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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Code:Breaker 168

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Feb 27, 2012 15:34 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 168

Raw came as soon as my free time ran out. My hard-coming weekends were gone and the raw just pops up. Now, need to study and do lots of works. Got exams tomorrow, which I initially planned to fling away since I stressed out. -_-"

PS. So...the parrot finally starts to talk...>.>"

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:168 "That Which Relieves"

Pg. 1
Rui - Prepare yourself, Saechika!! I'll slice up that negative heart for you...!!
** The alluring maiden of war!! **

Saechika - Insolent woman.

Pg. 2

You can never inflict a single damage on m-...

Pg. 3
Sakurakouji - Wha...!?
[She shattered that Dark Side armor in a single hit...!!]

[So easily...as though she's just blowing away sand!!]

Saechika - Not so fast.

Pg. 4

Sakurakouji - In-...Incredible. Dark Side-dono's giant scythe...!!
Kouji - Not only her scythe.
[This is...]

While in human form, the power is distributed equally between offense and defense, but in its scythe form, all the power is concentrated into its attack, making it "Specialized Offensive Form"...

[This is exactly what the Graceful Protector God...Rui and the Dark Side are really made of!!]

Pg. 5
Rui - It's over, Saechika. You lost now since your Dark Side was already crushed...
Saechika - ...You're wrong.

Rui - Ah...
[I can't breathe!!]

Sakurakouji - Prince-dono!!
[That's Saechika-dono's second special power, the same one as back then!!]

Ogami - This isn't "Shadow"...what's this power?

Saechika - Stop getting in my way...Otherwise,
Otherwise, "sis",
I'll kill you too with my second power, "Effacement".

Pg. 6
Rui - Saechi-...
[Even the Shadow...and the Dark Side are deteriorating...!?]

Saechika - This suffering...This pain...
There's no need for anyone else but me to feel them...

I won't let anyone else face the same pain that I felt ever again...!!
Rui - Ugh!!
Saechika - All the evil trash...and those that might become one, I'll eradicate every single one of them.

Rui - Ah...
Saechika - I won't let anyone interfere. No matter how many people I have to sacrifice,

I'll establish the absolute justice, under the name of "Eden"!!

Sakurakouji - Waah!! The "Effacement" is spreading out!!

Kouji - Run, Puppy, Samurai Girl.
Sakurakouji - Wah!!

Kouji - Ngh!!
"Effacement" is the power of unknown energy, so even my "Void" cannot stop it...

But that's not all there is to it. Even Saechika himself is deteriorating from the "Effacement"...

Pg. 7
[At this rate, everyone here will be annihilated!!]

Sakurakouji - [Wh-...What!!?]
Ko-...Kouji-dono too. Please back off...

Kouji - I shall see through my comrade while she's battling until the end without ever backing away...!!
Sakurakouji - EH!?

Saechika - "Sis", I thought you would be different.
Rui - Gah...

Saechika - You felt the same pain as I had...
and know the bleakness of having to lose what's precious to us...

But you ended up getting in my way. I'll never forgive you!!

Rui - Cu-...

Pg. 8

Sakurakouji - ...Eh!? [She headbutted him!?]

Saechika - Wha...
Rui - I'm...
I'm getting annoyed of your fuss now!! You're really pissing me off!!

Just endlessly holding onto that grudge over the accident...I was stupid for actually sympathize with a dork like you.

Pg. 9
Rui - You can go kick the bucket now...!!

Saechika - "Effacement"

Rui - Ugh...
[You're the only one...]

Pg. 10
[I can't breathe.]

[My blood is regurgitating.]
[I can't even see what's a couple of centimeters ahead of me...]

[You're the only one...!!]

Rui - ...What'll I do if my brother's still alive!?

I...I've never even thought of that. Why bother, taken that he's already dead?

Yukihina - You're a bad liar.
Rui - Ugh...

S-...Sorry 'bout that!! I thought about it before!! Ju-...Just a little though.

...But well, if he really is alive,

I want him to just forget everything about me.

Not just me, but our parents and that accident as well.

Pg. 11
Just forget all of those...and enjoy life, so much that he never has time to rethink about them.
[That's what...I've always been thinking,]

[and yet, you're...]

[You're the only one]
[I'll never lose to...!!]

Pg. 12-13
Yes, that's it.
Get this settled.


Pg. 14
Saechika - Ugh...

Sakurakouji - Prince-dono!!

Saechika - Wh-...Why don't you understand...?

Why do you stand in my way!!?
Just how soft can you...

Rui - ...Eradicating all the evil? Ending all despair? Wake up already.

You're the one who's too soft, Saechika...
You can never completely eradicate all the evil nor preventing all the absurd happenings like that accident
for your entire life.

What'll fussing around over each and every one of your grudge ever do for you?
...Isn't the most important thing

Pg. 15
to stand strong, never bending over no matter how hopeless you've become?

Hurting others can never cleanse away those hatred and suffering
nor can it fill up that vacancy of having to lose someone precious to you...
But there's always

something that can help relieve it...

Sakurakouji - Prince-dono...

Rui - Now that you get it,

Sakurakouji - Wa-...

Pg. 16
go die for once.

Sakurakouji - Prince-dono!!

Saechika - Wha...

Rui - You've already died once, and now, you've reborn,
to find your friends and where you truly belong.

So just forget about that accident, and quit the "Code:Name"!! Alright!! Got that now!!

Saechika - *chuckle*
Rui - Wh-...What now!?

Pg. 17
Saechika - You're telling me, the "Code:Name" of "Eden", to quit
just for me to find friends and where I belong...?
Is that your generosity?
...That's pretty random.

Rui - Wha...
Guess you're right...

If I can forgive all those, I wonder how good will it be...

Rui - Eh?

Pg. 18
Saechika - Ugh...!!

Rui - Sa-...Saechika!?
[He's just like back then!?]

Sakurakouji - Wha-...What's going on!?

Parrot - Rui...I thank you for showing me an intriguing battle between the two Dark Sides.
That'll mean there are still ways to make use of Saechika then.

Pg. 19
Rui - Th-...The parrot's talk-...
...No, you're

the Dark Side!?

Sakurakouji - H-...He didn't disappear after he was defeated...!?
Kouji - I knew it...

It would seem that the Dark Side has been manipulating Saechika, and currently, it's inside that parrot.

Rui - What...!?

Parrot - I would expect no less from you, Kouji. Correct.

Saechika's and Rui's parents were hybrid researchers.
In their research, they came to know of the effectiveness of "Shadow" power against the hybrid.
Therefore, in order to protect power users from the Great Massacre of December 32 that is about to come,
they fused the genes of the two who were known as the most powerful "Shadow users" into their two children. That's the true identity of the Dark Sides.

Pg. 20
Sakurakouji - Wh-...What did you say...!?

Rui - And...my parents seem to know about my Dark Side...

Parrot - Saechika and Rui, you two siblings
are warriors, granted with the Dark Sides for the purpose of killing the hybrid, Ogami Rei.
** Dazed and dumbfounded by the secret behind their origin!! **

next: Hardship makes one into a man...!!
to be continued

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