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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Code:Breaker 137

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 5, 2011 17:27 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 137

Am in the middle of exam here, and I can't afford failing any of my classes this year (or else I have to repeat the courses...even though it's just 1 credit worth class...and the tuition fee of my university is fixed for the whole semester and it's VERY costly for me (~8500 USD per semester), aka if I fail any of courses, even if it's just 1 credit worth, I have to pay the whole tuition price just for a single credit...so I can't fail) but I have up to 142 translated. Just saying this since I'm saying that I won't translate 143-144 until maybe the next two weeks...at least. Sorry once again for the delay... ._."

You're free to use this translation for scanlation providing that you give proper credit to me for the translation and Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:137 "Not for anyone's sake"

Pg. 1
** Having regained his glory, will the song of victory be sung for Ogami...!? **

Sakurakouji - To...

Nenene - Worthless. He's really all talk.
No way he can win alone...

Pg. 2
Yuuki - Fourth!!
Rui - He endured it!!

Toki - ...I can't

I can't
lose...to you, no matter how strong you've become.

...You're the only one

I'll never lose to, for my own sake and no one else!!

Pg. 3
Ogami - ...That's

my line!!

Toki - Kuh...

Pg. 4
Sakurakouji - Fu...

Yuuki - Why...Why did you protect him!?
After all those mean things you said to him.

Pg. 5
Toki - Si...

Why did you...

Nenene - I don't know.

...I don't really know,
I want to see you fighting for yourself a little more.

Toki - Eh...!?

Nenene - "Everything is for Sis".

You always said that while fighting with your solid spirit of steel.
But right now, those are nothing but "chains" that are binding you down.

Pg. 6
You can fight, not for my sake but for your own.
People are bound to change as long as they're alive... I didn't wish for you to stop dead in one place.
I didn't help you for you to be bound up like this.

Learn to treasure yourself more.

Toki - Si...
[I always]

[believed...avenging my sister with everything I have,]
[can at least serve as an atonement for me being weak,]


Pg. 7
Nenene - [An angel had come down to be my brother.]
[I'm really, really glad.]
Toki - [But]
Nenene - [I don't want you to quit being my brother.]

[I was wrong!!]

Sakurakouji - To..Toki-kun...

Rui - Wha...What's this!?
The metals are floating...


Pg. 9
Yukihina - A pillar of steel...!?

Rui - Tha...That's impossible!! No matter how powerful the Joker is, something of this scale...
isn't something a single person can control anymore...

Toki - [Yeah, my body feels lighter...]
[As though the chains I've tied myself with are shattering one by one.]

[Watch me, sis.]

[This is]

Pg. 10
[my fight for myself alone!!]
take you down myself!!


Rui - What's that...!?
The "Magnetism" is meandering and increasing in power...

Pg. 11
Ogami - Burn to ashes.
[Dichromatic Twin Flamberges of the Netherworld, Mammon]

Pg. 12

Rui - Ugh...!!

No...No way... His attack can cancel Mammon out!?

His "Magnetism" is completely different from before...
But how...?

Pg. 13
[Immense magnetic force is coming out from the ground...!!]

[That's it!! The Earth's magnetic field!! He's absorbing the Earth's magnetic field into him...!!]
[The world itself is one giant magnet... If he conjugates himself with that, he can become one with the Earth and obtain a giant magnetism, just like how two small magnets can become one large magnet...!!]
[That's just like]

[an infinite amount of energy!! To even be able to control this freely,]
Toki - So light...
My body feels so light.
The power
is overflowing into me,

calling for me
Rui - [this is the true power of the Joker!!]
Toki - to beat you up...

Pg. 15

Heike - Fufufu... So Toki-kun finally regained his true power... Marvelous, indeed.

Right now, you're exactly the same as that newborn who ruined all the devices in the hospital in an instant with that gigantic "magnetism"...
My present to you, the "Pandora's Box", wasn't wasted after all.

...Now then,

Pg. 15
Ogami-kun...let me see what will be your "Special Next" move.
...If you really "can do any better", that is...

Sakurakouji - Be careful...!!

Nenene - ...Rare-

Pg. 16
Sakurakouji - Don't worry. There's no friend or foe when it comes to the injured.
Let me see your wound.

Nenene - Are you crazy? I'm trying to kill you, and will continue to do so until you're dead...

Sakurakouji - And what of it? How is that a reason for me not to help you?

...Besides, if you still want to kill me,

I, Sakurakouji Sakura, will take you on.
No one is going to die,
and neither will I.

Pg. 17
Rui - REI!!

Sakurakouji - Ogami...!?

Ogami - Toki...
I've seen what you can do now, so it's my turn.

Pg. 18-19
Come on out, you rotten demon...!!
[The demon who rules over the fourth flame, Beelzebub!]

Rui - Beelzebub!?

Sakurakouji - The...The fourth flame.
He was able to control Mammon in no time, so he must have already...

Nenene - ...That's not possible. He won't be able to control it.
Sakurakouji - Eh!?

Pg. 20
Nenene - On December 32... I saw "them" taking away "what's necessary"
to control the remaining four flames from Ogami Rei.

Without "those", he'll be devoured by the flames of his own demons and die.
** A group of unknown people took away "what's important" to Ogami!! Has the situation turned for the worse!? **

next: Countdown to annihilation
to be continued

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