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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Code:Breaker 176

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Apr 22, 2012 04:17 | Go to Code:Breaker

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As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:176 "Fussy Lunch"

Pg. 1
Rui - Ugh...

Guys...are you all alright!?

Toki - BWAH!!
** A narrow escape from under the collapsed ruins!! **

Rui - Everyone!!
Toki - ...Yeah, we're cool. It ticks me a little, but Saechika really saved all of us with his "Shadow".

Seem like those guys managed their way through as well.

Rui - Then where's Rei!? And Saechika!? They were both completely bare...

Pg. 2
** The girl who saved the one she hated!! What is it that had shaken her soul!? **

M-...My second power "Vital Acupuncture"
I can perform acupuncture on any object or flesh without touching them, shattering the object or strengthening the body...

Pg. 3
Sakura - Aoba!!

Aoba - A...And with my "Time Change in Object", I can always return myself to the time when my power is at its maximum state...

Yuuki - Aoba-chan
== Just note that he combined "Aoba" with "Ba-chan" which means old woman.

Sakura - Sh-...She lost her power and became a cute granny!!

Aoba - No...No way,
don't look at me!! B...But I didn't want to

It's because!!
It's because I saved you that I become...

Pg. 4
Ogami - Thanks.

...You really saved us.
I would've lost my power half-way through if I were to burn those fallen rubbles with my flame.

Aoba - S...

Stop that!!

...Wh-...Why're you thanking me now?
You killed the Sisters!!
And you already...knew what I've done to you all these times...

Yuuki - That side turned into a merman too.

Pg. 5
Rui - Saechika!! Mishiru!!

Thanks goodness!! We're all safe...

Yuuki - He became a merman.
Ogami - ...More like a dragon man.
== Why the!? Hey, why the!? What? A dragon!? Not a fish!? WHY THE!? O_o"

Toki - So, as long as we "Code:Breakers" didn't lose our power, we may still be able to kill the rarekinds even if they managed their way through, huh?

Well, good that we barely made it...

Pg. 6
this time...

Pg. 7
[Impossible...he released his rarekind power with just a single clap of hands!?]

Toki - Ugh...
I lost my power...!!

Pg. 8
[That "Fussy Lunch" guy...]
Lunch - A pity.
Have some more.
Toki - [his power is at a whole different level!!]

Prince!! Saechika!! Hang in there!!
[They're running out of breath...Normal power users would've died by now...!!]

[I already lost my power, so I can't fight them back anymore...]

[Our only hope is...]

The speed of the falling ruins might be slower than the rapid Gauss Cannon, but even with this range...
Cat - Wow!!
Four-eyes - Respect~!!
Toki - he can still repel them all with a pair of chopsticks. This guy is seriously something.

Cool - So, it's finally the boss's turn now.
Cat - I'm getting excited!!

Lunch - ...Yeah.

Pg. 9
The "Game of Death" is just to kill some times, so let's stop it at that.
Four-eyes - Eh!? You can't just say that, Headliner!!
Cat - And I'm already so close to winning!!
Cool - Fine. How 'bout we settle this behind the scene!?

Four-eyes - Stop caring about your cherries!! You really pissed us right now.

Cool - He's pouting.
Franken - He certainly is.
Cat - He friggin' is.
Four-eyes - Fine!! Suit yourself!!

Sakura - "Lunch"-dono...Why!? How could you do something this terrible?

Lunch - You wanted the "Code:Names" and "Code:Breakers" to stop fighting, didn't you?
But up till now, I only see them stopping their fight and joining hands though.

Sakura - Eh...!?
B-...But that's because an enemy which is more threatening for both side has come...

Lunch - You all are opposing each other, yet you overcome your position, your hatred and your reasoning and join your hands.
To protect what's precious to you. To live.

Pg. 10
When people feel the scent of death, they start to only think about making their way out of it.
Only when the representation of death, the rarekinds...the biggest nemesis appears will they realize who really is precious to them...and the values of life.

Sakura - "Lunch"-dono...
[It's not like I don't know what he means, but what he did was very dangerous...]

What's wrong!?

Lunch - ...Why is there a watermelon inside my lunchbox?
Sakura - Huh!?

Four-eyes - C'mon, Headliner, have some spirit!!
Cool - "Eden" just literally collapsed! The stronghold of those power users is completely ruined now.
Franken - This too is the will of God.
Cat - Yeah!!
So, what next?
What next?

Lunch - Next.

Pg. 11
We'll kill the humans.
Let's give those humans who've forgotten the values of life the death punishment...to the very end.

Toki - What...

Ogami - Human...you said!?

Pg. 12
Yuuki - You're gonna take over the world with just five people? That ain't gonna happen, jerks.
Toki - ...It's not the matter of number...
[The name "Angels" really suit them.]
[The rarekinds who're both the nemesis of power users and the possessor of power far exceed that of human...]

[If their power is really that unrivaled, then they might really be able to destroy or dominate the world.]
But...why the humans!?

Sakurako - You've really become one real bastard, I see.

Pg. 13
Lunch - Oh.
You caught me off guard.


Sakurako the Founder!!
"Don't lay hand on the rarekinds"...Guess I won't follow "Eden's" hackneyed order anymore.

Heike - ...That woman.

Toki - [She's seriously fast!! If it's the founder, she might be able to fight on par with them!!]

Sakurako - No need to fear the rarekinds...

Pg. 14
As long as we still have Rei-kun, the rarekind can still be rivaled.

Ogami - What do you mean...
Sakurako - Rei-kun's flame...

As long as we have the Seven Flames inherited within the Imperial Blood of Purgatory,
we can still burn down the rarekinds.
As Rei-kun is starting to regain his flames, I bet he can give you guys a couple of scratches...or even beat you up real good.

Toki - [Oh yeah! Ogami is not any ordinary power user...He's the hybrid between rarekind and power user, and the one who inherits the Imperial Blood of Purgatory.]
[He's the only one capable of using the seven flames!!]

[Ogami!! Do something!!]

[The only one who can save us...]

Pg. 15
[The only one who can save all our lives is you...!!]

Sakurako - Oh right, little "Lunch", have you already forgotten?

...That on that day,

Sakura - Eh!?

Sakurako - the "Emperor" was able to burn down countless number of rarekinds with his flame as well.

Pg. 16
Toki - [He's so fast...!!]

Lunch - Don't you dare say that.

Pg. 17
Toki - He got him!!
[Our first hit!!]
Burn him!!

Pg. 18
Ogami...!! Burn him down!!

Lunch - You better stop.

Even if you have the flames, you still won't be able to defeat me.

...It's the same as that day.

Chibigami - I'm sorry,

Pg. 19

Pg. 20
Sakura - [Even that...Chibigami-kun who's capable of controlling the Seven Demons at will was...!?]

Lunch - On that day...On December 32, the one who ripped your left arm off
** December 32 starts to become clear!! Have they reached the truth of what really happened on the memorial day which ties Ogami and Sakura together!? **
and killed you was me.

next: The old story which runs deep down.
to be continued

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