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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Code:Breaker 127

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on May 10, 2011 15:52 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 127

Bangaihen: http://mangahelpers.com/t/judasu/releases/29547

You're free to use this translation for scanlation providing that you give proper credit to me for the translation and Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:127 "The Changing Heart"

Pg. 1
People change as the seasons change, blooming fully and beautifully like Sakura.

Pg. 2
Rui - Wha...
[There were so many people before, but now...]

[they're all gone!?]
** Everything turns silent all of a sudden!! There, a familiar voice rings!! **

Lily - My, oh my. Puzzled there, are you?

Pg. 3
It has been a while since Lily last saw your puzzled faces.

Pg. 4
Sakurakouji - Lily!!
Yuuki - Laughster!!

Why are you here?
Sakurakouji - Ye...Yeah, why are you...

You were captured by "Eden", and...



Shion - Indeed, she was a criminal "Eden" had captured...
But it would be a waste of her excellent skills if it ended just like that, no?

Pg. 5
But now, she had sworn her loyalty to "Eden" and is aiding me in the "Emperor hunt".
I'm Ikurumi Shion, the new "Code:Breaker".

Rui - Th-...The new "Code:Breaker"!?

Shion - Well, duh! Traitors are as good as dead...
Since you're all out now, we got your "Code:Numbers" instead.

Rui - Don't be a fool! What's with you acting all tough? Can't you see we have more people on our side?

Shion - Are you guys even in the position to say that?

Pg. 6
Sakurakouji - M...Mother...!!

Rui - Yuki-neesan!! You came to see Sakura...!?

Shion - Don't move, power users and the rare kind too.
Or else, I'll have her "die in a mishap" while she's unconscious.

Oh yeah. We "Code:Breakers" can kill as many witnesses as we like, can't we?

Lily - What's that, Ikurumi? You don't have to work yourself out.

Pg. 7
Lily will get his arm for you!!

Sakurakouji - Lily!!
Ogami - ...You trash will never learn...

Pg. 8
Sakurakouji - Ogami...!!
Yuuki - What happened... It just exploded on itself!!

Ogami - Tch!! What the...

Lily - Oh? What's wrong with your precious flame?
If you won't get serious,

Lily will make you by beating you half-dead!!

Ogami - Tch!!

Rui - Rei!!
Yukihina - It dissolved.

Pg. 9
Lily - How's it? Are you surprised? "Eden" brought Lily's "Poison" power to a completely new level.
It's the "ozone".

Your flame ignited the ozone gas, making it explode.
The ozone can also oxidize and liquefy anything around it.
That's the power of this venom, "Ozone".

Ogami can't defeat Lily now!!

Rui - Dammit!! Rei...


Pg. 10
Sakurakouji - Lily...

Why did you...

[Was I wrong to actually trust her!?]

Shion - That's it?
Piece of cake...

Pg. 11
Sakurakouji - Lily!?

Shion - Wha...What the...!?
Lily - This is it...

Pg. 12
Lily has been waiting this whole time for you to let your guard down!!

Shion - What the!! Stop...

Sakurakouji - Mother!!
Rui - Yuki-neesan...!!

Lily - Get her out of here!!

She's...your beloved mother, isn't she!? Get out of Lily's sight already...
You'll just be in the way!!

Get lost already!!

And take those sleeping people with you too!!

Pg. 13
Sakurakouji - Li...Lily, you
did all this to help my mother...?

Shion - Fuck it!! That hurts!! Let go, you toxic woman!! I'm beating all of them up!!
Let go!!
Lily - Argh...

Shion - Ugh!
Lily - Lily won't let go!!

Pg. 14
Sakurakouji - Li...Lily!!
Lily - Don't come any closer!!

...Lily should've died without ever meeting you back then.

If only you didn't do those stupid things... Lily wouldn't be in...
this mess...

Shion - Fuck it!! Let go of me!!
Where did you get all this strength from...

Lily - ...If only you
didn't save Lily back then...
Sakurakouji - [How can I just sit back and watch?]
[You should treasure yourself more, Lily.]
[If you do, you'll become much kinder.]

Pg. 15
Lily would never be thinking of something as silly...
as to want to protect someone...!!

Sakurakouji - Li...

Pg. 16
== Thousand Intoxication
Shion - AAAAAAGH! S-...Stop...

Lily - Ikurumi!! Lily will drag you trash
down to hell with me...

Shion - Ju~st kidding <3

Lily - Eh!?

Pg. 17
Sakurakouji - Lily!!

Shion - How's that? The taste of my power, "Paper".

Guess you should praise me for playing along with you up till now.
All your attacks were being blocked by my "Paper".
How's my acting? Just "Wow <3", isn't it?

Lily - What...?
Completely unscathed...?

Shion - To test your loyalty, whether you'll be a good tool
for "Eden" or not is also part of my mission,

Pg. 18
and just as I thought, you fail...

Disposal time~!!

== Paper Execution

Sakurakouji - Li...

Pg. 19

Pg. 20
Sakurakouji - O...Ogami!!

Lily - Why...
Why did you...

Why did you help Lily...!?
Lily is...

Ogami - There's someone who'll weep even for someone who's only half an evil like you. Live on and bare your sin.

Sakurakouji - Ogami...

Shion - Protecting some evil there? You seriously fail as a "Code:Breaker", huh?
That's self-proclaimed evil for you...

Pg. 21
Ogami - ...I'll show you
who the real evil is,

** No merit for the fiend!! **

as your departing gift to hell.

next: Where the wild spirits reside...!!
To be continued

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