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Code:Breaker 167

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Feb 18, 2012 11:12 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 167

Sorry, thanks to the stupid flood, my university works become double the normal difficulty level. I only have enough time to spare for the weekly release, so I won't be able to close down the gap from chapter 162-165 yet until the end of this semester at least.

And as for the chapters before 159, Rena prefers Utopia and SSA release, so she wants to kinda reserve the proofreading until after those two groups release theirs. Thus, I'll only publish them after Utopia and SSA release the scanlations of the chapters. Just saying that again since people were asking. :p

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:167 "Rui"

Pg. 1
Sakurakouji - What...?
Ogami did...!?

He killed Prince-dono's and Saechika-dono's family and made it look like an accident!?
** Ogami's now confirmed as a demon...!? **

Pg. 2
Saechika - It's hot. It's so hot. My whole body is aching...!!
Help me, "sis".


Sakurakouji - Prince-dono was saved by her own Dark Side, but Saechika-dono...

Kouji - His Dark Side doesn't wake up until several years later.

[His entire body was covered in burns,]
[it's already a miracle how he still survived.]

[What kept him alive]

Pg. 3
Saechika - Unforgivable...!!
Kouji - [was his powerful minus feelings!!]

Saechika - Why do I have to end up like this!?
I'll never forgive that guy who made me into this!!
As well as those who can still live as though that accident never happened!!
I'll never ever forgive them!!

Kouji - [The darkness in his mind sunk deeper than anyone else's...Those negative thoughts gave rise to the strongest Dark Side of "Shadow" ever!!]
Saechika - [I'll become the justice and punish those trash...no matter who I have to sacrifice!!]
[I have that right as I'm the utmost victim!!]

Pg. 4
Thus why

Sakurakouji - [Wha...]
[His form...]

Saechika - I, the Dark Side of Saechika, is invincible.
[It changed!?]

Pg. 5
Sakurakouji - Wah!!
Wh-...What an incredible power!!

Rui - Hmph, you lousy-...

Pg. 6

Rui - Aaah!!

Sakurakouji - Pr-...Prince-dono!!

Pg. 7
[Dark Side-dono's gone...!!]

Kouji - Halt.

...Have faith in Rui, Samurai Girl.

Sakurakouji - Kouji-dono...

Saechika - Only manage to save Rui's life before disappearing?...That proves how weak your Dark Side is.
Rui - Ugh...
Saechika - ...I shall spare your life for Saechika's sake,
as well as to reserve you as my provisional source of "Shadow" when I feel hungry.

...Next is

Pg. 8
[that hybrid]
[Ogami Rei...!!]

Rui - N-...

Pg. 9

I'll never let you kill Rei...!!
He isn't someone who'll kill innocent kids...


Sakurakouji - Prince-dono!!

Rui - [How silly of you...Rui]

Pg. 10
Saechika - Why are you...Saechika's sister protecting that guy...!?

You forgot about that accident,
Flashback - [Ever since then, whenever she has the time, she'll sing many songs for her family...]
[As if they were requiems of her redemption as the only survivor.]
[No matter what the song or how often, I should've just sung for him...]
Saechika - forgot about your own family,
Flashback - I...
I end up...
[being the only one left alive, rather than with my family.]
and even chose to live with someone you have to avenge...!!

Saechika - Unforgivable...
You're just unforgivable!!

Rui - Ugh...

Sakurakouji - Prince-dono!!

Pg. 11
Rui - [Now, Rui...!!]
[Be honest with yourself...!!]

[You actually hate Saechika, don't you?]
[He hurts you, your friends, and even targets your life.]
[Your timid little brother is in fact a hopeless devil.]

[No need to push yourself.]

[Hate him.]
[Loathe him.]
[Admit it, and those negative feelings shall become my power.]
[You just wish if that filthy brother is gone.]

[You only wish]

[Hate him.]
[Loathe him.]

[that he can just go die!!]

Pg. 12
Sakurakouji - Pri-...Prince-dono,

Rui - ...it must've been tough for you, Saechika,
with everything.

If I could've just save you back then...

Pg. 13
I'm sorry...

Sakurakouji - Such...
[For Saechika...she]

Such a gentle drop of tear...

Kouji - You don't wish to change your name?

Rui - I...I mean...I'm ready to let go of anything,
just not my name!!
Kouji - Even though you're aware that your identity will be known and you'll be in danger if you keep that name?...Why so?
== She used "watashi" at first, then stumble to change it to "ore".

Rui - Wh-...Who cares about that!? I just like this name.

Kouji - "Rui" which means "tears"...I shall not pry the true meaning of it out of you then.

I do hope your hair will grow long again...Your parents gave both you and your brother this beautiful silky hair,

am I correct, Rui?

Pg. 14

Rui - Mommy, why did you give me this sad name?
Mommy - ...It's not sad, you know?
Before your hair grows down to your hip and you become an adult, you'll have to face many difficulties and hardships.

We wish for you to be a gentle girl who'll weep for others even in the worst despair...
That's why we gave you that name.

[The kindness]

[to weep for other even in the worst despair...]

Pg. 15
Rui - I never once forget about our family.
I was really happy to know that you're still alive.

Sakurakouji - Prince-dono...
Rui - ...That's why,

I'll never let my eyes off you.
I'm going to stop you...with my own hands!!

Saechika - Are you done with your farce?

I'm sick of listening to your hypocrisy.

Now die!!

Pg. 16
Rui - ...I've received your feelings now,

Sakurakouji - Da-...

Dark Side...!!

Pg. 17
Rui - Bu-...But why!? But I wasn't seduced by my own negative feelings...or your temptation!?

...It's true that negative thoughts give rise to "Shadow",
just like how the "Shadow" became more intense when the sun is strong,

powerful plus feelings can also strengthen the "Shadow"...and become my power as well.

Sh-...She broke it with bare hand...!?

Pg. 18

that pure drop of tears, filled with your plus feelings,
has heighten my "Shadow" to an even greater height.

Sakurakouji - W-...Wow!!
Kouji - Hmph...how imprudent, Dark Side.

Rui - But just now, you were trying...
[Hate him!!]

Men will cheat on you if you're being too docile, Rui.


You!! You were tricking me to test me out!?

Pg. 19
Don't be conceited, however. That alone will not gain you my approval.

You shrewd bastard...
I'll show you how I do my things.

I am feeling really good right now.

Let me show you something fun.

Sakurakouji - Wha!? What's that...
[Dark Side-dono is transforming...]

Pg. 20
Rui - Rui...
If you are deemed the Graceful Protector God, then try to master me, your Dark Side...!!

** One can't live without being strong. One doesn't worth to live without being kind. That generosity for others running down her cheek transforms into strength!! **

next: To throw one's life in for others is what defines benevolence...!!
to be continued

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