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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Code:Breaker 198

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Nov 3, 2012 11:04 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 198

Please credit Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:198 "Passing the Baton of Kindness"

Pg. 1
Classmate - I...
Is that really...
what happened...?


Killing is definitely not a good thing, but...
But to endure that pain in that state just waiting for death is just too cruel...

[saved the sister from that pain...]
** His solemn choice is filled with heartbreaking kindness. **

Pg. 2
Rui - You really have a big cross on your back...Rei.

Toki - Not even funny... He missed because he sympathized with the evil?
...And he even kept it to himself.

Sakura - Ogami...
[Back then...]

[I didn't know what his facial expression was nor his feelings...when he killed "Dog".]
Ogami - You've...done well.


Sakura - [But I know now.]
[I'm sure he...]

Pg. 3
Rui - ...But as a result, Rei burned all the evil and passed the final test to become a "Code:Breaker".

All evidence were completely wiped out, and the three of you who witnessed it escaped using your "Exchange" power,
without even knowing the truth.

Uesugi - Yes...

Classmate - But why did you lie to us when you knew who Aoba really is?
Those people at "Eden" also tricked her. You should've just told her.
Then she wouldn't have to...

Are you listening to me...?

Toki - You just don't get it, do you?

We're talking about our kind Ogami-kun here. It's because he doesn't want to hurt you guys, of course.
Maybe the sister asked him before she died to "keep her evil deed a secret" or something...?

Pg. 4
Ogami - Who cares about that?
Toki - Oh?

Ogami - So what if it is the truth? ...Are you going to just accept the fact that sister is evil and deserves death?
Classmate - W-...Well, that's...

Ogami - Evil or not, a death is still a death...
Just knowing the truth won't make your grief go away.

Classmate - B-...But because of that, you were always beaten up by Aoba...

Pg. 5
Ogami - ...I don't care. I'm still the evil who killed her...
Not only was I unable to protect her life, the pure heart that grew inside her, to devote herself to all of you,

...I was unable to protect any of it.

Pg. 6
Sakura - Ogami...

Aoba - It's your fault for bullying the girls!!
Sister - Now, now, be kind to each other, okay?

Aoba - I'm strong.
Sister - I know you are, but you're also a kind girl, right, Aoba-chan?

Not just the girls, you have to protect everyone.
And I'll certainly protect you...no matter what happens.

Aoba - Sister...

I will protect you too, sister!!

Pg. 7
Four-eyes - Fuckin~!!
Ogami-kun remained a "Code:Breaker" in order to prevent another case similar to the sister from ever happening again...

It's his repentance!!

it failed.

...In the end, he still wasn't able to protect anyone, just like back then with sister.
...How pitiful.

Pg. 8
Classmate - UWA!!

Four-eyes - It's futile.
Do you still not understand that special power will never work on me...?

...Using your flame to distract me, hm? But it's still futile. Your petty punch will never work on me.

Really, why do you still not realize that there's no need for you to protect anyone?
...That's right. No matter how much you treasure other people,

they will always betray you in the end.

Pg. 9
Sakura - Aoba!?

Aoba - ...It's just as you said. No matter what the truth is,

Pg. 10
my anger and chagrin can never be quenched.

Just die already.

Sakura - Aoba!!
Classmate - She's still at it...?
Stop it, Aoba...

Pg. 11
Wah!! What's going on?
I can't move at all...!!

Uesugi - It's "Vital Acupuncture", Aoba's special power... She can stimulate spots in people and objects even without touching them.
Not only can she stimulate her body, she can shatter the entire building if she can stimulate its spots.

[you seriously hate Ogami that much!?]

Classmate - Aoba...!!
Stop it, Aoba!!

Four-eyes - Hohohoho, how unfortunate for you. No matter how much evil can turn good, there's always space for new evil to replace it.
I don't even need a game to make her evil... In the end,

Pg. 12
evil can never be banished, as long as humans exists...
So as a finale, I'll...

eliminate all of you.

Sakura - Aoba!! Ogami...!!

Pg. 13
Aoba - Guh!!

Sakura - Aoba!?

Ogami - What are you...
Aoba - Hurry!!
We'll run out of time if you don't!!

Ogami - [She's weakened...!?]

Pg. 14
What's this...?

Aoba - I gave you the "Vital Acupuncture" while I was punching you.
Your senses, your build, your mentality... I've maximized all of those for you, so save your special power for later and use that physical strength to find his vital point quickly!!

Pg. 15
Sakura - Aoba...

Aoba - Ngh...!!

Ogami - You...planned to give me this without "Reggae Four-eyes" noticing
from the very start...?

Aoba - Do-...Don't get me wrong. I still hate you for taking sister and Sakura away from me.
But our only hope of defeating the rare kinds isn't with me, but with you guys, the "Code:Breakers".
...Not to mention...

Ogami - [I was unable to protect any of it...]

Pg. 16
Aoba - I also regret not being able to protect sister just like you do.

Sakura - Aoba...
Aoba - Hurry up!! Just beat that fiend...

Pg. 17

Rui - What...
[A slash chop!! So fast...!!]

Four-eyes - Annoying bitch.

Sakura - Aoba!!
Classmate - Crap!

[If he continues to drain her power directly like that, she will be in the lost state forever like Shigure... Or even worse, "die"...]

Aoba - Ah...
Four-eyes - Are all "Code:Names" really this weak? Or was it because you gave Ogami-kun too much of your power...?
And you're saying that this is your virtuous side?

Y'know... One thing I really hate about humans is how they're always so whimsy and uncertain like you.

Pg. 18
I'll give you your death punishment, just like with 116.
== 116 is that criminal's number.

Aoba - Sister!!

[I'm doing the right thing, right?]
[I want to protect you even at the cost of my life.]

[I'm finally back to being the kind Aoba now, right?]

Pg. 19
Sakura - O...

Ogami - What's wrong with being whimsy...?
What's wrong with being uncertain...?

...I'll never let the evil

Pg. 20
do as he pleases for the second time!!
** The blow to sever the chain of regrets!! **

Sakura - H-...He did it!!
["Vital Acupuncture" really strengthened him!!]

next: Ask and you will receive.
to be continued

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