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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Code:Breaker 153

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Dec 4, 2011 18:42 | Go to Code:Breaker

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Translating stuff to Thai is always fun to do, even though it means I don't have anyone reading them at all. Being free of annoying, nagging leechers is in all way better than having no readers at all IMO...Save me lots of troubles...:p

You're free to use this translation for scanlation providing that you give proper credit to me for the translation and Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:153 "The Secret of Miso Soup"

Pg. 1
Mishiru - The same smell of Rei
from our younger days.
??? - [This girl...knows of Ogami's childhood...!?]

Ogami - ...Who are you?
How come you know me?

Heike - She's Kokumonji Mishiru-san,
a well-known beauty from Class 2-A.
Toki - Beauty...? How so...?

Pg. 2
Toki - She's
Toki+Rui+Sakura - Whoa...
Toki - She's cute!!

Sakurakouji - She's just like a doll...
This girl knows of Ogami's past.
...Then that means she might know about December 32 and Ogami's family, the "Imperial Blood of Purgatory" as well.

Pg. 3
Ogami - I'm asking who are you.

Mishiru - Mi...

Ogami - ...Huh!?

Mishiru - No, not the Hybrid...
Ogami - Wait...

Toki - That girl really knows something!!


Pg. 4-5

Pg. 6
Toki+Rui - [Shit~~]

Yuuki - What's wrong? The pretty boy and obsessive girl are freaking out.
Heike - She has locked herself in the art room ever since the art club closed down, so not very many had ever seen her before.
Due to that, she has earned herself many hardcore fans.
Sakurakouji - I see!!
Ogami - Tha-...That's just...

Toki - Sh-...She doesn't look like someone who'll know about December 32 or Ogami's family at all...
She should first start living like a normal person...
Heike - Toki-kun,

have you forgotten that the one who founded this school was the "Imperial Blood of Purgatory"?
It's normal to have someone related in this school, no matter who that person might be.

Also, Sakurakouji winning the title "Miss Kibou"...
would be too much even for the miracle of "Kibou Fest", no?

Pg. 7
Ogami - Mishiru-san? Where're you, Mishiru-san?
I have something I want to ask...

Rui - Hey!! You'll get sick if you stay in this place! Come on outside.

Toki - Hyahahaha!! She's ignoring you!!

Mishiru-chan, you're very cute, you know? Let's get out of this pile of garbage and play together.
And I'll tell you some of Ogami's weak points.

Pg. 8
Rui - You knew her, didn't you!? Do something!! Rei!!
Ogami - ...Why me...?


Mishiru - Rei...kun.

Pg. 9
Sakurakouji - Wow!! Ogami's the only special one.
Ogami - ...Do you want to go out now? Let's go together.

Mishiru - Can't!!
Ogami - Hey!?

Sakurakouji - Mishiru-dono, what's wrong!?
Toki - What do you mean, 'can't be together'? ...And why are you

shivering up...?

Toki - Huh?


Pg. 10

Heike - Oh my, you brought stray cats into the school grounds? Such a bad student.
Toki - Th-...This many!? Tha-...That isn't the issue either!!
Also, this guy is clearly a tiger...

Mishiru - Don't...

Pg. 11
Shiratama... Everyone...

I'm fine.
No need to
protect me.

Pg. 12
Sakurakouji - Mishiru-dono...

You're awesome, Mishiru-dono. You can even communicate your feelings to animals.

Sakurakouji - She isn't familiar around people, but she can communicate with animals... Also, that gaze.
If I were to say it's similar to someone,

Ogami - Come.

Sakurakouji - that would be Ogami when I first met him...

Don't you agree, Ogami?

Pg. 13
Wha-...What's the matter!? Ogami!?
Toki - What happened?
Ogami - ...I remember now...

Chibigami - You're always alone in this jungle? Come play with me then.

Hey, you!!

Pg. 14

Don't run away!!

What's your name?
Mishiru - Mi...

Your name sounds like "Miso Soup". Let's play together.

Mishiru - Mi-...Mishiru can't.

is a hybrid,
...the heir of the "Imperial Blood of Purgatory".
Mishiru can't play with Rei-kun.

Mi-...Mishiru don't want to hurt anyone.
So...Mishiru's fine alone.

Chibigami - Hmph, I'm strong, so it'll be fine, right?
Mishiru - ...Just leave Mishiru alone.

Pg. 15
Chibigami - Well, how 'bout we marry?

You know? If we get married, we'll be together till we die. That's wonderful, don't you think?

Mishiru - Wha...

Chibigami - You're already born into this world. It'd be boring if you're all alone.
So we can just marry,
then I can be together with you forever.

Got it? Let's play now, Miso Soup.

Mishiru - A-...
All right...

Pg. 16
Ogami - ...And
I proposed
to her...

Pg. 17
Everyone - WHAAAT!?
Not only Sakura-chan,
but Mishiru-chan too!?

Rui - Wa-...Wait, this is Chibigami we're talking about...
I won't be surprised even if he proposed to every girl he comes across!!
Ju-...Just how low can he swoop...

Yuuki - You're awesome!! You just took on a new light, Ogami!!
Toki - I...I give.
Heike - A super gigolo.
Rui - You guys are shit!!
Ogami - Wha...

Sakurakouji - ...I see.

You proposed to Mishiru-dono out of concern for her?
You're really kind, Ogami... No, that only suits Chibigami-kun.

I can see why you don't want to remember your childhood now.
Toki - Sa-...Sakura-chan?

Pg. 18
Yo-...Your face and your mind aren't coordinated though?
Sakurakouji - Hm?

Ogami - Sakurakouji-san, umm... I just...

Pg. 19
Ogami - Wait!! I still have something I want to ask you...

Yuuki - She dropped something.

Toki - Eh...!? H-...Hey, isn't that Mishiru-chan!?
Yuuki - ...Yeah.

Pg. 20
Little Mishiru...
looks just like Ogami.

Toki - What the...

** The relationship between the two starts to take shape!! What is the image of their future!? **

next: The tribute to Janus.
to be continued

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