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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Code:Breaker 135

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 1, 2011 03:57 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 135

Am in the middle of exam here, and I can't afford failing any of my classes this year (or else I have to repeat the courses...even though it's just 1 credit worth class...and the tuition fee of my university is fixed for the whole semester and it's VERY costly for me (~8500 USD per semester), aka if I fail any of courses, even if it's just 1 credit worth, I have to pay the whole tuition price just for a single credit...so I can't fail) but I have up to 142 translated. Just saying this since I'm saying that I won't translate 143-144 until maybe the next two weeks...at least. Sorry once again for the delay... ._."

You're free to use this translation for scanlation providing that you give proper credit to me for the translation and Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:135 "His words back then"

Pg. 1
C:E - Hey, Rei. Hurry up and form more contracts with me already. You want the flames, don't you?
As for the price, I'll just eat you, my host, up until your very last breath.
** Reminiscence of their past days... **
Ogami - Shut up. Like I'll play along with you.

...Even the best sword will be wasted in the hands of the weak.
I don't intent to just depend on you...

C:E - ...Oh yeah?
Interesting. I wonder what will you do if I'm gone?

Ogami - Oh, so you're leaving?
C:E - ...Don't act so happy, stupid.

Ogami - I can't be playing along with your joke...
C:E - I know.

...I know. That's why I chose you as my host.
If I'm gone, you'll...
Ogami - [I don't remember what he said after that...And now...]

Pg. 2
[I can't even]
[ask him...anymore...]
** Half of his soul is fleeting away...!! **

Rui - E..."Emperor"!?

Sakurakouji - "Emperor"-dono is turning into dust...!?
What's going on...?

Pg. 3

Ogami!! What's...

Pg. 4
[He's angry...]
[so angry that he's at a loss for words!!]

Rui - I've never seen him this furious before.

Toki - ...Those fists...

Pg. 5
are nothing to me!!

Sakurakouji - Ogami!!

Toki - The "Emperor" is dead.
He died because he protected a weakling like you.

Sakurakouji - Wha...What're you...

Pg. 6
Toki - is your fault!!

Sakurakouji - E..."Emperor"-dono is dead!?
No way...
[There are]

[There are still many things I do not know about him.]
[I still want to talk to him some more and get to know him better,]
[and you're saying that I can never see him again!?]

Yuuki - But that's just a fragment of his soul. Can he really die!?
Rui - ...The Flame.
Yuuki - Huh!?

Rui - Rei isn't...using his flame anymore...
[Does that mean]

Pg. 7
[the "Emperor" is really dead!? And because of that, Rei lost his special power!?]
This is bad!! Rei!!


Yu...Yukihina!! What are you...
Yukihina - Don't interfere.

Rui - Wha...What are you saying!?
If we don't do something, Rei will... Hey, Yuki!!

Yukihina - [If he really had lost his power, then there's no more need for the "Emperor Hunt"... There's no reason to kill Rei anymore...]

Pg. 8
[Then why is Toki still fighting...!?]
[...Could it be...]

Toki - What? Over already?

...I sure pity the "Emperor".
He died just like that because you were his host.

You're to blame.

Pg. 9
don't get it?

You can rage all you want, but he ain't coming back.
Why did the "Emperor" protect you!?
Why did he have to die!?



Pg. 10
is all because you're weak!!

Ogami - GWAH!!


Toki - ...Seeing a helpless worm like you struggling makes me want to laugh... I get pissed off just by looking at you.
Just the same as...

...Ironic, isn't it?
You were the one who taught me that,

Pg. 11
yet you aren't strong enough
to shoulder death yourself!!

Pg. 12
I...Idiot!! I can't stop my attack now!!
Move away!! Don't just dash in like...

Sakurakouji - I won't move!!
I won't let anyone die anymore...

Nenene - Excellent.

Pg. 13
Now the both of you can die together.

Toki - Sis...

Pg. 14
Ogami - Sa...Sakurakouji-san!?
...Where am I?

C:E - Yo.

So you're finally up, Rei.
Ogami - "Emperor"!?

I guess those two Jokers are really strong, huh.
So frightening I almost wet my-...

Pg. 15
Ogami - Why did you choose to die all by yourself like that, idiot.
Want me to beat the living daylights out of you?

C:E - ...You're the idiotic one here. Just look at how contradicting your words and actions are.

December 32 was the last time you hugged me, hmm...
*Rei... You got your old self back now, right?

Pg. 16
Ogami - My...My body became lighter...
C:E - You're overflowing with your own vitality that my power got disintegrated
...My role is over now.

Ogami - What are you...
C:E - ...Back then, I said, "If I'm gone, you'll be a little sad for sure".

[And you reaper bastard will break down in tears!]
Ogami - Die.

C:E - I never thought you'll hug me though...

Ogami - Em...
C:E - ...You can have my arm. As long as you're still alive,
we'll meet again for sure,

so don't you die before then.

Pg. 17
Yuuki - No!! They really got smashed!!
Rui - Rei!! Sakurakouji!!

Thi-...This is...

Ogami - Just watch, "Emperor"...
This is what I'm like when I'm serious.

Pg. 18-19
[The Seven Demons which rule over the Seven Flames]

Rui - Wha...What the!! But the "Emperor" is already dead.
How come!?

[Don't tell me...]

[Rei got his former power of the Seven Flames back!?]
[He got the demons he used to control as Chibigami...]

Sakurakouji - O...Ogami, what's this...

Pg. 20
Yukihina - ...So, it has started.

Toki - Finally...!!
I've been waiting for this!

Sakurakouji - Chi...Chibigami-kun!?
** This shocking state was to be expected!? What happened to Ogami's body!? **

next: A color spread in celebration of this manga's 3rd anniversary!!
to be continued

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