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Code:Breaker 136

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 3, 2011 14:24 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 136

Am in the middle of exam here, and I can't afford failing any of my classes this year (or else I have to repeat the courses...even though it's just 1 credit worth class...and the tuition fee of my university is fixed for the whole semester and it's VERY costly for me (~8500 USD per semester), aka if I fail any of courses, even if it's just 1 credit worth, I have to pay the whole tuition price just for a single credit...so I can't fail) but I have up to 142 translated. Just saying this since I'm saying that I won't translate 143-144 until maybe the next two weeks...at least. Sorry once again for the delay... ._."

If you need that page with "President Shibuya's C:B NAO" translated, please do tell me. ._."

You're free to use this translation for scanlation providing that you give proper credit to me for the translation and Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:136 "The Flame of Ogami Rei"

Pg. 1-2
** One step into the peak of summer, **
** with joyous bliss shining in their eyes and on their bodies!! **
** Celebrate! 3rd anniversary!! The color spread in gratitude for your support!! **

Pg. 3
** The "Emperor" is gone and Ogami shows up as Chibigami!? The start of the ending is in progress!! **

Sakurakouji - Chi...Chibigami-kun!?

Ogami - What's wrong?

Pg. 4
Why are you crying...? Your face is becoming like an old "rag".

Sakurakouji - Ogami...
[He...really looked like Chibigami just now... Was it because of his surroundings?]

But...old "rag"?
Chibigami - [Rag!]
Sakurakouji - Well, they're the same person, so yeah.

Rui - ...He's back with "something" he once lost...
[The cold-blooded heart of the reaper is firing up...]

Pg. 5
[The Seven Flames]
[The Seven Demons]

Yukihina - So this is...
what Toki was waiting for?

Toki - ...I couldn't bring myself to believe it until I saw it with my own eyes.
...I mean, seriously?

You really are in control of the demons of hell... The seven flames which incinerate the seven deadly sins,
the one who inherited the "Imperial Blood of Purgatory".

Sakurakouji - To...Toki-kun, what do you mean...?
Toki - You and Ogami are special. That's what I mean.

Ogami's power is an extraordinary power. The seven flames is a power that should never be possessed by any humans...
And Ogami's the descendant...of the only bloodline capable of controlling those flames.
He's the heir of the "Imperial Blood of Purgatory".

That's the secret behind Ogami's birth which was lost after he became a "Code:Breaker".

Sakurakouji - The...The heir of the "Imperial Blood of Purgatory"...
[Now that I think about it,]
[On December 32... There were a lot of people kneeling all around Ogami...]

Pg. 7
Toki - Ogami... So, that's your real nature, huh?
I'm extremely thrilled now.

Sakurakouji - To...Toki-kun...!?

Toki - ...You

No matter how much stronger I became, you were always ahead of me,
Sakurakouji - [To...Toki-kun's magnetism]
Toki - making this thrill run throughout my body again and again.
Sakurakouji - [is flowing out of his body.]

Toki - Telling me to beat the stronger you...
with these very hands!!

Pg. 8-9
Toki - What...?


Yuuki - Wah!!

Why is he attacking us as well!?

Rui - [No...!!]

[The demons are indiscriminately rampaging on their own!!]

Yukihina - So, this is why it's forbidden.
Shion - This is no time to be happy!!

Pg. 10
Ogami - Stop it.

...All of you,
don't you dare fool around without my permission.

Pg. 11
Rui - Re...Rei!!
[He...He holds those demons down as if it's nothing...]

Ogami - Tch!!

Rui - They... They're gone!!
Yukihina - It looks like he still can't control the other flames other than the two he had already formed contracts with the "Emperor".
Shion - That's terrible!!

Yukihina - Not exactly. Normal people would've already burned up.

Shion - Wha...
Yukihina - Because this is him.

Pg. 12
Because this is the reaper, Ogami Rei. He can even send fear quivering down the spines of those demons, and stand atop them.

Nenene - Ogami Rei...is too dangerous. December 32 will definitely recur again if he's left alive.
I have to finish...

Toki - No.

Sorry, sis, but I want to deal with him myself.

Nenene - Don't interfere. This is the job of the "Code:Breakers". He's our en...

Toki - It doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter whether he's a friend or foe... It's not about reason.
He's...the only one I can never get along with.

Pg. 13
I'll win for sure!!


Yuuki - No!! Satan Blaze won't be able to burn all of that!!
Rui - REI!!

Pg. 14
Ogami - [Dichromatic Twin Flares of the Netherworld, Mammon]

Yuuki - There it is!! Mammon!!
Rui - Since when was he able to use that...?

Sakurakouji - He really can't use it without "Emperor"-dono!


Pg. 15
C:E - Listen up, Rei. I'll tell you how to control Mammon, although you probably won't be able to do it as well as I can.

Mammon is the two-headed demon of the Netherworld,
thus the reason for the blue and yellow colors... About the form of that flame, its name, the Twin "Flares" is actually the synonym of its true name.
That form wasn't Mammon's true form yet.

C:E - Getting curious now? Then form a contract with me and pay the price now, and I'll tell you.
Ogami - I don't need that.

I'm pleased enough with just the hint. I'll figure it out myself when I get that flame from you.

C:E - Oh yeah? Interesting.
I'll wait and see then.

Ogami - ...Sorry for the delay.
Just watch me from hell, "Emperor".

Now, show me
your true form.

Pg. 16-17
[Dichromatic Twin Flamberges]
[of the Netherworld, Mammon.]
== "tou" with different kanjis. One as "Flare" and another as "Swords". Flamberge is the flamed sword (though it's actually referred to a sword with a wavy blade like a flame, not exactly a sword made of flame, but the most fictional use of it depicts it as the sword that can control flame anyway... ._.")

Pg. 18
Rui - What!?

Sakurakouji - The dichromatic flame turned into swords of two different colors...
Is that...Mammon!?

Toki - Nice one there!!
But those tiny swords

ain't stopping my Gauss Cannons!!

Pg. 19
[The sound is gone...]


Toki - Wha...What's this?
[You gotta be kidding me.]

Pg. 20
[My Gauss Cannons are all being burned out]
[in the flame spiral!!]

Rui - Wha...What's this...?

Yukihina - The hot blue flame and the cold yellow flame... When they interact, the temperature difference causes changes in the air pressure and creates a gigantic whirlwind.
The giant whirlwind of scorching heat, enough to easily melt down steel...
No matter how wide his attack is, this will definitely burn everything down in a split second.

Pg. 21
Toki - Fuck it...
That's not funny, yo-...


Yukihina - [...Not only that,]

Ogami - Toki...
Yukihina - [this powerful whirlwind]
Ogami - I'll burn you down to ashes.

Pg. 22
Yukihina - [will suck everything in,]

Toki - Tch...

Yukihina - [and incinerate them all!!]
** Ogami shines even brighter than before!! Their mysterious lineage tosses the fate of Ogami and Sakura left and right!? **

next: The difference between the one who obtains and the one who loses!!
to be continued

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