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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Code:Breaker 196

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Oct 13, 2012 09:39 | Go to Code:Breaker

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Long time no rant...:p

I know how bad my English is. That goes without saying. Guess maybe it's better for me to find a proofreader to help out...since I notice that a few people did read my translation rather than the scanlation, and Rena is really busy with her Pokemon right now (can't blame her though. I was the same back when B2W2 Japanese version came out...:p )

With that said, yeah, I probably will find some way to get someone proofreaded this. Problem is, finding a proofreader who I am OK with won't be easy, since I'm a lone translator, not part of any scanlation group (except for Eternal and WoaA). My expectation isn't that high though. I only need someone who had been reading CB, knows English, can PR every week around Saturday or Sunday and whom I can work with, repeat, WHOM I CAN WORK WITH. If you asked what I mean by that, then I'll say, I don't want "guessers and pretenders" and "people who don't understand that I'm translating from Japanese raw, NOT Chinese scanlation". I really hate it when people make a lousy guess of the raw or the Chinese scanlation then argue with me using their guess. I'm not going to argue with the proofreader for days just because the "Chinese scanlation translated something else".

With that said, basically, anything else is fine as long as I can work with you as a proofreader. I don't need someone who knows Japanese or Chinese (and totally would not want anyone who "pretend" they do). I prefer person who read CB to be the proofreader, since then you can help me fix subtle stuff in the translation, but if not and you're only going to fix the grammar, wording and stuff, then OK as well. Would be fantastic if you are in similar timezone to mine, but if not, we can do it over PM (just make sure you tell me your timezone as well. :p ) As long as I can work with you, you're good. Just PM me or comment in this t/l if you want to help out or have any question.

Please credit Rena Chan as the proofreader for this translation as well. Thank you.

code:196 "The reason to be"

Pg. 1
** Having snapped, Ogami rushed at the rare kind!! **

Pg. 2
Four-eyes - Hohoho~ That punch was splendid!! But your blue flame...
won't work against a rare kind like me!!

Yuuki - The power of the rare kind!! Ogami!!

Aoba - That idiot!!

Pg. 3

Pg. 4
Rui - Wha...!?
[Not only did he blow that debilitating rare kind power away, he even sent "Reggae Four-eyes" flying!?]

Toki - That bastard...
[He reached the supremacy of those dignified power users already!?]

Yuuki - ...The power he unleashed far exceeded that of which the rare kind power could deplete.
He'll lose his power in no time if he continues.

Toki - ...That idiot!! Why would he pull such a reckless act...

Pg. 5
Wha...!? Isn't this...

Ogami - ...Your game, was it fun?

You tampered with the lives of people, and it didn't matter whether they're good or bad.
Was watching those weaker than you struggle desperately...
that fun!?

I'm asking was it fun or not!!

Pg. 6
Classmate - KYAA!!
I...It suddenly became hot...

Toki - [The Achromatic Flame of Purgatory, Beelzebub!!]
Is he trying to fry us as well!?

Four-eyes - HOT!!
An invisible flame? How can I defend myself against this!? This is really bad...

Pg. 7
Ogami - Burn to ashes.

Toki - Ogami...
[...That anger.]

[That bursting rage had shaken Ogami.]
[If Ogami is like this, we might be able to defeat "Reggae Four-eyes" without even knowing his vital spot...]

Classmate - O...gami!!

Pg. 8
Four-eyes - It's bad indeed!!
Rage is really hard to deal with!!

Toki - Wha...!?
That guy, since when did he escape from the flame!?
[Special power really didn't work on him!!]

[We can't win if we don't know where the vital spot is!!]
Four-eyes - Ogami-kun, why would you be that infuriated at the death of some strangers?
To begin with,

why are you still a "Code:Breaker"?
Why would you even need to be loyal to "Eden" anymore?

Pg. 9
Whenever feeble people get killed or injured, you always get incredibly angry?
For justice!? I don't think so. Even I can see it as your tenacity towards life and death.

Sakura - T-...That's true.
Yuuki - How did you know that?

Four-eyes - When "Eden" HQ was destroyed,
all information about you "Code:Breakers" as kept in "Eden",
are already in here~

Rui - What...!?

Four-eyes - ...The record said that CODE:06 applied to become a "Code:Breaker" in order to defeat the ex-"Code:Name", "CODE:SEEKER".
A wonderful reason, indeed.

Pg. 10
You already killed the "Seeker". Your objective has already been fulfilled,
yet it seems as though you're still angry at something, something that you cannot shake off.

Aoba - What nonsense is he saying!? Let's just finish him up already...
Rui - ...All "Code:Breakers" bear some kind of cross on their backs.
Aoba - Eh!?

Rui - ...But,

"Reggae Four-eyes" is right. Looking at how furious he is,
Rei must've borne another cross which we didn't know of.

Sakura - Prince-dono...

Rui - [Those eyes...]

Pg. 11
[The cold and completely lifeless gaze he has when he's angry.]

[I don't know who is he gazing at...]
[But somewhere deep down...]

Ogami - I'm the new CODE:06...
Nice to meet you...

[He looked the same as back then,]
[as though he's searching for his own death.]

Pg. 12
Sakura - O...Ogami...

Ogami - [I'm a murderer... One day, I'll vanish from your sight.]
[That's why I cannot become your family...]

Sakura - ...Just what happened!?
If you still have something hidden from us, then say...

Ogami - ...-away
Sakura - Eh!?

Ogami - All of you, go away right now!!

Aoba - Wha...
Why does he seem all hateful like that?

Four-eyes - Right, right~ Why not let everyone hear your story then?
The interesting part is just about to begin...

Pg. 13
It was when you had headed to the site of your final exam to become a "Code:Breaker" in order to judge a certain person.

Children - What are you doing there, mister?
Weird guy?
Do you want to see someone? Want me to call him for you?
You only put glove on one hand? That's so lame!

Ah!! He ran away!!
Weird guy!!
Woman - Move please...


I-...I'm sorry, young man. Are you hurt...?

Pg. 14
I'm terribly sorry. Let me treat you lunch as an apology.
Child - [Can I have some too?]

Woman - So, what are you doing here at this "House"?
...What's your name?

How old are you?
Where do you live?
How about your parents?
Do you enjoy school? What subject do you like?
Do you have any favorite TV program...?

...You don't want to talk about it, do you?
I won't query you then.

you've been...through so much, haven't you?

Your eyes are filled with sorrow, too much for someone your age.

[It's as though...]

Pg. 15
[you've given up on everything...]

Fufufu...how warm.
I can really feel your warmth.

Life is such a marvelous thing, don't you agree?

Well, I'll give you another hug later then.
Everyone in our "House" likes to be hugged.
[You want more ketchup...?]

Pg. 16-17
Ogami - ...-ame
My name...is

Woman - How about you rest here for tonight? [We're having curry for dinner.]

Pg. 18
Rui - You mean she hugged you...?

Yuuki - She's just like Nyanmaru.

Toki - Never expected Ogami to open his heart to anyone back then though...

Sakura - That person is really wonderful.
She knows the importance of life.

Four-eyes - Well, she obviously does...
since she's the sister...

the sister of the "Penguin House".

Pg. 19
Sakura - ...Eh!?

Classmate - Ar-...
Are you...kidding me!?
You mean...

[the one who raised the three of us...]
[the sister who was burned by Ogami!?]

Pg. 20
Ogami - [I'll never forget it...]
[I burned her down with my very own hands.]

[The "death" of the sister is the reason why Ogami is still a "Code:Breaker"!?]
** The darkness hidden within his heart is slowly being revealed!! **

next: The glimmering ray of hope inside one's heart...!!
to be continued

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#1. by Ilyia ()
Posted on Oct 14, 2012
I have never been a guesser or pretended and I have read C:B since the start. If you want me as your proofreader I would love to do so. I'm able to proofread every single day of the week.

Update: If you don't want to work with me for whatever reason, please say so. I fulfill all your criteria.

Pg. 14
I'm terribly sorry. Let me treat you lunch as an apology.

Should be:

Pg. 14
I'm terribly sorry. Let me treat you to lunch as an apology.
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