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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Code:Breaker 165

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Mar 23, 2012 17:55 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 165

Now, the gap is filled...

But first, I just want to say, I can't translate until after next Saturday (not tomorrow, but next week's). I have my first "weekend" in two months this week, but after that is the burning hell of exams. Exams on Monday, exam+normal class on Tuesday, exams on Wednesday, normal classes on Thursday, normal class on Friday, exam+maybe normal class on Saturday (yes, exam on Saturday). None of these exams are easy deals as well. I probably won't even have the time to watch my weekly anime dose or even for any manga next week. With this translation, the CB gap is filled now, so I'm not that worried, but just saying that don't expect 170+ until after I'm done through next week, and I promise I'll catch up within no later than Wednesday of the week after.

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:165 "The Collapse Beyond the Ray of Light"

Pg. 1
** Put all your feeling into the choco, the happy yet bashful Valentine's!! **

Anime currently in production!! We have here the heated comments from the two protagonists!!

Seiyuu of Sakurakouji Sakura, Hisaka Youko-san
Sakura is an extremely serious and righteous person, so I want to directly act out her frank personalities. This series is full of serious scenes, but the comedic scenes are just as astounding. I want to be able to capture the charm of that gap between the two. I'll give my best so both the fans of the manga and those who just know this manga through the anime can enjoy it.

Seiyuu of Ogami Rei, Okamoto Nobuhiko-san
I personally am looking forward to see how the appealing battle of special powers will turn into an anime as well, but I do feel the pressure to be responsible of this role of "Ogami Rei". I'll give in all my best for this, so please help support me as well.

Pg. 2
Toki - [A-...Are you kidding me!? That insanely strong Heike-senpai got his arm chopped off in just an instance...!!?]
** Heike's in deep trouble!? Is this the first time his composed gesture'll fade away!? **

Ogami - Heike...!!

Kouji - In reality, the power of Saechika, who's a "Code:Name" can never be compared to Heike's, who's one of the founders...However,
Saechika's "Shadow" is the power which can offset Heike's "Light".
He's the nemesis who can limit Heike from showing even 10% of his power.

Toki - But doesn't that also apply to him too!? Since Heike's "Light" just save us from his "Shadow"...
Kouji - Saechika has already passed that line.

[That's right, "That" is no longer a human.]
Toki - What...!?

Pg. 3
Kouji - [Dark Side...the second personality of the one who manipulates "Shadow"]
[That being is special. It's the "Shadow" beast who's ten times...no, hundred times more powerful than a normal person]

Rui - Sae...chika!?
Toki - H-...Hundred times!? Are you joking!? That's just way too much...

Heike - Oh my, you destroyed my limiter. Now, I can't keep my overwhelming "Light" down.

Pg. 4
guess I no longer need it if I'm up against you!!

Pg. 5
Rui - GWAH!!
Toki - What's with that power!!?
Ogami - Heike!!

[Those are...the direct subordinates of "Code:Names"!!]

Pg. 6
Kouji - 15...no, some of them are in stealth, like Shigure. We still don't know what kind of power they have or how powerful they are, so we have to band together.
Rui - But we got to go help Heike...

Yukihina - What for?
Toki - ...Eh!?

Yukihina - He just helped you once, and you already trust him? One joyous group you are.
He's the person who never cares about using people as his footsteps just to get to what he wants...even if they're his friends.

You've experienced that before too, haven't you?

Sakurakouji - Y-...You're right, but senpai...

[He's gone...!?]

Pg. 7
Heike - What do you think? You might be the Dark Side,
but if you can't distinguish the real me out of these clones, you can never destr-...

Pg. 8

If so!!

Aoba - So fast...!!

Heike - How about this speed!! With my speed of light, you can't even see me...!!
You can never catch me...

Pg. 9

Aoba - Too bad for you.

Saechika's Dark Side can accurately "read" all of your movements?
You can try as hard as you want, but there's no way you can win...

Heike - Burning Soul...

It has been so long since I feel this much agitation.
Guess I might not be able to hold myself back anymore...!!

Aoba - Wha...

Pg. 10

Aoba - He "read" it...!!
It's over, Heike...!!

Pg. 11

Heike - Ogami-k...

Pg. 12
Aoba - The "Light" is gone!?
[He erased the "Light" attack using Belphegor!?]

Sakurakouji - Ogami!? What are you doing!?
[If you do that]

[Heike-senpai will be crushed by the "Shadow"!!]

Pg. 13
[I-...It missed!?]

Ogami - I knew it...the Dark Side read your movement by detecting the "Light" that's overflowing out from you.

Heike - My!! Is that so...
Ogami - Don't play dumb. You already know that, didn't you?

Even if you know it, without the limiter, you can't limit down your overwhelming power.

Unless you're clad in my Belphegor...the flame which burns down special power, that is.
...With this, the Dark Side won't be able to read your movement anymore.

Sakurakouji - Ogami!!

Pg. 14
Heike - You took note of that...
and came to my aid, Ogami-kun?

Ogami - It's this powerful even when it doesn't hit...!!

Yuuki - Keep the talk for later.

Pg. 15
Just leave it to us!!

Sakurakouji - Everyone

Pg. 16
I can never understand his thought, nor like the way he speaks...
Heike - ...Your title as "Code:Breaker" 05 will weep if that's all you've got.
but Heike's the one who's watching over us most.

Yuuki - I hate him...I really hate him, but
Heike is the only one I accepted as the Second, the one who stands above Third!!

Toki - I've...been with him for so long after all.

Sakurakouji - Everyone...Everyone!!
[No matter how much they dislike Heike-senpai...they still think about him as...]

Heike - ...Oh my, you came back to me all at once? What have you all done now?

I...can't protect all of you right now though.

Toki - Oh!! You feeling touchy now!?
Even the demon has tears, huh...

Heike - I...
I can't...

Pg. 17-18
Too-in-ter-est-ing, that I can't hold myself back anymore...!!

Ogami - Heike!? Hey, wait...
Toki - Wha...!?


Toki - Y-...

You're trying to kill us too!!?

Pg. 19
Heike - My, I feel so refreshed now. Perfectly Clean Up.
Toki - Can't you learn to hold yourself back!!?

Heike - Please take your complaints to Ogami-kun, as he doesn't restrain my power well enough.
[Let's Save My Heart]
Ogami - ...I seriously shouldn't have helped this old geezer.

Rui - Saechika...Hey, bring yourself together...

Toki - Wh-...What...?

Pg. 20
[That Dark Side...!! He's draining the "Shadow" power from Prince!?]

Yukihina - Rui!!

Ogami - Stop it!!
Toki - Let go of...

??? - Shouldn't you be more worried about yourself?

Pg. 21
Since you guys

will be the first to die!!
** The crisis after a brief period of relief!! **

next: A paradise on hearsay, a hell at sight...!!
to be continued

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