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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Code:Breaker 161

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Feb 8, 2012 14:45 | Go to Code:Breaker

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First one, as promised...

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:161 "The Transfigurations of Demons"

Pg. 1
Girls - We've been waiting for you...!!
** Is this army of lads their friend or their foe!? **

Rui - Wa-...Waiting for us!?
Wh-...Who're you, ladies...!?

Pg. 2
We're the victims who almost got killed by villains.
The evil people were judged by "Eden", but we ended up learning about "Eden" and special powers.
So they have us work instead of getting killed.

Toki - Wo-...Work...?
Ogami - Well, "Eden" did say to "eliminate all witnesses".
Rui - It's those amateurs' fault for drawing commoners' attention themselves. Yet, they caught the victims and have them work?

Sakurakouji - Terrible...That's just terrible...

Ogami - And why're you here?
Girls - We...
We just escaped from "Eden" HQ through that "Su" gate!!

Ogami - [So there really is "Eden" HQ ahead...!!]

Pg. 3
Girl - Anyone can freely exit through that gate, but one certain "requirement" has to be met to enter that gate.

Toki - Requirement!?
What's that...?

The exit doesn't require anything because "Eden" can always find those who escaped and kill them...!!
If they find us, they'll too...
So we were always waiting for you!!

Please, destroy "Eden" and free us!!
Only you, who are opposing "Eden", can do that...!!

Toki - B-...By that work, do you mean...
Girl - ...Isn't that obvious?

Pg. 4
We'll provide you with all the "Eden"-style service as you wish, so please destroy "Eden" for us.

Sakura - Aaah, you are girls!! Ar-...Aren't you ashamed of yourselves!!?

Mishiru - Leave them...There's no cure for "that thing" of men. Shiratama told me.
Sakura - Mi-...Mishiru-dono...!?

Toki - Bold girls aren't so bad as well.
Girl - Fufufu <3 I'll show you to the paradise.
Ogami - Hey...Prince!! Where are the others...!?

Girl - If you would like the adult taste, feel free to use this specialized space.
Rui - Wow!! So many good booze!!
Ogami - Hey!! [All relaxed already!?]

Girl - Those people are aware that rushing it doesn't help after all.
If you can't gather the "Three Sacred Treasures", you can never open the gate to "Eden".
Ogami - "Three Sacred Treasures"!?

Girl - The "Three Sacred Treasures"...
are the mirror, sword and jewel in Japanese folklore. Those three are the keys to open the "Su" gate which links to "Eden".

Ogami - What...Are you kidding me!? How are we supposed to get those...?
Toki - Yeah, yeah, not too much romance, kay?
Girl - ...Then how about

Pg. 6
you die right here then? <3

Girl - Oh my, my eyeball fell off.
Toki - Z-Z-Z-Z-Zombie!?
The rest of you too!!? Then you lied to us about being the victims!?

Girl - ...We didn't. We are the victims who "got killed" by villains after all.

Sakura - G-...Got killed!?

Girls - I was raped.
I was killed by a robber.
Mine is hit-and-run...
Do you have any idea!? How empty it felt to have to lose our mundane yet happy lives in a split second...?
How regretful we are to have die all of the sudden...!!?

Pg. 7
But Aoba-sama of the "Code:Name" understood us...
She saved us!!
Sakura - Aoba did!?

She asked "Eden" to fill us with special power which is the force of life right after we died, and made us into the zombies who're capable of special power.

Sakura - You mean a non-power user became a power user?
[Come to think of it, Haruto did say he got his power from "Eden"...]
And it's a dead person this time...

She even said it wouldn't hurt to give the pitiful us a chance to relive our lives!!
If we can kill you all with our "Cell Stimulation", Aoba-sama will even use her "Time Change in Object" to revert us back to before we were killed!!
We can retrieve the lives those trash took away from us!!

Sakura - What...!?

Pg. 8
It might not be possible now, but I'm sure Aoba-sama will accept us as her bodyguards one day...!!
Sakura - Wait...
I-...I'm sorry for all that happened to you, but that can't possibly be...
Girl - Yes...We learned of one thing after we died.

That's if we can trade other's lives for ours, then it's more than worth it. <3

Sakura - Wha...
But that's...

Pg. 9
Girls - Leave the rest for afterwards...
We'll start off with you guys first!!

...Girls who're too ardent

aren't my types though!!

Forever goodnight, cuties <3

Sakura - Wha...

Pg. 10
[The wounds are healing...]

Toki - Wha...What the!?
They're getting bigger...

Girl - GYAA


Pg. 11
Haah <3
Look <3 This is the power "Eden" has granted us, "Cell Stimulation"!!

Toki - S-...
Shit, and I was cooing with those...?

Girls - The more our cells are damaged, the more they're stimulated,

and the stronger we get...!!

Ogami - GWAAH!!

Pg. 12
Sakura - Ogami
[This isn't good.]

Toki - Tch...

Ogami - Kuh!!

With their "Cell Stimulation",
Toki-kun's magnetism and Ogami's flame are no more than oil to fire...!!

Pg. 13
Girl - KYAHAHA!! You're underestimating us, huh?
As long as you can't destroy all our cells at once, the cells will be stimulated continuously...No matter how strong your power is, there's no way you can ever do that!!

Toki - Tch...
[If I take this out, then it's a different story, but...now isn't the time to use this on these pawns...]

Ogami - Beelzebub!!

Pg. 14
Toki - Wha...

Sakura - Beelzebub!! He's going to burn them with that flame...

Ogami - ...It's a waste to use this on you, but guess I'll just test it out.
Be grateful that you're going down with this flame.

Pg. 15
Toki - Wha...It-...It ate him!?
[Beelzebub isn't even complete yet...!!]

Beelzebub the Gluttony...Just how gluttonous is that thing...!!
Hey, Ogami.

Girl - Kyahahaha <3 What a laugh!! You chose to die by yourself? So stupid!!

But that saves our time though!!
We'll kill the rest of you right-...

Pg. 16


N-...No way!!
[The stimulation can't follow up!?]

This is impossible!!

Hot!! My body...
The flame's...
My body's burning...!!
But we're undead...

Pg. 17

Toki - What're they talking about? There aren't flame anywh-...

[Is this]

[Then this is...]

H-...Hey, Ogami, you...
Is that...
[Then this is...]

Pg. 18-19
[Achromatic Catharsis Flame of Purgatory]

Pg. 20

[Is that Beelzebub's true self then!?]
[But, that appearance...]

[He's fusing with the flame...with Beelzebub!?]
** Clad in Beelzebub, how genuine is the power Ogami had obtained!? **

next: Too many cooks spoil the broth.
to be continued

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