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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Kurenai no Ookami to Ashikase no Hitsuji 2


-> RTS Page for Kurenai no Ookami to Ashikase no Hitsuji 2

Just thinking I should at least finish the arc...I still have this lingering feeling that if I continue, I'll certainly regret afterwards though. So I still won't say that I'll translate the next chapter. I want to translate to Thai instead mainly because English readers tick me off, so...-_-"

Speaking of the raw...chapter 3 won't come until I finish "scanlating chapter 2". I need to redo the clean all over, and it's taking forever...Thai cleaners mostly are beginners who don't even try to redraw, and I can't ask from English groups or any other groups to help since translating this to English in return doesn't seem all that sweet to me either...but guess it won't trouble anyone so much since people don't really read raw that much anyway. .-.

Oh, and one more thing. Next time, if I ever see anyone taking my translation or raw to use for scanlation without credit me, expect me to stop giving raw and only use it for my Thai scanlation. I'm not talking about Pinoyscans that just released the first chapter, but that crappy scanlator who did even worse job than a beginner like me in cleaning and typesetting and didn't even bother to credit. >:S

PS. This is just a one-sitting translation type of thing. I want to relax a bit after one month of studying, but CB isn't out yet. Had been thinking for a while now that I should just finish up the first arc of the series, rather than just the first chapter, but...*shrug*

Kurenai no Okami to Ashikase no Hitsuji
Chapter 2 "The Wolf Girl"

Pg. 1
Ayame -

** She gloriously destroys **

[This must be the expression Youichi is having inside his mind then.]

** through and through!! **

Youichi - [...I can feel her everything, even a single string of her red hair!!]

Pg. 2
[What the...!?]

[That's me!!?]


Pg. 3
[Th-...This is!]
That thing from yesterday!!

[Ah!! This must be Akatsuki Ayame's memory!!]

Pg. 4
Ayame - [Just now, was that...!?]

[an illusion he shown to me!?]

[Both that sensation of being ripped apart, and that wolf...]

[I'm certain that he can see that red moon,]
[but how come my Cenmelisac]
[can't pull out any wolf from him?]

Pg. 5
[...What exactly...]
[is your wolf!!?]

[...No, that's not it.]
[It's the sheep who can hold back that wolf that's more frightening.]




[...Maybe you could...]

Pg. 6
** This sheep is mine. **

Pg. 7
Wolf - My eye!
Youichi - [There's no doubt about it.]
[I'm linked to Akatsuki Ayame as her sheep.]

Wolf - My eye!!!

Youichi - Ugh...

Become my prey, you red riding hood!!!

Pg. 8-9
Ayame - I can only become a red riding hood when I'm connected to a sheep.

[And this]


[is the power of the red riding hood!!!]

Pg. 10
Youichi - Heeks.

[Wh...What the!!]

Ayame - Are you satisfied now?
The teacher won't die even though we kill the wolf.

Youichi - Eh!?

he'll be back t-...

Pg. 11
[An-...And why didn't you tell me that earlier?]

Ayame - He'll just lose all his desires and do nothing.
Youichi - That doesn't make anything better!!!

[That means...he'll become crippled.]

[W-...We'll end up...]

Pg. 12

Wolf - That hurts "like hell~"
Ayame - [This is the hunt]
[of soul!]
Ayame - Plus, the wolf won't die that easily.
Youichi - [H-...He healed himself!!]

Pg. 13
Ayame - I'll have to
hurt him

much more
than this!!!

Youichi - [She's...]

Mother - [Ayame, Yuuka,]
[today, I'll read you the story about the wolf and the moon.]

Pg. 14-15
[There once was a wolf, who shouted up to the sky]
["That moon looks so chubby, like a little lamb."]

[After he said that, "Gulp!", the wolf eat the moon whole.]
["Aah, that was great. I'm full now, so guess I'll take a nap"]

[The moon was enraged, and turn itself]
[into a bright red crescent moon.]

[It used its pointy head,]
[and "Pluck!", it pierced through the wolf's big belly, waking up the wolf.]

[Once it got out, the crescent moon then tries to capture the wolf inside it.]
["Owhoooo, let me out!!", the wolf howled to the top of its lungs.]

[Since then, the wolf always sees the moon as red,]
[and starts howling once it sees the moon.]

Pg. 16
Youichi - A picture book!?

[What's that!?]

[Is this Akatsuki Ayame's memory!?]

Youichi - [Just where will it]
[...Is that the end!?]

[What book is that...?]

Pg. 17

??? - Bleat
Youichi - [A lamb...?]

[...No, those are babies.]
??? - Bleat
Youichi - [Two babies...are playing with the sheep...]
??? - Dah.

Pg. 18-19

Pg. 20
Youichi - Yikes!

It hurts~

Youichi - [I...I'm connected to...]
[something incredible now...]

Pg. 21
Ayame - [Youichi, you actually are feeling good right now, aren't you?]

[This guy betrayed you,]
Wolf - GWAH.


Pg. 22
[and now you get to rip him apart.]

Ayame - Awww,
you're regenerating slower and slower now.

Wolf - Fuck...you brat. You damn brats...

When are you going to stop interfering with my heart!!!?

Pg. 23
The fetter just became heavy all of the sudden!!

Ayame - The wolf is weakened now,
so the sheep starts to take action, huh.


Pg. 24
Wolf - GRRRRR.

Ayame - Just

Pg. 25
...I can't move...

Wolf - I'm going to squash the dreams and hopes...
of all you shitty brats...

Youichi - S-...Sensei...
...I...I want to see that smile again...

Wolf - Not saying things out clearly as usual. You're such a pain in the ass.
But again, everything the sheep says are just artificial lies.

Pg. 26
Youichi - I said I'm not lying, you stupid Senko!!!
Ayame - Tch, that guy.
Youichi - You're just lying to yourself, aren't you!!?

Wolf - "Lying to myself" you said...?

You kids took away my hope and dream!!
Education can just eat shit!!!

Yoshino - We're still in the middle of the lesson. Please wake up.
Students - That hurts. I'm gonna report you for violence.

Parent - My daughter said you gave her a really disgustful look...
what exactly is the meaning of this!!?

Pg. 27
Wolf - You brats never know when to stop demanding!
You all crushed my heart!!!

So I'm going to crush your heart as well,
with fear!!!

You can live your lives with the fear
It hurts! I'm scared~~!!
of the murderer FOREVER! AHAHAHAHA

Ayame - I'll kill you...

Pg. 28
I'll definitely kill you...

Youichi...lower your strength and make the fetter lighter

What are you waiting for?
He betrayed you as well as everyone else.
Let's just kill him already.

Even if you save him,
he'll go back to murdering people again.

Youichi -

Pg. 29
[I really]

Ayame - GRRR

Wolf - GYAAA

Pg. 30
Ayame - Eh?

my body?


Pg. 31
[We really have to kill Sensei...]

[kill the wolf...!!?]

Youichi - [If I'm that girl's fetter...]

[then if I relax my power, I should be able to save her...]


Wolf - HYAHAHAHA, I'm going to make that flat chest and nose,
even flatter than before!!!

Pg. 32

Pg. 33
Youichi - A...ya...

Ayame - This lamb looks yum...

Pg. 34
Youichi - She-...She's eating me?

Wolf - M-...MY EYELID!!
[Shit, I can't regenerate myself fast enough!]

Pg. 35
Ayame - 'tis great.

Youichi - It's

Ayame - Slice!
Wolf - AAAAAH!!!!

Pg. 36
??? - [Youichi...]

[Hold onto yourself.]

[I have faith...]
[in you.]


Pg. 37
Ayame - [Who's that!!?]
[Don't get in my way!!]


Pg. 38
Kuku, looks like the balance between you and your sheep went out of control as well, huh?
You brat dare to gnaw on my body.
Youichi - How come?

[That thing inside the wolf...!!]

Pg. 39
[A red moon...inside a wolf...?]
[...Oh yeah! So that's it!!]

Ayame - Ugh.


Wolf - Haha, oh right. Cenmelisac made up of pure silver.
A wolf can never touch it directly.
Ayame - My sheep glove is torn!

Pg. 40
Youichi - [I'll...have to do it...]

Hibari - [If you don't start changing bit by bit from yourself,]
[you'll only be able to see one side of the world for your entire life.]

Ayame - [What scare me more are those who kept their true self hidden...]

Youichi - [But I'm scared! I'm scared...I'm really scared...!!!]
[of living in only one side of the world for lifetime!!]

[...This might be a perfect chance...but...]

[Actually, I...]

Wolf - I'll eat you up so you won't even have the time to heal yourself this time!


Pg. 41
Ayame - ...Youichi.

Wolf - Douchinji Youichi...

Pg. 42-43
[want to trust him!!!]


Pg. 44
Youichi - WAH.



I can't move...

Ayame - Why did you jump right in?
A sheep can't heal itself, you know?

[The method to pin down the wolf]
[You saw it in my memory, didn't you...?]

Pg. 45
Youichi - H-...He's back to normal!!!


Pg. 46

Yoshino - Hello, is that the police station?
I've secured the murderer.
Please come at the top of the staircase at third block.

Youichi - Se-...Sensei!!
Yoshino - Douchinji-kun...

Pg. 47
please put away "that thing"
you're holding immediately.

They'll mistaken you for the culprit.

Youichi - Y-...

Pg. 48
[...If we call the "lie" we told to other "pretense"...]
[then what do we call the "lie" we told to ourselves...?]

[Please tell me,]

??? - [Youichi...hold onto yourselves. I have faith in you.]

Ayame - ["That voice"...interruped our connection...]
[Just who is that...?]

Pg. 49
[Plus...what's with this feeling...?]

...To believe that kind of bastard to the very end,
you seriously are one big idiot, hm?

Youichi - Eh!?

Ayame - Chu...Chuu

Youichi - [Bu-...But I]
[already...ha-...have someone else in mind...]

Pg. 50
[...She's sleeping...!?]

[Ha...Haha, well yeah.]
[I was off in my world again...]


[That thing I saw inside you...]

[Just who...]

[exactly are you...?]

Pg. 51
Yuuka - I killed the wolf~~~ [Fufu <3]
He's full of pops it disgusted me~

I was about to say this to you just now,
but thanks so much for bring me back here, Masato <3

Masato - The world of red moon...

Pg. 52
This is truly the world of God.
The world of dream.

Yuuka - You're half-right about this world
being the world of dream,
the dream of that person <3

We're almost done now.
The Angelic Ring has come out.


Pg. 53
This guy had lost all his desire,
so he's no more than an empty vessle now.

Masato - The man who bullies all the people in my school,
this man represents all of the seven deadly sins.

pathetic little lamb.

[I'm not the same as the minister. (dad).]
[I can't forgive even the smallest sin.]

If that's what the wolf is,
then I shall banish them under the name of God.

Pg. 54
But you are special.
Please hunt more and more wolves for me,
[Akatsuki Yuuka.]

[...Right...we don't need two red riding hoods, Ayame...]

To be continued in March issue (On sale Feb. 3rd)

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#1. by The1 ()
Posted on Jul 30, 2012
I'd say stop the English release cuz you are right, readers are annoying. If they can't value what they get for free by others, take it away and leave only regret for them.

The Thai...teach those Thai start cleaning better. You set the standard, set it right and maybe you can change the community. You should know how ugly it looks when it's just pasted instead of cleaned right.

I read raws. I like them raw too. Reading English releases is only done when I'm being lazy. Muahahahahahaha.

I should say keep up the great work..but really, just drop it and relax ;)
#2. by Marcin00 ()
Posted on Aug 2, 2012
Thanks! If u want, I can help you with the cleaning stuff... Wrote an e-mail to you, but u don't answer and I want to help you so much. This manga has an great start and definitely it should be for me the best Seishi manga!
#3. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Aug 11, 2012
Whoa, just noticed this. Thanks for doing chapter 2. I'm really enjoying this manga, though I can completely understand if you're not going to do anymore. Thanks for what you have done though. :)
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