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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Code:Breaker 166

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Feb 10, 2012 12:53 | Go to Code:Breaker

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Anyway, so, it's molokidan who did the latest chapter? If so, then guess I was being a little rude for saying that he doesn't know any Japanese, but again, I actually expected as much from him. I know that molokidan is judged as S-ranked translator, but IMO, that's only if he really does care about what he's doing. Anything else you got him to do by putting some bills before him...are no better than D-ranked. You can try asking another translator to have a check on his translation if you don't believe me. Chapter 156 was a mess...and I seriously don't understand why the heck is the scanlator putting a proofreader in, while IMO, what molokidan needs more for translations that he doesn't care as much about is t/cer, not PR'er.-_-"

Anyhow, I'm doing 166 first because I'm not totally worried about 162-165, since I got the Thai already ready, so it doesn't matter to me as much if you guys want to make a shit out of those chapters, now that I think of it. My internet is fixed and I got my speed translator mode on right now as well, so I'll be translating the latest chapter every week...though I still highly recommend you getting the translation proofreaded and point any missing lines out to me so I can fill you up on those. :p

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:166 "Little Protector God"

Pg. 1
** Attack from all sides!! Completely hopeless with no place to run to!! **

Pg. 2
Heike - Ogami-kun!!


Hmph...Not good. Guess I'm losing too much of my blood...

[Just how troublesome]

Pg. 3
[can you get, Saechika's Dark Side...!!]
** Not even Heike can predict the outcome!? **

Yukihina - You're the one who's the trouble.

...Even after Kouji told them to stick together, they all still came to help you.

Heike - Yukihina-san...
Yukihina - ...Either way,

Pg. 4
you'll die here anyway.

Sakurakouji - Damn!! Dark Side, let go...
Let go of Prince-dono!!

N-...Ngh, I'm too small to do anything since I'm only the left half of me!!


Pg. 5

Kouji - That's as far as you get, Dark Side of Saechika.
To use your very own sister as your power source is the lowest act of fiend...

Sakurakouji - Pr-...Prince-dono!?
What're you...

Pg. 6
Prince-dono...is protecting Saechika-dono...!?

Sakurakouji - Is that intentional? Or is the Dark Side controlling her...?
Kouji - Might be, but either way, it seems like she's doing it subconsciously.
Sakurakouji - Subconsciously...!?

Kouji - Rui became known as the Protector God due to that she was unable to protect her family.
Sakurakouji - ...Eh!?

Kouji - ...Unacceptable. Am I too late...?

Pg. 7
...You're awake now?

You've died once, little girl.

As we still don't know who killed your family, you must abandon everything and live life anew.
...Don't worry. Tomorrow, the man by the name of "Shibuya" will come here for you...

Pg. 8
...You mustn't stay with me. We live in a different world. There's no place for a girl in my battlefield.
Little girl, live strong in your world.

...I said you mustn't...
Rui - I want...I want to become stronger.
Please take me as your apprentice.

...Stop living as though the chain of sorrow such as vengeance is the reason for your living.
Go back and have a rest...

Rui - If being a girl won't do,

Pg. 9
I...I'll give up being a girl...
to become stronger.

I can't forgive myself...I survive, but my mom, my dad...and even my brother, I can't protect any of them. I can't forgive myself for that.
That's why, I'll become stronger...

so I won't have to lose anyone again! So I can protect them!! I want to become stronger!!!
So please...

Pg. 10
Kouji - ...Not just hating the offender, but you're also ashamed of how powerless you are?

I don't take any apprentice.
Rui - Wait...

Kouji - It's comrade.

You and I are now comrades.
Little Protector God, I won't teach you anything. You'll have to steal them from me yourself.

From then on, Rui becomes the Protector God who protects everyone.

Sakurakouji - Prince-dono...
[If he's a lovable brother, then that might be an obvious act...]

[Her true feeling wants to protect Saechika-dono]
[regardless of whether he's good or bad...]

Kouji - But my comrade, Rui, will never let it end that easily.
Sakurakouji - Eh!?

Pg. 11
== Divine Gale

Sakurakouji - Prince-dono!!

Kouji - Rui...Rui!! Your mind might be blank, but you can hear my voice, can you not?

Rui - ...Kouji,
I won't let you lay hands on him
anymore than you already had...

Pg. 12
adore and have sympathy for him.
He's my one and only brother who I treasure...

Sakurakouji - Prince-dono...
Rui - That's right...he's


disgusting bastard...

Sakurakouji - Pri-...

...That's why,

Pg. 13
I'll never let you lay your hand on him.
I'll pass the punishment on him personally...!!
I'm definitely not letting anyone else beat him up!!

Sakurakouji - Prince-dono!!

Dark Side Rui - [If so, then entrust]
[that body to me.]

Pg. 14-15

Pg. 16
Sakurakouji - [...Th-...That's]

Dark Side Rui - Silly brother, who has forgotten even his pride, doesn't even suit to be my footing.

Sakurakouji - [That's Prince-dono's Dark Side!!]
Dark Side Rui - You got no sympathy from me...Be ashamed of your imprudence with your blood, agony and humiliation.

Pg. 17
Kouji - HAhahaha!! That's my comrade, Rui.
Sakurakouji - She's harsh...She's especially harsh because he's the brother she loves the most.
Older sister is always so fearsome.

Dark Side Saechika - Ku...


Is that all you've got, Rui's Dark Side?
You did not even bulge me...

Pg. 18
Sakurakouji - H-...He's talking!!
[Bu-...But is that...Saechika-dono!?]

[No...that's his Dark Side!!]
Dark Side Saechika - The power of us Dark Sides are correlated with the power of our minus feelings after all.

Saechika's hatred after knowing the truth behind the accident...
Its gravity, its vastness, its strength...You have no idea of any of those.

Sakurakouji - Wha...!?

That accident which killed our parents and took away everything from us...

Pg. 19
the very person who was the cause of it is...

Pg. 20
that hybrid, Ogami Rei...
** Ogami's past call forth even further turmoil!! **

The author is taking a break to gather information in the next issue. Please stay tuned for the return in Issue 12!!

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#1. by RyuzakiRen ()
Posted on Feb 11, 2012
thank you
#2. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Feb 11, 2012

Why does your pre-translation yada yada yada blah blah blah have a bunch of grammar errors -_-
#3. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Feb 11, 2012

...Because my pre-translation is GRAMMAR FUCKA!! You know how sucky my grammar is, no matter how hard I try...>_<"
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