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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Code:Breaker 133

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on May 18, 2011 18:49 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 133

You're free to use this translation for scanlation providing that you give proper credit to me for the translation and Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:133 "The Proof of his Determination"

Pg. 1
Sakurakouji - [Fujiwara Nenene-senpai is another one]
[of the anti rare kind Jokers!?]
** Shocked by Nenene's transformation!! The imp smirks evilly!! **

But...But I thought you had forgotten everything, including your own brother, because you were killed by Kouji-dono...

What's going on here? Please tell me, senpai.


Pg. 2
Rui - What...?

Ogami - What are you...

Pg. 3
Toki - Our fight isn't over yet.

Ogami - Ugh...

Sakurakouji - Se...Senpai, what are you doing...

Nenene - Killing someone.

Pg. 4
== Metal Dragon

Sakurakouji - Se-...Senpai, please stop...
I can't breathe...

Nenene - Die.

Pg. 5
Sakurakouji - AAAAAAH.

Ogami - Sa...Sakurakouji-...

Yuuki - That's enough!!
What are you doing to Nyanmaru!!
You dumbass...

Sakurakouji - Yuuki-ku...
Lily - Hey!! Let go of Sakurakouji!! Let go!!


Pg. 6
Rui - It'll be a piece of cake if I were to cut that tiny neck of yours.
If you don't want to die, let go of...


Sakurakouji - Pri-...

Shion - Isn't things getting bad now!?
[I can't let you go, Kouji.]
Kouji - [GRRRR.]
Yukihina - As usual, she doesn't show any mercy even for the rare kind or the weak.

...Not even a slight difference from when the "Code:Breakers" and the "Re:CODEs" fought in the past.
Ex-"Code:Breaker" 04, Fujiwara Nenene.

Highly devoted to her missions, she'll eliminate whoever her target is along with anyone who got in her way...
While her face has that generous smile on,
not a single evil person is left alive on the path she walks.

Pg. 7
A heinous, cold-blooded murderer
is who she really is...

Shion - But she's the only Ex-"Code:Breaker" left and she's like a completely different person now. Why is that?
We apprentices had a heated discussion on that too.

Yukihina - "The Seeker" told me

that he had seen something on December 32,
and because of that, it seemed as though the "Pandora's Box" had revived the dead.

Shion - Seen... What did he see!?
...By the way, shouldn't you be helping those guys out rather than talking here?

Yukihina - That isn't my job.
Shion - I see.

Pg. 8
Sakurakouji - Why...senpai... Why do you have to kill me?
Is it because it's something the Joker must do?

Nenene - December 32 can recur or whatever. I wouldn't even care about it.

the "Pandora's Box" which locked me up...
Was brought in on December 32 by you.
I'll never forgive you.

Sakurakouji - I...I brought
that box in!?

Nenene - [So, be crushed to death, rare kind.]

Pg. 9
Sakurakouji - UWAAAAAAH

Ogami - Shit...

Lend me...

your power!!

Toki - Tch.

Pg. 10
Rui - Sakurakouji!!

Nenene - How cunning...

Pg. 11
Ogami - Toki!!
Out of my way!!

Toki - Stop it.

Pg. 12
I won't let you hurt my sister.

Yuuki - Fourth...!! Why are you protecting her?
What she's doing isn't even right...

Toki - Stand back, sis. I'll take care of...

Pg. 13
Yuuki - Fourth!?

What are you doing!?
Nenene - What are you doing?

The rare kind is wide open since Ogami is coming at me. Why did you not take the chance to finish her off?
You're so useless.

I'm ashamed to have you as my brother.

Yuuki - What did you say...?
Do you...Do you even know how much Fourth cares about you...?

Pg. 14
Ogami - Toki!!
Why are you protecting that piece of shit!?

Yuuki - You hurt Nyanmaru...
and now you're hurting Fourth...?
Fourth, you didn't throw everything away just to protect this kind of filth, right!?


Nenene - [An angel came down to become my brother.]
[I'm very, very happy for that.]

Pg. 15
Sakurakouji - Toki-kun...

[His face looks so sad.]
Toki - ...So what?
It doesn't matter if she's bad or wrong.
Sakurakouji - [Just how much burden is he carrying on his shoulders...?]

Toki - ...I'm the only one.

Pg. 16
Because we're siblings, I'm the only one who can protect her!!

Rui - To-...

Pg. 17
Toki - Ogami...
You can be as special as you want,

but you'll never

stop me!!

Sakurakouji - To-...Toki-kun, those are...

Toki - ...Now, you get it, don't you?

Pg. 18-19
Since Gauss Cannon crushed both of my arms, they won't be able to bare the powerful magnetism of the Joker...
That's why I kept on strengthening myself and my power with metals.

I don't care what's going to happen to me. I'll protect my sister, no matter what it takes...
This is the proof of my own resolve.
Don't you get in my way.

Rui - Toki...
[He implanted metals into his own arms?]

Sakurakouji - [What...]
[What a solid determination.]

Ogami - Interesting.

Pg. 20
Never waver no matter the odds. That's what makes you, you.

...But I can't afford to stop here either.

I'll burn that proof
of determination down to nothing.

** The unshaken will of the man!! Then, what is the dream the girl is seeing!? **

The author will be taking a break in the next issue to gather information. Please stay hold for the return in Issue 26!!

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