?
Silver - Kyakya, still up and talking, even with a knife through your head. You're still as gross as ever~
-- NAME: Silver --

Vamper - What was this for!?
Silver - No~thing. I'm just free, I guess? Kyakya.

Pg. 5
Vamper - Are you trying to pick a fight with me?
Tuturn - Don't, Vamper.

Silver - Awww, oniisama. That vampire is bullying me~~!!
Vamper - Wha!

Firebird - There comes the stinker.

Gold - What's wrong, Silver?
Silver - I was just playing around, and he scolded me~

Gold - You pack of fries shouldn't bully my lovely sister, alright~
Silver - Yeah, BEEH...
-- NAME: Gold --

Pg. 6
Firebird - Huh? Pack of fries?? Who do you think you are, blockhead?
Gold - Hm?

I merely just stated the fact.

Tuturn - Stop it, Vamper!
Vamper - ACK!!
Katyston - What good will fighting with another executive do? Also, you're-
Firebird - Yep, I get it. I get it.

Tuturn - That goes for you too, Gold. Fighting within executives...

Gold - is prohibited...right?
Silver - Booooo!

Tuturn - You know what today's meeting is about?
Gold - Dunno.

Why not go ask him directly, then?

Pg. 7
Kurokiri - Are we all here now?

Here's the list of places with high possibility of finding a Jingi.
Finish them up, fast and clean.

Pg. 8
Keel - How much longer till we arrive, dang it~~?
Mippy - Oink!

Lavie - Geez~ Stop saying that already, you two~?

Keel - Is there really a village?
Mippy - [I'm hungry, oink.]
Lavie - From Kome-jiisan's info, it shouldn't be too far now...

Pg. 9
A letter from Kome-jiisan was sent to Shiro-san's house.

It’s about a treasure that could've been the Jingi.
Letter - Everyone, still doing good!? I heard about one flashy battle at Shiro's place so...(though I'm sure you guys can manage it)
Actually, I was thinking of telling you about a treasure that might be the Jingi, so I wrote you
The place is, from Sun
inside Mt.

Keel - [Hope this isn't just more bragging.]
Lavie - Jingi!?

And with that, we head out to the village lying in the mountain as written in Kome-jiisan's letter.
Shiro - Take care of yourself. If you need any help, feel free to come by at anytime.

Keel - [Bye then, old man.]
Lavie - You too. Please take care of yourself.
Mippy - [Oink!]

Pg. 10
So if we find the Jingis, we might be able to meet with Shiva, oink,
and if we look for the Jingis, we might run into those Ayakashi, oink...?

Keel - I don't like how sluggish this is though.
Anyway, I'm going to kick that Kurokiri's ass.

Blue - I will be the one to kill him.
Lavie - [Stop it.]
Keel - Huh!?

Mippy - A village, oink!!

Lavie - So this is Gokuraku, the hot spring village in the letter!

Pg. 11
Keel - Just what the hell is this deserted village?

Lavie - It seems different from what Kome-jiisan said.
Map - It's a lively village with lots of hot spring connoisseurs!
Sunshine Town
To the West
From Komejii

Keel - A lively village my foot. Not even a person on the street, huh?
Lavie - I wonder what's wrong...?

Monster - GYEEE!!
Lavie - Eh!?

Pg. 12
Mippy - A monster, oink!!
Lavie - An Ahlee Queen, a Class E monster.

Monster - GYEEEEE!!

Mippy - But it's supposed to be a docile monster!!

Keel - Hold onto this, stupid Blue!!
Blue - Ugh.

Keel - That long hiking totally bores me.
I'll fight with you, Aliquee!!


Pg. 13
Albra - "Lider Kick"!!!
Monster - GYEE!!
Keel - Wha!!?

Albra - All numb now!!?

Monster - KYEE!!
Albra - Wow, you can still stand, huh?

Monster - GWOOH...

Albra - Nice, Yanses.
Yanses – Be sure to finish it off next time, Albra.

Pg. 14
Keel - [My prey...]

Albra - Hehe, you three alright?
Yanses - If you're here for a tour, I think you better quit it. This town is facing some problems right now.

Lavie - Thank you for your help.
Albra - Hehe, that's fine.

Keel - No one asked for your help. Also, who the hell are you two?
Albra - We're adventurers.
You all are too, right?

Let's not stand and talk, like this. Why not come to our inn?

Pg. 15
Lavie - The titles of "Raijin" and "Fuujin"!!
Wow!! You two are those famous adventurers!!?
== Raijin = God of Lightning; Fuujin = God of Wind

Albra - Hehe. Well, yeah~ Praise me, praise me~ <3
-- NAME: "Raijin" Albra --
Yanses - Don't get all cocky.
-- NAME: "Fuujin" Yanses --

Keel - What's so great about them?
Lavie - Titles are only awarded by the Adventurer Associates to those who've made some great contributions. It's not something that comes easily.
[Phanacotta already told us that.]

Also, Yanses-san is a magic warrior like Blue,
and Albra-san is a magic fighter, who has requirements of both a magician and a fighter.
These two are of high class.

Pg. 16
Albra - Blue? You mean, "Suireiki" Blue?
Blue - Yeah.
== Suireiki = Water Demon

Albra - What, isn't he also a famous guy?
You were even in the Monthly Adventurer as a spotlight newbie.
Keel - Tch.
Blue - Nah, that's nothing...

Albra - Guess there's no need for our help when you have Suireiki with you then. Hehe.
Keel - [I WAS about to beat it up, jerk.]

Albra - But why do you come to this village?
Mippy - [Mippy having a rough battle with the hardness of the rice cracker.]
Lavie - We're here to find a treasure.
Do you two know anything about it?

Albra - Oh~ A treasure in this village...?
Yanses - Sorry, never heard of it.

Albra - OK, we'll let you know if we find anything then.
Lavie - Th-Thank you very much.

Albra - But a party with Blue, the honorable, yet young adventurer, huh? We can't lose to you guys then, hehe~
Lavie - I too, will try my best to obtain a title like the both of you and Blue.

Pg. 17
Keel - Tch.

Blue - How're things in this village?
Albra - Pretty bad.

All hot springs in this village turned into poison.
Lavie - Poison!?

Albra - Because of that, lots of villagers become ill,
and the monsters that use those hot springs become aggressive.

So we two were sent here to search for the cause behind this,

but well, we already found it.
Lavie - Eh?

Pg. 18
Albra - [There’s this monster in Mt.Gokuraku, the volcano near to this village.]
[It's that monster that causes this to happen.]

We're about to go kill it tonight as well.

Lavie - Umm...if possible, will you let me help you as well!?

Albra - Huh?
Lavie - I can't just ward my eyes away from the situation in this village.

Albra - ...Alright, let's do this together then.
Lavie - Thank you very much.

Albra - But keep in mind that this is our job. Don't do anything officious, got it?

Pg. 19
Lavie – Ye-Yes!

Keel - I'll pass on this. It's too much of a pain.
Lavie - Eh!?

Wait, Keel!!

Keel - There's no real need for me to participate, is there?
Since you have two honorable high class adventurers with you.

Lavie - Keel!!

Mippy - What's wrong with him, oink?
Lavie - I don't know either.
Why is he angry...?

Albra - I guess your boyfriend just got timid since you keep on praising us, and not him.
Lavie - Aww, he’s getting timid...?

Wait, he's not my boyfriend!!
Albra - Oh, really? Hehehe.

Pg. 20
Keel - What's the big deal with those high class' and those alias', stupid Ravie?

Crem - Please stop it!!
Keel - Hm?

Villagers - What're you saying? What's your problem with us going to defeat the monster!!?
Crem - Bu-But!
Villagers - We've already made up our mind!

Crem - You can't fight against that monster!!
Villagers - Stop messing with us. It's already been decided.
We're out for the hunt tonight.

Go away!!
Crem - KYAA

Villagers - Geez, what's with that girl?
Let's go.

Pg. 21
Crem - Please, don't kill that monster.

Villages - Man...

you're so annoying!!

Crem - Kyaa!!
Villagers - Wha!!

Keel - I dunno what happened, but don't bully a girl.
Villagers - Huh!? Who're you!!

Keel - Huh?
And who are you, dorks?

Villagers - HEEKS!!

Keel - You alright?
Crem - Ye-Yes.

Pg. 22
Thank you very much. I'm Crem.
And you are?
-- NAME: Crem --

Keel - I'm Keel!
But call me Keel-sama!!

Crem - Understood, Keel-sama.
Keel - She's really calling me that!

Crem - The villagers are going to hunt down that monster tonight with those adventurers...
I was trying to stop them.

Keel - But isn't it a bad monster? Why'd you try to stop them!?

Crem - ...My uncle told me that
Keel - Hm?

Pg. 23
Crem - the volcano monster is the guardian deity of our village.
We must never fight it.

Keel – Guardian deity...?

Crem - Yes...that's why I-

Keel - Ukyakya, you hungry, Crem?
Crem - Hmm, I haven't eaten anything today, so~ How embarassing~

Pg. 24
Keel - What's wrong? Eat up.

Crem - I've never eaten a banana before.
Keel - Seriously!? Try it. It tastes good!!!!

How's that? Taste good, doesn't it!? Right!?

Crem - ...'tis good.

Keel - Hehe, told ya.

Crem - You're such a nice person.
Keel - Eh!?
N-No, I'm not nice or anything really!!

Not a person, either...I'm a monster.
Crem - Eh!?

Pg. 25
Keel - I'm a monster called...

You'd be freaking out, screaming "MONSTER~!" if you saw my real self.

Crem - I won't.
Keel - Hm?

Crem - I won't call you a monster.
No matter how you look, you're still the kind-hearted Keel-sama inside.

Pg. 26
Keel - I-I'm not kind-hearted. Well, eat some more bananas!!
Crem - Yes!

Thank you for those bananas, Keel-sama. I'm going home now.
Keel - Alright.

I'll have you eat a Banana Parfait next time.
That tastes even better than a banana.

Crem - Parfait!?
Yes! I'm looking forward to it.

See you again, Keel-sama.

Keel - Hehe.

Keel-sama, huh?
...Not bad, I guess.

Pg. 27
Lavie - Gosh~~ Where've you been, Keel~~?

Keel - Shut it, bitch.
Lavie - What'd you say!?

Fine. Do whatever you want, Mr. Whiny!
Keel - Wh-Who're you calling Mr. Whiny!?

Albra - Alright, you're all here now. Let's get going then.
Keel - Huh?

Albra - To hunt for the monster of Mt. Gokuraku!

Keel - You're serious 'bout that!?
Albra - Yes. What'll you do then?

Tsk, go ahead and get along with just those two then.
Lavie - [Gosh~]
Albra - Hehe, alright.

Well, let's go then. The villagers are waiting.
??? - Eh!? Villagers?

Pg. 28
Villagers - Let's accompany you to save our village as well, sir!!
Yeah!! We'll fight too, to protect our village!

Lavie - Albra-san, this is...
Albra - Well,
They insist on going, and won't listen to me at all.

Blue - Won't they just be a burden to us?
Yanses - Yeah,
though we did tell them not to intrude during our fight.

Villagers - Alright, let's go, guys! We're gonna take down that monster!!
YEAH!! We'll bring back our lively village!!

Keel - Hey!
Villagers - Huh?

Wha, you're that guy from before!!?
Keel - I won't bite.

Pg. 29
Isn't that monster the guardian deity?

Villagers - The granddaughter of that old weirdo must've stirred you up, hm?
Keel - Old weirdo?

The old weirdo that lives outside the village. He's already dead though.
He just beat up anyone who tried to enter the volcano. One real weirdo, wasn’t he?

Yeah, I've heard of the thing about guardian deity, but that's just a tall story.
That's right. It doesn't even protect anything either.
Our hot springs are all poisoned and the monsters just run rampant. Some guardian deity that is.

Also, wasn't it the cause of the poison?
Keel - O~h...?
Villagers - I'd call that the malicious deity rather than guardian deity.

Pg. 30
[March on.]
[March on.]
[To the Monster Lair.]

[We won't falter.]
[Even to fearsome monster.]

[March on.]

[March on.]

[March on.]

[To the Monster Lair.]

Pg. 31
Blue - Is this the place?
Albra - Yeah, that monster should be around here...

Village - Where're you, you monster!!?
It's not here!
Search for it!!

Lavie - I don't see it anywhere...

Keel - Hm!!?

Pg. 32-33
Paradise Bird - SQWAKKK!!!

Albra - The Paradise Bird!!

Lavie - A Class S Monster!!

Villagers - It's huge!!
I didn't think it'd be this big!!

Pg. 34
Paradise Bird - SQWAAAAK!!

Albra - You guys take care of the villagers.
Lavie - Eh!?
Yanses - We'll take care of this guy ourselves.

Albra - Don't move your eyes away from our fight, OK? You’ll be amazed by it.
Yanses - And don't get in our way either.

Lavie - Ye...Yes!
Keel - Tsk.

Pg. 35
Yanses - "HOOP"!!

== Storm Wheel

Paradise Bird - SQWAK!!

Pg. 36
Albra - Stun!! "DOUBLE BOLT!!!
Paradise Bird - QWAK!!

Yanses - FUUJIN!
== Gale Blade

Paradise Bird - QWAK!!
== Whirlwind Force

Lavie - They're awesome...

Villagers - Yeah! That's it!!
Go for it!!
Mippy - Oink!!

Pg. 37
Albra - Hehe, still not enough to take it down, huh?
As expected of a Class S Monster.

Paradise Bird - QWA!!


Yanses - Albra.
Albra - OK.

Pg. 38
== Tempest Thunder

Lavie - A combined attack!!

Pg. 39
Paradise Bird - SQWAAAK!!!

Villagers - YAAAY, WAY TO GO!!

Paradise Bird - Qwa...

Albra - Still not down?...This guy's quite something.

Mippy - Oink! I'll fight it too!!
Albra - Huh!!?

Pg. 40
Lavie - MIPPY!!

Mippy - [I'll show you my result from the training right now!!]
Drill Mole - [I'll teach you my attack, big bros.]
Mippy - [Oink!!]



How's that, oink!!

Paradise Bird - SQWAAK!!!

Lavie - Mippy!!

Pg. 41
Mippy - QUEEEL~~~!!
Keel - Geez, what do you think you're doing, stupid?

Pg. 42
Bring it on, shitty bird!

Paradise Bird - Keel...sama...
Keel - Wha!?

Albra - Duck, Keel-kun!!

Yanses - "FUURIGAN"!!!
Albra - "THUNDER BALL"!!!
== Wind Bullet

Pg. 43
Keel - [MUSOU]
== Original Musou

== Double Claw Cannon

Albra - Huh!!?

Lavie - What!?

Pg. 44

Albra - Hey, Keel-kun.
Yanses - What're you doing?

Keel - I'm siding with this guy.

Pg. 45
Lavie - WHAT!!?

Albra - What're you doing!? That thing is the monster that poisoned the village!!
Keel - Hmph! Like I could care.

Paradise Bird - QWA...
Keel - Don't worry.

** Keel "rebels". **

Keel - I don't know what happened, but
I'm your ally,


** What are his intentions!? **

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#1. by fairy team ()
Posted on Jul 31, 2010
we had waited a long time but the translation is here !!! Thank you ju-da-su :P Now we have to read the script and send you a pm :P
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