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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Code:Breaker 175

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Apr 14, 2012 16:36 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 175


As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:175 "The End Result of Betrayal"

Pg. 1
Saechika - Special power might not work on rarekinds, but physical attack does...
I won't let the rarekinds kill any power users...!!

I shall bury you all alive under this building...!!
** Saechika fires up his entirety to eradicate the rarekinds!! **

Pg. 2
Rui - [He uses the "Shadow" to protect us and "Effacement" to destroy the building...]

Toki - Saechika!!

Cool - It's really falling apart!! This isn't good...
Cat - That guy...Is he planning on ruining our "Game of Death" to the very end!!?

Stop interfering with our game!!


Aoba - We won't let you interfere with Saechika...

Pg. 3
If it's a fist-to-fist battle we're talking about, then I'm not going to lose to you rarekinds for sure!!
And seriously, you're getting in the way. Get lost already!!

Sakura - Aoba!! Mishiru-dono!!

Toki - Aoba-chan, stay back. It's dangerous...
Aoba - You stay back, Joker. It's our duty as the "Code:Name" to stop them.

Yuuki - I'm going too!!
Shigure - D-...Don't, Yuuki...

Yuuki - Shush it, Ratty!! I can't take those guys anymore.
Shigure - You can't..."just yet".

Pg. 4
To stop the "Angels" once they reappear and protect the power users...
is the main reason why we "Code:Names" exist.

We were told that the rarekinds will come for Ogami and Sakurakouji, so we prioritize on killing those two, but
there's one more thing.

We do have a reason why we have to force you "Code:Breakers" into various battles.

Joker isn't our only final weapon...
the experiment on the power user of the Elite Barcode, the "Apple",
and the Dark Sides of "Shadow" which were discovered in the related experiment on the hybrid,
all of them were for the purpose of creating power users who are able to combat with rarekinds.

Pg. 5
Shigure - [Go fetch Ogami's left arm, the trigger which will cause the recurrence of December 32!!]

Then that experiment that killed the X's,
how you have Toki draw out the Joker's power from the Pandora Box...

Toki - and how you have us fought with Ogami were all
so we can obtain the power to combat with the rarekinds!?

Saechika - That's correct, Joker.
You must've scorned us, haven't you? We're perfectly fine with that.

This is our justice!! If power users can live without the threat from the rarekinds,
we're willing to sacrifice as many lives as we need and fall into the path of evil!!

Toki - You guys...
Saechika - But now you know, don't you? None of you can fight against the rarekind as of now...!!

Pg. 6-7
Toki's grand step to a new level,
Tenpouin Yuuki and Hachiouji Rui who're starting to show sign of their power awakening,
the founder who serves as your guide, "Heike Masaomi the Wondrous"

and the hybrid between rarekind and power user who holds the key to everything, Ogami Rei...
you "Code:Breakers" are the only people who hold the potential to judge the sacred fiends, the "Angels".

Now that you understand it, don't die!!
We won't let any of you die in vain.
For that, we're more than pleased to protect you with our lives!!

Toki - Wa-...Wait, you all...!!
[I can't move under his "Shadow"...!!]

Pg. 8
Aoba - Ngh!!

Sakura - Aoba...!!
You're going to sacrifice your life to protect the "Code:Breakers" too...?

Aoba - Hmph.

[What's with this!! "Code:Names"!? The future of power users!? Who cares about that?]
[If we work according to Saechika's plan, Ogami will remain alive...]
[I'll never buy that!! I want to kill Ogami to avenge for Sister...]
[But if I kill him myself, Sakura will be sad and hate me because she cares deeply about him, like what Toki said to Saechika.]

[I can't just kill him myself...!!]
Aoba - Hey, you...

Pg. 9
Sakura - A-...Aoba!!

Ogami - Aoba-sa...

Cat - Found ya~

Ogami - Ugh...

please run...

Pg. 10
Aoba - You fell for my trap now, Ogami.
Fufufu...did that surprise you?

Aoba - My power, "Time Change in Object" can revive the dead power users.
If I do that, you'll surely win the "Game of Death".
[though that's a lie.]
In exchange, will you kill Ogami Rei for me?
Cat - Eh!! That sounds great!
Aoba - made a deal with the rarekind.

Pg. 11
Fufufu, too bad for you, Ogami-kun. You'll be killed by the rarekind.
...But it can't be helped, can't it? It's an accident.
Sakura might be in grief, but I'll always be by her side, comforting her.

So die with your rest assured.

Sakura - Ogami!! Are you alright!!?
How's Aoba!? Is she alright as well!?

Ogami - You just don't know how horrible those rarekinds are, do you?
You might get into real trouble yourself.

Aoba - Shut up!! Just go die already!!
You killed Sister. You'll repent for that sin with your li-...

Pg. 12
Cat - STRI~KE!!

Ogami - Ugh!!

Aoba - What're you doing...
Cat - Bubububu

That stupid face is so funny!!
You think you can make use of me?

Like we rarekinds will ever join hand with power user,

Pg. 13
we might be enemies, but you sure are one horrible one to betray your friend!!

Aoba - Ugh..."Time Change...


[It's...no use]
[At this rate...]

Pg. 14
Sakura - Please stop it!!

Cat - NYA!! You scared me!!

Aoba - Sa-...Sakura
Sakura - You can't kill her!!

Aoba's...Aoba's a Code:Name, so she's putting her life to protect Ogami even while she hates him...!!
For everyone...for Ogami...
she even overcame her own hatred to protect their lives. That's how marvelous she is!!
So please, please don't kill her!!

Aoba - Sa...Saku...

Pg. 15
Sakura - Don't worry, Aoba!!
"Puppy" and I will always be by your side...
Let's protect Ogami...and everyone together!!

Aoba - ...No,

you're wrong, Sakura!!

Pg. 16
Cat - You won't get away for messing with me!!

Aoba - I'll never let you!!

Pg. 17
Cat - I said...
stop messing with me!!

Ogami - Ugh...

Cat - Tch!!

Aoba - O...

Pg. 18
Why did...
you save me...?

Ogami - ...You are evil,
but I'll buy on that deep feeling Sakura has for you.

Pg. 19
Four-eyes - The quake's getting even worse...

Saechika - ...It's over now.

Pg. 20

** The battle ends with the victory to the power users!? **

next: The pleasure on top of others' sufferings...!!
to be continued

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