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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Code:Breaker 151

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Nov 7, 2011 10:16 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 151

You're free to use this translation for scanlation providing that you give proper credit to me for the translation and Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:151 "That thing of Ogami"

Pg. 1
??? [Ma-....]
[Marriage proposal!?]
** Ogami takes the lead!! Sakura is close behind!! What will be their next move to claim victory!? **

Ogami - ...Umm,

Do-...Don't mind that filthy brat's babbling...
Please forget about it.

Pg. 2
Sakurakouji - You're right!! That's good, right, Ogami!!

Yuuki - That's Nyanmaru's lying face~~~

Rui - Sa-...Sakurakouji!? Hey, hang in there...

Ogami - Eh...!?

Rui - Go and die, you bast-...

Shibuya - ...Now then!! I expect some sort of explanation, of course...?

Pg. 3
Yuuki - Second!!

Rui - Single-...Single-handedly!? And he even caught Yukihina's clone along with his own clone...
Yuuki - He's a monster.

Heike - You should've just behaved yourself... You really don't want me to be defeated by anyone else? You're really "envious" just like the real you.

But will you go away soon? What I want to see

is that face distorted by pain...

Pg. 4
Rui - What!?
Yuuki - Who's that!?

Yukihina - If you want to play,

Pg. 5
then come at me.

Rui - Yukihina!!

Pg. 6
Yuuki - Yukinko beat up both of them!!

Rui - Isn't this ritual for us to fight against our own clones and overcome our weakness?
Defeating two clones won't count as completing the ritual...

Yukihina - No problem. Both he and I already cleared the "Kibou Fest" since a long time ago.
Rui - What do you mean...?

...Hey, Kouji. I know Yukihina doesn't talk much about himself just like you, but how come he knows so much?
What did he...do in the past?

Yukihina - One of the "Four Founders of Eden", "Heike Masaomi the Wonder".
I couldn't believe it until I saw you in that costume.

You even resurrected the "Kibou Fest",
all so that Ogami can become even stronger?

Pg. 7
You want the "Negation" which caused December 32 to recur that much, don't you?

Yuuki - What!? But that can't be...
I mean, senpai said...

Heike - I'm an ally of the "Code:Breakers", so I'm just trying to stop December 32 from recurring...

Yukihina - It won't work though.

Pg. 8
No matter what you do, as long as you don't have "that thing of Ogami",
December 32 will never recur.

Sakurakouji - That...
"That thing of Ogami"? What's he talking about...?

Yukihina - Too bad though,

I'm not telling you where "that thing" is...

Pg. 9
Rui - Wha...
Sakurakouji - Heike-sen-...

Heike - ...Tell me.

Pg. 10
Tell me where "that thing" is.

Sakurakouji - Se-...

Yukihina - ...Yes, that face. Your true self who wouldn't be satisfied unless you've gotten everything you wanted.
...If you want to know that much,

then change me back from being an undead.

Pg. 11
Heike - ...Do you mean

you want me to give back your life as Yukihina, the first generation "Code:Breaker" of "Eden",
I took away from you after I deleted all your memories of "Eden"?

Sakurakouji - What...?
??? - Yukihina-san is
the first generation "Code:Breaker"!?

Pg. 12
Toki - Sorry for interrupting, but...
will you move away!!

Pg. 13
Sakurakouji - Wha!?

Yukihina - The school is under the influence of the rare serum. Who is it that caused this powerful lightning...!?

Heike - ...No,

this isn't "just" any lightning...
This is...

Pg. 14-15
Toki - Sorry!!
I still don't know how to hold it back... Was about to beat up this clone.

Yukihina - Joker?

Sakurakouji - To-...Toki-kun, what's that power...!?

Pg. 16
Toki - Huh?

Sakurakouji - To-...

Toki - Great, isn't it? I got this after beating up the "Greed" into a pulp.

Sakurakouji - What's that eyepatch...!?
Toki - I wore this once in my lost state, right? Nothing special about it though.

Sakurakouji - [But that power is just too strong, for it to be from the ritual. How did he get that powerful in such a short time...?]
The air around him is kind of different...
[What exactly]

Pg. 17
[What exactly did Toki-kun]
[overcome and obtain in this ritual!?]

Rui - Kouji, you gave Toki the advice that, "valiance and imprudence are two different things",
in order for him to clear the "Kibou Fest", right?

Kouji - Valiance and imprudence are two different things.

Rui - ...I only saw it as him being reckless.

Pg. 18
Yukihina - ...How Toki had cut in was unexpected, but
neither of us intend to leave Ogami's side, it seems.
Heike - Let's enjoy the happening.

That's interesting. We still have plenty of time.
You can take your time to tell me where "that thing" is. There's no need to rush.

The fun will start from here, Yukihina-san.

Pg. 19
One of the Four Founders of "Eden", "Heike Masaomi of Wonder".
The first generation "Code:Breaker", Yukihina-san.
What do these two know about December 32 that Ogami and I don't...

what exactly is "that thing of Ogami"...!?

??? - In this "Kibou Fest", not only did we become stronger,
we also came to know of new truths and mysteries.
And the answer to all those,

Rui - Look!!

The flames are all extinguished!!
Yuuki - That's because all of us completed the ritual!!

Shibuya - Of course~~~ Good job, all of you.

Pg. 20
** Just move forward with new determination!! **
??? - are waiting for us in our upcoming battle!!
Shibuya - That's it for now. All of you safely cleared the "Kibou Fest"!!

next: Swayed by the popular rumor.
to be continued

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