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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Kurenai no Ookami to Ashikase no Hitsuji 1


-> RTS Page for Kurenai no Ookami to Ashikase no Hitsuji 1

RAW: Ziddu || MediaFire
If you have any problem with the download, feel free to PM me about it and I'll find some way to fix it up.

New series by Kishimoto Seishi...

But first, let me tell you that I'll only translate this chapter to English. From chapter 2 onwards, I'll only be translating this to Thai. This is because Blazer Drive gave me too much trouble, not in term of the manga itself, but in term of you whiny readers. I only translate during my freetime, which is very limited. From what I saw, some English readers fail to understand or even attempt to understand that, as you guys think scanlation is so easy to do. So, I'll just cut the slack by saying it right now that I'm only translating this just enough to let people know that this manga exists, then I'll start doing this exclusively for Thai readers, which are much more pleasant to work with in general IMO.

PS. While I do know where the English translated name comes from, I'd say the title should be "The Crimson Wolf and the Sheep Shackle" though. Just read through this chapter if you want to know why (but I do understand why people will think of it as "Trapped Sheep")
PPS. Special credit to Rena Chan for helping correct up the summary on the series page. >_<"

You're allowed to use this translation for scanlation only if you proofread it and send it back to me for approval before using.

Kurenai no Okami to Ashikase no Hitsuji
Chapter 1 "The Sheep Boy"

Pg. 1
Granny, why is your ears so sharp and pointy?
So I can hear your lovely voice clearly, dear.

Why is your eyes so huge and sparkly?
So I can see your face clearly, dear.

** Kishimoto Seishi, finally back into action! **

Why is your mouth so big and wide?
So I can...

Pg. 2-3
eat you whole, red riding hood!!!

** A blood-soaked girl tied to a boy and off to prey. **

Pg. 4
??? - GYAA!!!

** New series!! The beginning is the color pages on page 11!! **

Youichi - You bumped into me,
And think you can get away just by saying sorry?
[Douchinji Youichi]

You damn bastards.
Gangster - We-...We're sorry.

Youichi - Hey, if I'm not a child of the temple...no,
a reincarnation of Lord Buddha Himself,
you'd get a trip to afterlife by now, got that?

Pg. 5
...If that's not just my "imagination",

but me being able to say out my "true thoughts", it'd be pretty cool.
However, reality isn't always so sweet.

Gangster - Huh? Didcha say somethin'?
Chantin', eh?

C'mon, if you have somethin' to say, why dontcha say it then?
My stress relievin' machine, Youichi-kun~
Youichi - N-...Nothing.

Gangster - Your house's a temple and a mole on your forehead? Izzat some kinda joke? [Hahaha.]
Don't even bother hidin'. Your incense smell already gives it out.
Youichi - Haha...

Gangster - Whatcha laughin' at!!!

Pg. 6
Youichi - Fuck...I...I...

I'm like!
A sleeping Buddha right now!!!

Sleep! I'm sleeping no matter what!!
Gangster - 'da hell are you nappin'!?
Youichi - I'm in the state of nothingness! I don't feel anything!!!
Right, I feel nothing. I feel...
Gangster - You dare foolin' with us!!?

Youichi - so!

Gangster - Crap, Senkou is here!!

We'll spare you for today.
Mercy on you~
Youichi - Damn,

I'm done for...

Pg. 7
[The moon...!?]


Pg. 8

[Huh? Wait!? What!!? What's with this...?]
[Even a little girl throw a punch at me out of a blue today...? Ow! Wait, it doesn't hurt?]

Pg. 9

Pg. 10
[What's this...!!?]
[...It's so scary...!]
[So ugly...!!]

[...But...it's so-]

Pg. 11-12
Dad - Chant!!!

Youichi - GYAA

Dad - Slacker! Put down your desires! How much longer are you going to lie there!!
It's already four!!
Youichi - [Oww, my head]
D-...Dad!? ...Wait...? A red moon...
[...And a girl!?]

Dad - My head is that red, huh!?
You let your imagination
run wide even in your dream, I see.

Pg. 14
Now then!! Go clean up the main shrine already!!
Youichi - Heeks!!!

Desire this, desire that. Like I'd listen to you.

That baldy...

Full moon...
[Was that really a dream? Why am I feeling that it was more vivid than usual?]

Pg. 15
Dad - What's wrong?
News - 15 years had passed ever since that tragic plane crash.
The distress of the relatives still remains untended even today.
Youichi - N-...Nothing...

News - However, the only survivor of the incident, Akatsuki Kurenai-san,
gave birth to a pair of twins shortly after being rescued,
which lighten up the tragedy at the time.

Dad - Now that I think of it,
that year was also my pleasant year since we got you into our family,
though I got a mixed feeling after I went to funerals of the victims of this accident.

Those twins must be around your age then.
News - Coming up next.

Pg. 16
There have been cases of random killing of students again in Gurimu City.
Polices inspect that there is only one attacker as all the victim is evident to have been hit with a hard object. Investigation is currently on the way.

Youichi - [That's just like in my dream...!]

Dad - Geez, so much news for the breakfast time.
People who's obsessed with desires that they become insane won't live for long.

But well, you won't ever see that killer anyway. [Hahaha.]
For one,
the killer won't attack someone blessed by Lord Buddha like you.

Youichi - [That really wasn't my dream nor my imagination!!]
[Did my memory just go puff after I got punched?]
[Probably...no, that must be it! Damn...I can remember the culprit's face...]

Pg. 17
[And that thing that came out of me...]
[No, that's definitely a dream.]

Dad - Youichi, that mole on your forehead

proves that you're a Buddha from the moment you were born.
I'm sure you must've many good friends.

Feel free to bring them to the temple sometimes. I'll chant for them.

Youichi - O-...OK...

Pg. 18

That baldy had me read the sutra till this late.
Why does someone who woke up at 4 have to be late for school!!!?

Pg. 19
A white wallet...?

Oh fine! I'm dropping by the polices!!

Pg. 20
Yoshino - Seeing that you rushed to get here,
looks like you're doing fine then. Good for you, Douchinji-kun.

Don't worry about the tardy.
It's better to be late than not showing up at all.

Classmates - Whoa, he just arrived?
He's too lame I didn't even notice.
Maybe he got lost into some funeral. [*giggle*]

Ayame - Move. I'm entering.

Youichi - Huh!?
[What? Nobody...?]

Pg. 21
Ayame - I said move.

Youichi - Whoa, there is.
Classmate - Who's that?

Yoshino - There you are.
Did...Did you get lost on your first day?

Pg. 22
Ayame - No, I just overslept.

Yoshino - A-...
Anyway, let me introduce you to Akatsuki Ayame-san.
She'll be with us from today on, so do treat her well.

Youichi - [Eh? Have I seen her before...and her name too...]

Classmate - She's tiny! Is she an elementary kid?
No, she gotta be an old hag. Check out her hair. [*giggle*]

Pg. 23
Ayame - This room really stinks.
What a downer to be put into here.

Classmate - What's with her? She just called for bully.

Youichi - [Whoa, what's she saying in front of everyone like this!!?]
[What's with that girl!!?]

[Let's just ignore her...]

And why beside me!!?

Pg. 24
Ayame - Why don't you argue back when everyone's making fun of you?
Are you a masochist?
Youichi - [There she comes!!]


[I want to say out my true thoughts as well!!]
Youichi - Yes...I am.
[But I'll only get hurt if I do!! It doesn't worth it!!]

Classmate - Hey, did you study for the test?
Not one bit~ I really didn't, no kidding.
Really? Let me see the photo. Aww, so cute~
I'd go with you if I don't have to go to cram school.
I'll seriously work something out next time.
I bet senpai really goes well with Yumi.

Youichi - [Everyone in this world all put up superficial pretense.]

Pg. 25
Ayame - Pretense...
I knows the word...
Youichi - [Wah, she can hear me!!?]

Ayame - But I...couldn't do it...

Pg. 26
Youichi - Heeks!!

Pg. 27
Gangster - One sec.

You wanna die on your very first day, lil' girl?
Good that I've my bubble sheet with me, 'else you'd be dead meat, got that?
Youichi - [Th-...That was scary. It wasn't me then.]

Gangster - I don't give a damn if you're a girl.
If it relieves my stress, I'll crush you flat.
Don't come to school alone, got that?
'Else you won't reach here intact.

Youichi - [He really has his eyes on her...]
[Apologize to him quickly!]

Pg. 28
Ayame - I'm not scared of you.

Gangster - Wh-...Why you!!
Ayame - What scare me more
Youichi - Heeks.

Ayame - are those who kept their true self hidden.

Hand off me.

Gangster - Tch.

Pg. 29
[C'mon, if you have somethin' to say, why dontcha say it then?
Youichi - [N-...Nothing...Haha...]

Yoshino - Douchinji-kun,

can I have one second?
Youichi - Se-...sensei!

Yoshino - What's wrong this morning?

Youichi - Ah...umm...
It...It's nothing...
Yoshino - Oh...that's good then.
Good that everything's fine.

Pg. 30
Well...I don't know how to say it, but
what should I say...
Youichi - Y-...Yes...?

Yoshino - I'm
watching you, OK?

Youichi - ...Sensei...

Yoshino - Oh!
Bu-...But not in a strange way though.

Youichi - [Thank you...]

Pg. 31
[But I dropped my wallet. Plus, I can't bring myself to borrow anyone's money to buy my lunch...]
[But...right now, I'm currently in the fasting state...]

Hibari - There you are.

Youichi - [My wallet!!...And bread!?]

Hibari - You can have them.
Youichi - [Bodhisattva~]

Pg. 32
Hibari - You're the one who brought that white wallet to my place this morning, right?
You won't get anywhere if you turned in other's wallet just to lose your own.

That quality in you just never changes, hm.

Youichi - Te-...10 cents coin?
Hibari - Oh yeah.
I took the delivery fee from your wallet, OK?

Youichi - [Mumble.]
Hibari - Wow, awesome box lunch.

Still not being clear with yourself as always?
You didn't tell the teacher why you were late, didn't you?
Youichi - Ugh.

Hibari - That's exactly why everyone makes fun of you.
In my case, I won't be able to sleep tight if I don't make it clear.
Youichi - ...But I'm...not like you...

Pg. 33
Hibari - You are! You still come to the school no matter what they said, didn't you?
Youichi - Since that baldy'll lecture me if I don't...

Hibari - Acting like an idiot again.
Is that really so, though?

It's because you'll be irritated if you didn't come
as it means you've accepted it yourself...no?

I bet you can overcome...
that as well sometimes.

Pg. 34
Right on spot?
Can expect no less from a childhood friend like me, huh?
Youichi - [Ah! My coin.]

Just be firm with yourself!
If you don't start changing bit by bit from yourself,
you'll only be able to see one side of the world for your entire life.

Youichi - I didn't come to school just for that...
Hibari - Aww, only one more piece left?

Even I couldn't see through it...?
...What's the matter?

Youichi - [What do you mean "see through"?]
[How can I say it right in front of that person herself...?]

Pg. 35
Eh? Your old man's here...
Have you done something wrong again?

Hibari - Stupid.
He's here on that thing about the murder case that happened yesterday.
Thanks to that, neither of us are in the mood for any meeting right now.
[Give me back my youth, damn murderer!]

Youichi - You mean, that murderer's after
our school's students!!?

If I ever find that guy,
I'll rip out his balls with the Police Karate my dad taught me!
And gouge out his eyeballs!!!
Youichi - Heeks!

Pg. 36
But...it's...not like you're sure the culprit is a man yet...[and I actually imagined it.]

Hibari - All men are wolves. They're all beasts.
Youichi - You're the most musculine around here though...

Hibari - Well, but you're more like
a little harmless lamb rather than a wolf though.

Youichi - He-...Hey...

Hibari - Oh, there're times you become a wolf, you said...?
Like during the full moon night?
Youichi - You watch movies too much...

...But it was full moon last night, huh...?

Hibari - Oh yeah! That's it!!
You heard the thing about people committing crime and confessing their feeling most during the full moon night!!?
Youichi - Eh! Confessing?

Pg. 37
Doesn't all the moon just makes tides and that's all...?

Hibari - Human body is mostly water too. You didn't know?
Youichi - That's what you mean...?

Hibari - What's wrong?
Youichi - No...I felt

Pg. 38
as if someone is staring at me...

Hibari - Yeah, yeah, gotta be

your usual imagination.

Pg. 39
Youichi - *sigh*

"Overcome", huh...

Pg. 40
[Crap!! It's them!]

[Wha...What to do. I better hide-]


Hibari - [Just be firm with yourself!]
[If you don't start changing bit by bit from yourself,]
[you'll only be able to see one side of the world for your entire life.]

Ayame - [What scare me more are those who kept their true self hidden.]

Youichi - [But I'm scared.]

[I'm scared...]

[I'm really scared...!!!]

Pg. 41
[of living in only one side of the world for lifetime!!]
Gangster - Oh?

Was just wonderin' where the incense reek came from. Why, if it isn't Youichi-ku~n.
Good timin'. My stress's maxed out right now.

You aren't gonna hide like always...?

Pg. 42
'da hell with ya walkin' right pass me?
Yer bastard!!!


What's with that face!!!

Pg. 43
Yoshino - Hey!! What're you doing!!!?

Gangster - Shit, Senkou's here!


Let's go...

Yoshino - Are you alright, Douchinji-kun?
Youichi - [That really hurts...]

[but...I got the feeling that I can see a little bit of another world that isn't just my imagination now...]

Pg. 44
Unless you "says it out straight", not just through your attitude,
it will never reach them though.

Yoshino - I did tell you that I'm watching you, didn't I?
Oh! But I just happened to pass by here though.

You know about our students being attacked by random killer, right?
I'm helping the polices to patrol over our students on their way home.

and I'm to look over those boys.

Youichi - [It really isn't easy...]
Yoshino - Be careful while going home then.

Youichi - [to see another world, huh...]

Pg. 45
[I remembered now. It's just like back then!!]

You're...the killer?

Pg. 46
Yoshino - ...Akatsuki-kun?

Pg. 47-48
Youichi - Eh!!?

Pg. 49


[What should I do...]

[There's no one around here! I...I have to stop her...]

Yoshino - ...How...
How come...Akatsuki Ayame-kun?
did you

Pg. 50
that I'm the killer!!?

Youichi - Se-...Sensei...?

Ayame - You're seeing the red full moon, aren't you?
I can see it in your eyes.

Under that Sheep's clothing is...

Pg. 51-52
a Wolf.
Youichi - EEEH~~!!

Pg. 53
Th-...This is my imagination.
This gotta be my imagination...
[It's just the same as what I saw before!!!]

Ayame - You're half-right.
Youichi - What do you mean half-right!!?
Not to mention,
Yoichi - where are we!!?
Ayame - This is the "World of Red Moon".

Youichi - Red Moon...!!?

I'm not falling for this!!
An imagination! It's my imagination~ It's just like when I was punched by that merikensakku...
== Brass Knuckle

Pg. 54
Ayame - This isn't a merikensakku.
This is the tool to pull out the the Wolf in the Sheep's clothing,

Youichi - Wha!? Shit, she heard me again!?

The silver
== Kenmerisakku...It's actually just a word scamble.

Ayame - Think of it however way you want.
The truth's still the truth.

Youichi - [I admit that I want to see a different world...but THIS? All of the sudden...?]
[Namu, namu,]
[namu, namu.]

Wolf - Another call from those monster parents's shaking down my heart~~
More stress again~~
I actually...

Pg. 55
super extremely friggin' hate kids like hell!!!
Ultimately a pain in my ass!!!
What's so wrong with me crushing down my stress!!!

Knuckle - Heeks.
That hurts.
Waah, that hurts~
Wolf - AHYAHYAHYA, more...MORE
I'll beat them up even more~

Ayame - Get on with it now.
Youichi - Oww!!!

Ayame - That's his strongest inner thoughts, the Wolf.
Youichi - This really isn't a dream!!?
Ayame - It's his true thought that create this form.

The teacher's body, his pretense which is the Sheep is its shackle.

Pg. 56
If the Wolf overgrows, the result is that.
Wolf - Dochinji-kun, I always am watching you,

since it just feels so great to see you being bullied!!!

Youichi - Se-...Sensei...!?
Are you really?

No way...
that isn't sensei!!
How can he be the same as that guy...!

Ayame - You said
people in this world all put up superficial pretense.
That's what humans are.

Pg. 57
Everyone all possesses inner thoughts and desires,
you included.
"That" is also sensei himself.

If a person becomes overwhelmed with their desires
that they're seeing the red moon,
then I'll kill him off!

Youichi - Kill him off!!?
You mean you're killing that monster?
But isn't that sensei himself...

Pg. 58
Ayame - And what of it?

Youichi - EEH~~!!

[If that thing yesterday wasn't my imagination nor a dream, then what's happening here's just the same...!!]
[But yesterday, I'm sure I...]

[...Akatsuki Ayame...]
[Who exactly are you!!?]

Pg. 59
Ayame - Everyone...always looked at me with that face...
I only said out anything that comes to mind.
How do you feel, now that sensei betrayed you?

Youichi - I...I...

Ayame - Pretense...I knows the word.
But I...couldn't do it...

I only have the Wolf in me.
I don't have the Sheep.


Pg. 60
Ayame - The more I fought, the closer I am to becoming a beast...
I need a sheep to restrain me...

Youichi - Cenmelisac...
It's stuck!

Ayame - ...Don't turn away from what's in front of you.
You're actually

This isn't the first time we become one.
You'll understand all of it one day...


Pg. 61
become my sheep.


Youichi - [Her hair is turning red!!]

Pg. 62


Pg. 63-64
Youichi - ...A red...hood...?

Ayame - If you see it as that, then so be it...
...But right now, I'm your Wolf.

I finally understand your true feeling...

Pg. 65-66
You actually want to beat sensei up then.
If so, let the story of the red riding hood who devours the wolf begins.

Pg. 67
Youichi - ...It's so scary...

Pg. 68
...So ugly...

it's so-...

Pg. 69

** Next chapter'll too be stunning!! **

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#1. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jan 15, 2012
Looks like an interesting series. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. :)
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Just not releasingg in English, that's a brilliant idea!
Serves them just right.
Too bad I hate my mother tongue...
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oh yeah great translation and great manga!! hope we get find raw to see Seishi's art! thanks Ju-da-su ;)

EDIT: lol I wrote Masashi ! a big mistake^^
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