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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Code:Breaker 147

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Oct 10, 2011 19:38 | Go to Code:Breaker

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You're free to use this translation for scanlation providing that you give proper credit to me for the translation and Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:147 "Valiance and Imprudence"

Pg. 1
Toki - Tell me the truth

of what exactly happened...

The one who killed Nenene... The one I'm supposed to "avenge" isn't you.
...Isn't that right?
** The inevitable truth of the past is about to get cleared!! **

Pg. 2
Now that I think about it, there were many things that didn't seem quite right back then.

That black lance that stabbed my sister and then vanished... Doesn't seem at all like your "Void".
[...Hey, Nenene...]
[Answer me...]
To begin with, you seem to take "morality" really seriously, and simply isn't the type who'll stab my sister while she's protecting me in my lost form from behind.

Saechika - ["Back then", if you didn't get in my way, Nenene and Toki would already be dead.]

Kouji - Some truths are better left untold.

Toki - I can decide that for myself.
...So it's really just as I thought then?

Kouji - I'll sever that "Chain of Sorrow" myself.
I'm the one who you should avenge... It's better that way.

Pg. 3
Toki - ...Don't get me wrong.
It's not just the matter with you.

I don't give a damn about that "avenge" crap... I'll beat you up real soon!!
But I want to know what exactly is the truth, just so I can move on!!

Rui - ...Toki.

Kouji - You want to know the truth so much you'll come at me even when you're wounded?
...However, don't expect me to tell you for free.

Pg. 4
Show me your resolve with this "Rare Serum".

Toki - What're you talking about...


As you know, "Rare Serum" is like a lethal toxic to a power user. While the small amount smeared throughout the school stimulates a power user to become stronger,
direct contact with the liquid itself causes more than just a wound. It does immense damage to you.

Pg. 5
However, that damage can also cause your power to increase tremendously.

Rui - Ev...Even a dignified power user like Kouji got that badly damaged with one single drop.
If either me or Toki did that, wouldn't our entire arm be gone!?

Kouji - If you want to defeat me and get the truth from me, then take the risk and become stronger...
If you can't even do that, then there's no need for me to speak.

Toki - ...Interesting.

Rui - Are you insane!! Toki!!

Pg. 6
Rui - What...?
No way!!

Toki - No need to test me.

Pg. 7
I'm already at the very bottom, and I'm not going any further downwards.
Just that risk alone isn't going to make me budge.
I'll become stronger no matter what it takes.
I'll only climb up without backing down.

Kouji - ...Admirable.

Toki - If you understand now, then tell me...
Rui - To...Toki...!! Get grip on yourself!!
Are you all right!?

Toki - Eh!? Prince, looks like I'm perfectly fine though...

Pg. 8
Rui- Isn't this whiskey!?
Toki - Huh!?

Toki - Oh, so that's whiskey? No wonder it smells so good...

Rui - How dare you!! Making me all worried!!
Toki - Is...Is this my fault!?

Ko-...Kouji!! Hey!! What's the meaning of this!? You're making fun of me?
You didn't plan on telling me the truth from the very beginning, did you!?

Hey!! Say something!!

Rui - ...Did you even need to reconfirm it? Saechika said so himself that he was the one who killed Nenene.

Pg. 9
Toki - Prince...

Rui - ...Isn't that right, Kouji?

We're comrades, and yet why didn't you tell me that?
...You knew that my brother is still alive and was the one who killed Nenene, isn't that right?

And how he...
Saechika - [Sis.]

Rui - How Saechika had become ruthlessly evil...
You always knew that...

Toki - ...Prince.

Pg. 10
Kouji - ...Your brother died in an accident when he was young.
I was the one who killed Nenene.
...Now, Rui. Isn't that good enough already?

Rui - ...That's bullshit.

How is THAT of any good!? Who asked you to do that!?
You're just... Always so selfish...

Toki!? What...

Toki - Kouji... You...
Kouji - [Some truths are better left untold.]

Toki - ...If it's me right now, I would've ran off to kill Saechika no matter what it took for my "revenge".
If I killed Saechika, the one who'll be in grief the most will be Prince... I'll become the target for her "revenge" instead.

Kouji - [I'll sever that "Chain of Sorrow" myself.]
Toki - He saw through the whole thing...

Pg. 11
Kouji... So you're taking all the blame yourself to stop that "Chain of Sorrow"...?

That ticks me off.
...A guy like you.

You're really selfish and full of yourself, just like what Prince said...
That really ticks me off.
Not only that, you're also very awkward. Just plain horrible.

But...not bad to me though.
You're so big it ticks me off.

This is the first time I seriously feel like surpassing him...

Pg. 12
Now we're all set!! First, we gotta get stronger than Saechika, Prince.
We can work out on how from here on.
No time to be slacking off.

Not to mention, I gotta squeeze the reason from him why he wanted the two of us killed as well.

Rui - ...Yeah, you're right.

Kouji - Toki, I'll wait to see what answer you receive in the end.

Let me warn you however... If that whiskey was the real "Rare Serum", you would've been dead by now.
Of course, you can't become stronger just simply by pouring it over yourself. That isn't possible.

Pg. 13
Valiance and imprudence are two different things.
If you seek further strength, you must never forget that,
especially...during the "Kibou Fest".

Rui - Kouji...

Toki - He used that whiskey in order to tell me that?
...But how did Kouji know about that?

What exactly is going to happen during "Kibou Fest"!?

Pg. 14
Sakurakouji - So, the secret night ritual at school is about to begin!! My heart just can't stop pounding so hard!!
Right, Ogami!
Ogami - ...Yes.

Sakurakouji - Everyone seems out of breath.
Shibuya - Of course, it's already nighttime. They've withstood the rare kind power for a long while now.
Sakurakouji - ...Such tough training.

Yuuki - Nisemaru, Yukinko isn't here yet?
Shibuya - I'm taking over his place until he arrives.

All right!! I'll light the fire now!!

Pg. 15
Sakurakouji - Wow...!!

Toki - Nice atmosphere, isn't it?
Ogami - ...We're not here just to watch this...

Shibuya - All right, everyone!! Now, sing the school song and dance in a circle!!
Toki - What's this, a campfire...!?


Shibuya - If you're going to fool around, then get out!!
[With the spirit of youth~]
Ogami - ...Why me too?

Rui - Calm down, you two!! Just think of it as an easy way to get stronger!!
[Our solid bond will never waver.]
Bear with it!!

Just tolerate it a little!!
[Hold onto your seven braves and seven resolves.]
[Let us gather, friends, at our learning place.]

Pg. 16
Sakurakouji - [Alas! Burn high, the flame of hope. Kibou.]

...Wait? The school song's lyrics
kinda matches our situation right now...

Toki - Done. Want us to do some folk dance next or something...?

Sakurakouji - Ogami...!?
Ogami - Ugh...


Sakurakouji - What!?
Rui - What's this!!
But he can't use his power! What's going on!?

The school song marks the start of the ritual. [Since we got Ogami-kun with us this time, they'll come out from him.]
Sakurakouji - What...

Pg. 17
The Seven Demons!!

Toki - You're telling us to fight against these things!?
Heike - Not quite.

From here on is the exciting part.

Toki - The demons...
Heike - Revolution...!!

Toki - are transforming...

Pg. 18-19
Ogami - What...?
Toki - Is...
Isn't that us!? What's going on...?

Does this mean...

Pg. 20
Shibuya - ...Of course, the seven demons that you have to overcome
are yourselves who are capable of special powers.

If you want to become stronger,
defeat those demons while you're incapable of using your power.
** The power to overcome yourself is being tested by confronting yourself!! **

next: The deep, black scar in his heart!!
to be continued

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