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Buster Keel 15

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Aug 14, 2010 03:27 | Go to Buster Keel

-> RTS Page for Buster Keel 15

Please read this. I just want to make it clear about the Rival series.

Please credit zambo92 for proofreading

Buster Keel
BURST 15 "My Funny Crem (Part 2)"

Pg. 1
45 pages, with its first color spread!!
In gratitude for the awesome reviews!!

That fist, filled with thoughts,
is the destructive power of "Burst Musou"!!!

Pg. 2
Albra - You're siding...

Lavie - With the monster...!?

Keel - Yeah!!

Pg. 3
** Keel went to side with the Paradise Bird. What are his intentions!? **

Yanses - The hot springs at the village will remain poisonous if we don't kill him, get it!?
Albra - You're gonna leave it as that!?
Keel - Shut up.

I'm sticking with this guy.
You'll have to get past me first

If you wanna hurt her, assholes.

Lavie - Keel...

Albra - Looks like you're fully conscious with your words as well.
Yanses - We aren't going to just fool around either.

Move out of the way, kid. If not...
Albra - we'll make you move.

Pg. 4
Keel - That's just what I want.
Mippy - Oink.

Yanses - Looks like...
Albra - you're serious 'bout this.

Keel - Hm!!

Lavie - Blue!!

Albra - Great. Blue-kun, can you persuade him for us?

Pg. 5
Blue - I'm going on this side, too.

Yanses - What!?
Albra - Hey, not you, too!!

Keel - What're you thinking?
Blue - Nothing...

You might be an idiot, but not someone who does anything stupid, right?

Keel - Huh?

Mippy - [What's going on, oink~~]

Lavie - I'm going, too...!!
Albra - Wha-!

Pg. 6
Keel - You know the current situation?
Lavie - No...

But we're
friends, right?

Keel - Hmm...

Mippy - Then count me in, too!!
Keel - GWEK!! Your panties smell!!

Yanses - Do you guys really understand this?
Albra - That thing is the cause of the poison.

Keel - Said the man...What’s your answer, Crem?

Crem - No...
Lavie - Eh!?

Mippy - Oink!!

Pg. 7
Both - What!!?

Villages - Is-Isn't that girl!!
That weirdo's granddaughter!!?

Mippy - It turns into a girl, oink!!

Lavie - I've heard the story,
that some Paradise Birds can transform into humans, but-

Crem - I didn't poison the village's hot springs.

Pg. 8
Keel - So you were lying about that old man being your grandpa?
Crem - Yes...

That man is the only person in the village who knows of my true identity.
Old man - [I'll protect the mountain for ya. Drop by sometimes too, OK?]
Crem - He helped me protect the mountain.
[Thank you very much.]

I'm sorry for not telling you that I'm a monster...Keel-sama...

Keel - Don't mind it.
You're in trouble...

so I'll just lend you a hand. That's all it is.
Crem - ...Keel-sama.

Lavie - Keel, who's this girl...?
Keel - She's my friend, Crem!

Lavie - And here I was wondering where you were off to. On a date, huh?
Keel - I-I didn't!!

Villager - What does this mean...
That girl poisoned our hot springs...?

Pg. 9
Keel - Crem said she has nothing to do with it!!
How's that!!?
Villagers - Heeks!!

Bu-But that's what we were told

by those two adventurers!!

Keel - Oh~...

Mind explaining what all this is 'bout then?
Albra - That monster can transform into a human, huh? That's totally unexpected~

Keel - I'm asking you what this is all about!!
Yanses - Albra.
Albra - Yeah, a change in plan then.

Pg. 10

Lavie - Eh?
Keel - Huh!?


Mippy - Oink!!

Pg. 11
Crem - Keel-sama!!
Blue - Lavie!!

Mippy - [What's wrong, oink!]
Blue - What'd you just do!?

Albra - A monster that ate the soul of anyone who replies, a "Soul Eater".
The souls of those two are inside this gourd.

Blue - Their souls...!?

Pg. 12
Albra - Though I was expecting you, the hardest one to deal with, to get in.

Without their souls, they're no better than dead.
But you better not do anything rough though.
Blue - What!?

Even if this gourd is destroyed, their souls won't return to their bodies.

The only way to get them back...
is by my command.

I won't mind letting them out if you guys sit still, though.

Pg. 13
Lavie - Where am I~?

Keel~, Blue~, Mippy~,
What is this place~? It's so dark I can't see any-...



Soul Eater - Kukuku
Lavie - Who's that!?

Soul Eater - The form one's born with is what resembles the soul...

Pg. 14
I am Soul Eater, the spirit devourer.

Lavie - [Soul Eater!! Isn't that monster said to be extinct!!?]
Does this mean, I'm inside a Soul Eater right now...!!?

No-No. I won't let you eat me!!
Soul Eater - Kukuku, strange words you uttered.

Did you not say it yourself earlier? You're inside of me right now.
Lavie - Eh!?

My hands are melting...!!

Soul Eater – The digestion has already started.

To be in dusk where not a single ray of light shines, with neither weapons nor clothes to envelop oneself,
humans are such frail creatures, kukuku.

Pg. 15
Keel - Why're you crying, Lavie?
Soul Eater - Hm!!

Lavie - Keel!!

Keel - "The form one's born with", huh...

Lavie - Keel...!?

Keel - No wonder I feel so nostalgic.

Pg. 16
Yanses - Is this...
Albra - the treasure...?

Yanses - Doesn't look like what we're searching for though.
Albra - Ah, never mind.
This should work as a souvenir, at least.

Crem - You must not take that treasure!!

That treasure helps to suppress the energy of the volcano.

If you take it away, the volcano will erupt and everyone will die!!

Albra - An eruption, hm~~

Pg. 17
Isn't that interesting?

Crem - No!!!

Yanses - Shut it!! If you still want your friends' souls back!!
Crem - Ugh...

Blue - You won't give them back anyway, will you?
Yanses - Hm!?

Whether you'll take those two,
or all of us and the village,

If I'm gonna die without doing anything, I'd rather go out fighting.
Mippy - Oink!!

Pg. 18
Yanses - You mean you're going to forsake your friends?
Albra - How cruel~
Mippy - Oink~

Blue - Who said I'll forsake them?
Mippy - Oink!?

Blue - I'll make you give their souls back.

Yanses - Hm...
Albra - Scary~
I seriously just want you gone the most~

But you think you can take on both of us?


Soul Eater - GIGI...

Pg. 19

Lavie - [This is Keel's true strength.]

Pg. 20
Keel - How's that, Lavie? This is what I looked like before Shiva sealed me.

You sure you can be friends with a monster like this?

Lavie - Of-Of course, I can!!

Whatever you look like,
you're still that stupid Keel inside, right!!?

Keel - The inside is the same, huh?... That's the second time I've heard that today...

Lavie - ...What?

Keel – You’re completely visible.
Lavie - Wha!!

Pg. 21
Albra - Wha...This can't be...!!
Soul Eater - GIGI...

Albra - Whoa!

Mippy - Oink!!

Pg. 22
Lavie - YOU PERV!!!
Keel - Orf!!

Crem - Keel-sama!
Mippy - Lavie!!
Blue - Just what happened in there...?

Yanses - He destroyed the Soul Eater from the inside?
Albra - That's quite surprising.

Keel - How're things now, Blue?
Blue - Those guys are about to take the treasure of this volcano.

Crem - Keel-sama, that treasure is...!!
Keel - OK, OK.

Crem - Eh?

Pg. 23
Keel - We'll just beat those guys up and get it back.
No problem with that, right?
Blue - Yeah.

Yanses - You guys are up for a go?
Albra - That joke isn't even funny.

Keel - I'll make you morons regret picking a fight with us.

Albra - How impudent.

Pg. 24
Keel - Lavie, my right arm!!
Lavie - Got it!!

== Seal Melody

Keel - HERE I GO!!

Albra - What!?

Albra - Ngh!!

Pg. 25
I see. That arm...so you was initially a monster...

A Dragonape, huh?...It's not surprising why Soul Eater lost then.

Keel - Ugh!!
Albra - Hah!!

You shouldn't have guarded that though, Keel-kun.

Keel - What!!?

Albra - LYE!!
Keel - GWAAH!!

Pg. 26

Albra - Stun,


Keel - GAHAH...

Albra - My title, "Raijin" isn't just for show, kid.
== Lightning God

Pg. 27
Blue - "WATER GUN"!!

Yanses - HAAH!!

What's that seedy magical blade?

You think you can fight me with that? You're too naïve!!

Pg. 28
== Giant Gale Blade

Yanses - Blow away!!!

Blue - GAHAH!!

Your play with water won't stand against my wind.

Pg. 29
Lavie - Keel!! Blue!!

Yanses - You're all bark and no bite.
Albra - How disappointing.

Keel - Those are our lines, dickheads.
Albra - Huh!!

Keel – The Lightning God? A high class? You were babbling such high and mighty words, yet...

Blue - that's all you've got?

Keel - 'tis such a let-down.

Pg. 30
Albra - Was that...a loser's bark?

== Thunderous Fists


Keel - Your lightning really is hard to deal with, but...
Albra - Huh!!

Keel - it doesn't matter if it doesn't hit!!

Pg. 31
Albra - [So fast!!]


Keel – FIRE!!

That stupid kappa I fought with is way stronger than you.

Pg. 32
Albra - Don't you belittle me, boy!!


Keel - ENGINE...

Pg. 33-34

Albra - GWAAAH.

Keel - Funky!!

Pg. 34
Yanses - What? Isn't this just the same magical blade as before?

Blue - It's hard to control water well in a volcano like this...

Yanses - Huh!!?


Pg. 36
That form...so you revert back to your original form to strengthen up, huh?

Even so, it's still too early for you to even win against me!!

== Hurricane Fang

Pg. 37
Hm, do you understand the difference in our strength now?

Blue - Yeah...I understand now,
Yanses - What!!?

Blue - that you're weaker than me.

Pg. 38
Wind of that level can't uncover this veil.

Yanses - ...Then

I'll slice that veil into pieces!!

Blue - Even that stupid chimp I fought with before is way stronger than you.


Pg. 39-40
== Horizontal Brandish

Yanses - GWAH!!

Blue - Bingo!!

Pg. 41
Learnt your lesson now, wimps!?

Mippy - They did it, oink!!

Villagers - [Just what was that? What on Earth just happened there?]

Crem - Keel-sama, the treasure...!!
Keel - Oh, that's right.

Albra - Oww...you're not bad, huh?
Keel - What!?

Albra - Never thought you'd be this strong.

Pg. 42
Man, you guys are always so unpredictable.

We even poisoned the hot springs for this.
It's all gone to waste, I guess.
Crem - Why would you do such thing!!?

Albra - We've researched that you, the Paradise Bird, are protecting the treasure and the village.
Crem - Eh!?

Albra - And taking that, we'll need to find a way to get rid of any intruders...

[First, we trick the villagers into believing that you're evil.]

Yanses - And those villagers sure are dumb to believe it right away.

Villagers - What...?
So you two are the real bad guys?

Pg. 43
Albra - And let you be killed by the one you were protecting.
Kukuku...Sounds great, doesn't it?

Crem - Wha...how could you...!!

Albra - We were so close to accomplishing it, yet-
Keel - OK. Will you shut up now!!?

Yanses - Hm!?
Keel - All that means is that your taste is plain horrible.

Now, give back that treasure. You don't wanna die yet, do you, jerks?

Pg. 44
Die, hm...You're right that we can't win against you in our current state.

After all, you survived the battle with Setsuna-san.
Keel - Huh!?

Setsuna? You mean...
Blue - Kurokiri!!

Albra - You guys are cheating...
Keel - What!!?

Mippy - What's that, oink!!?

Albra - for using your true power to fight against us.

Blue - What...!!?

Pg. 45
Gold - Executives of Ayakashi, Gold
Silver - and Silver.

** The shocking identities!! **

Gold - Alright, let's go all out then.

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#1. by zambo92 ()
Posted on Aug 14, 2010
Hope you like the proofread I did... I think they're good and anything you get mixed up with, just pm me :)
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