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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Code:Breaker 148

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Oct 29, 2011 08:26 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 148

Know what? It's so hard to translate P4 and CB together right now. Flame -> Shadow -> Flame = Me confused. >_<"

You're free to use this translation for scanlation providing that you give proper credit to me for the translation and Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:148 "The Stigma of 'X'"

Pg. 1
??? - O...Ogami's seven flames took our form!?
** The death match against the flames which look exactly like them!! **
Those are your clones created with the seven flames... Can you win against them while being unable to use your power?

Pg. 2
Ha-...Have you lost your mind!? Wait a sec, Shibuya. You never told us that...

Flame!Rui - You still want everything to go as you planned? You just never learn.
Flame!Toki - Bet the rest of them aren't any different either.

Rui - What...?
Toki - They can talk...?

Flame!All - ...Then, guess
you all can die here!!

Ogami - Ugh!!

Pg. 3
Flame!Ogami - You can run around all you want. It's not going to help...
I'm you and you're me.
I know your every move just like it's my own.

I'll make you see just how powerless you are without your power...

When facing against this flame!!

Ogami - Ugh!!

Sakurakouji - Ogami!! Everyone...!!
Shibuya - Of course, you must endure it, Sakurakouji-san.

Confront, learn and overcome themselves... Otherwise, they can never get stronger.
This is an obstacle they have to overcome.

Pg. 4
Flame!Yuuki - Give up. You can never win against me.
You should know this better than anyone else.

You gave most of your power to Ogami, leaving only a small bit for yourself. The you right now is no more than a worthless kid.

Yuuki - Shut up!!

Pg. 5

Sakurakouji - Yuuki-kun!!

Yuuki - Ugh...
Flame!Yuuki - You already knew that, didn't you? Just how worthless you've become with your petty power.

You've already gotten THAT "X".

Sakurakouji - X..."X"!?

Flame!Yuuki - Remember it, Yuuki...

Pg. 6
You're the product of "Eden's" genetic research, made by combining the genes of the strongest power users.
You don't even know who your parents are, but you're a super genius. You're blessed with a power much more powerful than normal.

Sakurakouji - What...!?
Yu-...Yuuki-kun was created by "Eden"!?

Flame!Yuuki - Special power is your sole reason for living.
...Don't you even dare say that you've forgotten that.
Try to remember... Those days where you were born and raised by "Eden".

Pg. 7
Researchers - That's awesome!! Yuuki-kun, Shigure-kun!! You've already solved high school level problems!?
Your power is also amazing!! And yet you still haven't even used 30% of your power.

You're the pride of "Eden"!!
If anything's bothering you, you can talk to us researchers as though we're your parents!!

Shigure - Yuuki, we're the valuable ones who were chosen as the best. We got to be proud of that.

Book - Nyanmaru is helping out a troubled cat once again.

Yuuki - But I...think Nyanmaru is far better though.

Shigure - That again?
We have to secretly support "Eden" and Japan. Stop whining and strengthen up your power.
If one day we just lose our power...

Pg. 8
They'll just give us that "X" and throw us away
without even taking a second glance.

Sakurakouji - Wha...

Flame!Yuuki - That's the mark of failure. Right now, you're just the same as them... With that useless power, you've lost your worthiness to live.

You're the worthless "X"!!

Pg. 9
Sakurakouji - Yuuki-kun!!

Flame!Yuuki - And that "X" suits you perfectly.

You can...

no longer become stronger.

This is the end of you!!

Ogami - [I'll be...]
[forever waiting...]

Yuuki - Then

Pg. 10
what 'bout this!! You rotten piece of shit.

Sakurakouji - What...!?
Shibuya - His... His face is full of X's!?

Yuuki - How 'bout this then!! What'll you say? Suit me, eh?
Why don't you try it too?

I don't even care if I'm full of X's anymore!!

Sakurakouji - Yu-...Yuuki-kun?

Flame!Yuuki - ...Do you

Pg. 11
not have even the slightest bit of pride!?

Sakurakouji - Yu-...

Pg. 12
Flame!Yuuki - What...!?

Sakurakouji - He took the "Sound" directly!?

Pg. 13
Yuuki - I can't use my own "Sound" right now because of the rare serum around the school, but

you can't control your own "Sound" either.

Flame!Yuuki - What...?

Don't tell me you made me "angry" just to create this chance...

Yuuki - It doesn't matter who has the power and who doesn't...
Victory always goes...

Pg. 14
to the stronger one!!

Pg. 15
Flame!Yuuki - Ugh...


Sakurakouji - Yuuki-kun... While you're at a loss with not being able to use your special power, you made him "angry" to counter him.

Yuuki - Well, that can't be helped,

since his "anger" is my weakness.

Pg. 16
Shibuya - Of course, he's right!!

The flame that transformed into Yuuki is the blue flame...Satan. The deadly sin governed by this demon is "Wrath", in other words, "anger".

As Yuuki-kun already overcame "Wrath",
the miracle of "Kibou Fest" will certainly happen.

Yuuki - I'm feeling...so energetic.

Pg. 17
Shibuya - But you sure became strong enough to not rely on your power all of a sudden, Yuuki.

Eh!? Am I wrong!?

Yuuki - ...It's because of Ogami.

[Back then when I lost to Ogami...]
I gotta get back my power before I go back to "Eden".

...Right now, I'm just a worthless and weak "X".
Even if I stick with you, I won't be of any help.

Ogami - ...Yuuki.

Stop making up that stupid lie to yourself.
You actually loathe the fact that you lost to me so much, don't you?

Pg. 18
The "Sound" is rankling inside of me...
filled with the anger of not wanting to lose,
shouting out, "I'm not done yet"...
and the fact that you never want to lose to anyone.

Ogami - You will always be you, with or without special power.
...I'll be waiting, Yuuki, for the day of our rematch.
I'll be forever waiting.

Yuuki - ...Yeah,
that's true.

Pg. 19
I can't lose to both Ogami and Fourth.
I'm Third after all.

Sakurakouji - Yuuki-kun...
Shibuya - Of course, I bet Yuuki-kun has gotten much stronger than before now.

Sakurakouji - But I never knew that Yuuki-kun was born and raised by "Eden"...

There might be other reasons as to why he must return to "Eden", other than to meet with Makoto-kun...
No one else is back yet,
including Ogami...

I wonder what Ogami must overcome.
Yuuki - Isn't it that sheep?
Shibuya - ...Ogami's weakness

Pg. 20
is "Pride".
Sakurakouji - Pr-..."Pride"!? How so...?
Yuuki - I don't really see any connection though...

Shibuya - Of course, of course.
That's the tough part.

Ogami is probably the one who'll have the most difficulty overcoming his weakness.
The success of the "Kibou Fest" ritual all depends on him too...
** The mystery left behind after knowing Yuuki's birth!! The question Ogami's "Pride" gave rise to!! **

next: The power concealed within the "Shadow".
to be continued

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