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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Code:Breaker 193

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Sep 29, 2012 04:33 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 193

BTW, it's not like I don't know any of the classmates' names...I only remember a few (Maeshun, Momiji...and that's probably all) and too lazy to remember the rest. It's a pain in the ass, so...I just put classmates for all of them.

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:193 "Repugnance"

Pg. 1
Lunch - There are around 200
heinous criminals on loose.
** Intense chaos gives rise to the grand tragedy!? Can the "Code:Breaker" stop them!? **

Classmate - What...!?
[There are that many criminals who can kill anyone and everyone so brutally lurking in town!?]
The cops won't be able to catch all of them...

What should we do? I'm scared...!!
[Maybe it's better to let those Angles judge all the criminals...]

Toki - So that's how you gain so many votes all of the sudden.

Lunch - Once they sense the danger, people forget about law, reasons and even the majesty of life and start attacking to protect themselves.

In the end, they're only good when they are in a safe and peaceful ground.
That's what humans are.
...They are just plain cruel.

Classmate - What...

Pg. 2
Why are you doing this!!?
Just what exactly are you after!?
What grudge do you have for us...!!?

Lunch - Suffer your own consequence.

Fools who pressed the "Death" button out of excitement.
People who lost their reasoning due to anger.
And now this...

Why would you...the "Code:Breakers" even need to protect them?
...That's what's in your mind too, Rei.

Pg. 3
Sakura - Wha...

Th-...That's impossible...
[...I hate humans.]
Ogami - [No matter how I tried to believe or love them, I still hate them deep down.]

Yuuki - This is bad.

I can hear the sound of stirring chaos in the trains and on the street.
The toughies are dispatched now, but they are outdone. Let alone capturing them, they can't even hold back those criminals.
== Toughies refers to riot polices.

Toki - No surprise. They would never imagine something like this to ever happen.
Heike - Many of them are on duty at the collapsed parliament house as well.

Sakura - Th-...Then you mean...

Pg. 4-5
Yuuki - Everyone is in panic.

** The image of hell at the core of the city!! **

Pg. 6
People - Uwah.

Criminal - Outta way!!

People - Gwah!!
Criminal - Give me the car!!

Hand me all your money, now!!

First you take out out of prison to kill us and now you let us go!? What is your plan...
Four-eyes - You all are on life sentences...

If you can run away from me, then you can live your life of freedom.
It's a survival game...!!

Pg. 8
Criminals - Hyahahaha!! We ain't getting another chance like this...!!
I'm going to survive no matter what!!

[Cars!! Money!! Hostage...!! We got everything we need to survive here!!]
People - Gwah!!


Four-eyes - As expected of heinous criminals, absolutely merciless.
Well, people wish these criminals dead, so it serves them to be killed themselves.

...Blame it your own ugly nature if anything.

Pg. 8
Aoba - E...
nough of your jokes...!!


Tch...the rarekind's power!!
So troublesome...

They got away!!

Pg. 9
Toki - Let's follow them!?
Rui - No, we got to stop the chaos in Shibuya first...

Kanda - Y-...

You can't!! You can't go there!!

Ogami - What, Kanda...
Many agents of "Eden" who supported you were killed by the Angels...

it's no longer the same as with the incident with Hitomi-san,
your secret battle with "Him" or the inside battle with the "Code:Names".

Even if all the people witness the existence of the "Code:Breakers" right now,
we no longer have the mean to conceal it...!!

Pg. 10
If people learn of the non-existent...the existence and ability of the power users,
they will never let go of you, ones who hold special powers, due to fear and repugnance.
...You'll be buried in darkness!!

Classmate - Wha...

Aoba - Well, if it's out, then maybe you can all go live secretly in some unknown island or something.

Kanda - ...I!! I don't want you to have to face all that.
We just finally found a place we can settle ourselves in, yet...!!

Pg. 11
Classmate - D-...Don't go, Ogami...!!
Kanda-chan's right!!
It's just too risky.

Sure, those criminals are really brutal, but they're still humans...Polices will take care of them even without you having to go help them...!!

To...To be honest, when I found out about your true self,
if it wasn't because you're my classmate, I would've...

You can't go!!

Pg. 12
Ogami - ...I hate humans.
...What Lunch said is correct.
I really do despise them.

Classmate - ...Eh!?

Aoba - Huh!?

Where's Sakura!? [She was here just now.]

[40 km/hr]
Sakura - Almost to Shibuya!!

I'm a rarekind too. There got to be something I can do...!!

Pg. 13
Criminal - Give me all your money and food now,
or else...

Peole - Ah...

Sakura - S-...

Stop it!!

Hang in there, everyone!!
I'll take you to somewhere safe right now...

Criminal - Move it!!

Sakura - Wha-...

Pg. 14
People - Let us on!!
Just let us out of this place!!
Police - The train has already stop running...
Don't push, please!!
People - You want all of us killed!?

Police - There are reports that the criminals are in Shinjuku as well...
We can't hold them back if we don't even know the number...!!

Sakura - Wha...
This is...

[It's useless.]

Pg. 15
[I can't]
[save everyone.]

[...It's no use.]
[I can only rely on...but]
[Ogami...if you guys]
[come here....]

Criminal - You're in the way!!
Guess I'll hit ya then...!!

Pg. 16
W-...What the!? What's this blue flame...


Pg. 17
W-...What!? Fire!? An earthquake!?
Let's just get away from here f-...

Uwaaah, what's this sound!!
M-...My ears!!
I can't see anything...!!

Sakura - T-...
This is...

Ogami - An eye for an eye.

A tooth for a tooth.

Pg. 18-19
Evil for evil...

Sakura - Ogami...!!
[You've really come...!!]
[You've really come to protect everyone!!]

[...Even if that means you'll have to throw away everything...!!]

Ogami - I hate humans...

but I hate evil trash even more...
So I'll kill every single one of you fiends.

Pg. 20
Classmate - They really went.
even after we tried to stop them.

...He's such an idiot.
[...I don't know why he hates humans,]

[even so, you always...]
[helped us, even after we rejected you, without ever asking for anything in return.]

Kanda - Master...

Classmate - ...You're really a bad liar.
[In fact,]

[you value humans more than anyone. That's why you helped them]
[...no matter what it'll cost you...]
** The tenderhearted liars dash off to save people!! **

next: Right before the airing of the anime!! Cover and front color page with 30 pages!!
to be continued

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