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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Code:Breaker 197

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Oct 23, 2012 05:56 | Go to Code:Breaker

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...Bored...Instead of watching CB, I'm actually watching old videos of P4A instead...and am still convinced that P4A is one of the best anime ever. This really is quite something...Not saying that CB anime is bad, but...guess it doesn't stand much chance against P4A. Not to mention, some small fact about CB anime subbed kinda killed my hype.

I still am a little doubtful about sequel, but guess if it'll come, it'll come. Still really don't know how they're going to introduce Rui in the anime, since when I read back at the manga, I'm pretty sure it's not possible without introducing Shibuya Mansion first...which...meh. Don't know if I'm the only one noticing this, but seems like Toki doesn't smoke in the anime. At least the third episode and his PV tell that much. Next episode seems to be a filler with Toki, so...we'll see...-_-"

Too bored to rant much this week. I have a couple of things in mind...but...figured I'm just too bored for anything right now. I'll do that later then. -_-"

Please credit Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:197 "The Cross of Maria"

Pg. 1
** The concealed past is about to be disclosed!! **
Children - I want to see the panda~~
I told you you can't! We can only go to the zoo once a year!! [The transportation expense alone is already quite ridiculous since there are so many of us!]

Sister - Look!

Mr. Panda is here!

Children - I hate panda~~
Who are you trying to fool, sister?
Sister - Sorry.
Children - What kind of panda has breasts this large!!

But that's what I like about you.
Me too!!

Pg. 2
Ogami - You really give them your best, don't you?

Sister - Rei-kun.

You thought this baby was adopted?
His mother actually asked me to take care of him for a while.

His mother borrowed money from loan sharks because of her addiction to gambling...
But right now, she's trying her best to pay back her loan for the sake of this child.

...She really regretted her actions.

...That's why I want to help her,
since she is desperately trying to free herself from the darkness.
** Their meeting marks the beginning of everything...!! **
[She might've made a mistake, but if she can be forgiven by struggling through that darkness...]

Pg. 3
Aoba - That's not funny!!
Classmate - Wah!!

Aoba - Sister was the kindest person of all...
Not just to orphans like us, she was kind to anyone and everyone...

And you...

You killed her even though you knew that!?

Four-eyes - ...That night was when the tragedy happened...

Pg. 4
Loaner - Whatcha doin'!! I told ya to bring me the pawns!!
Sister - Ugh...

Loaner - Our money lending business won't get anywhere without any pawns...
Lots of parents of the kids here are like that too, aren't they?

Pg. 5
Sister - N-...No, there aren't...
Please stop-...

Loaner - Fucker!!

...Dontcha dare say you already forgot.

Ya were a part of us too!!
Yeah!! Didn't we used ta enjoy lives together with those loans?
Ya think yer can just take those kids, our assets, and run away from us!? Dream on!!

Pg. 6
Maeda - What...

used to be evil...!?

Yuuki - ...Ogami actually went to the "Penguin House" to judge those evil people, including the sister...

Aoba - No...
No way...
How can that
be possible...

Pg. 7
Ogami - Shut up...!!

Four-eyes - Why do you seem so hateful?
All you did was just your usual work, wasn't it?
Or did you...know something that none of us knew?

Ogami - That's...

Maeda - Tell us, Ogami.

We lost our home. We were involved in it.
If the cause of it was really because of sister, then I think we have the right to know about it.

...Tell us. What is it that you know?

Pg. 8
Loaner - Now, bring me more pawns!!
'Else we'll sell all the kids you have in that other building!!

Where's this kid's mom?
Bet she must be having trouble with money if she left him here.
Yeah. She might be a good pawn for us.

Sister - N-...


Let go of that child, please!!
Just leave us alone!! I won't help you nor commit any evil deeds anymore!!
I've already decided...that I'll live for the sake of all these children!!

And that is my final decision!!

Loaner - Shuddup!!

Pg. 9
Playing all pure and virtuous!!
How many lives did ya think became ruined because ya tempted them ta take a loan from us!?
Sister - Ugh!!

Yer and all those pawns had fallen into this pit already. No way any of yer gonna crawl out of it!!
We're just gonna suck everything from ya
until you die!!

Take that kid and find where his mom is. She'd be a good pawn for us.
Why don't we grab some kids next door and have them work as well?

Sister - No...

Pg. 10
[I want to help her.]

[She might've made a mistake,]

[but if she can be forgiven by her struggle]
[to set herself free from that darkness...]

Pg. 11
Loaner - GYAAA!!

What the!?

'Da hell did you just do!?

Ogami - Shut up.
You're making that baby cry.

Loaner - What!?

Sister - Rei-kun...
Who exactly are...

Pg. 12
Ogami - ...I'm just a trash disposer.

Loaner - Huh!?
Ogami - You have two choices. Either you turn yourself in and be judged by the law, or die here.
Which one do you choose?

Loaner - Fucker!!

Ogami - Die then.

Loaner - Stop it right there.

Pg. 13
Asshole!! Don't move, 'else I'll blow this bitch's head up!!

Sister - D-...Don't worry about me...!! The children...!!

Ogami - ...That woman is the evil that needed to be judged,

but she's desperately trying to live a new life... A life for the sake of others.

So I won't let you trash...lay a finger on her.

Sister - ...Rei-ku...

Pg. 14
Loaner - Shut up and die!!

Pg. 15
Ogami - Ugh...

Sister - Are you...all right?

Ogami - Why...

Pg. 16
Sister - It's...no use.

can no longer...

Pg. 17
The one...who tried to free oneself from that darkness the most is me...
But...my sins will never go away.

This...is my punishment from God.
To die...with this pain and agony...

Ogami - Please get a hold of yourself...!!

Sister - *huff*
I-...It's fine.

You're the only one...who believes in the virtue...
of someone who was once evil...like me.

Ogami - Should I kill you?

Pg. 18-19
Sister - ...Y-...You mean you want...to free me...from this pain?
He...will never...al-...allow such...

Ogami - ...I'm evil. I don't care about God.
You can...
rest in peace now.

Sister - [Aah...]
[I see now.]

[Your sorrowful eyes are not the eyes of someone who had given up on everything...]
[Since you are]

[a person who'll never lose your kindness]
[no matter the despair you are in.]
Ogami - ...Burn to ashes.

Pg. 20
Sister - Thank you...

[No matter what awaits you on your path ahead...]

[always believe in the virtue of people,]
Aoba - Fire!!
Sister - [protect them,]

[and never forget that kindness which you have more than anyone...]
** The bitter first job!! Her last words ring within his heart!! **

next: The end of the glorious mirage...!!
to be continued

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#1. by Ilyia ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2012
Good, I see you got yourself an okay proofreader.
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